The Abandoned Mansion of Hilltown

Posted- Yes. Patrolled- Nope, but local police still drive by.  Location- Hilltown, Pa
Danger Level- Low  Dangers- The typical dangers with structures that have been left alone for far too long.
Cool Factor- 3 Haunted- Not that I know of...yet. Visits- 3
Some history about the - Well, the background info, as well as the Visit Info, will be a bit short for now. There are two "corner stones" by the 2-car garage on the right side of the house. The first has a name "Lorenzo", while th esecond has a year "1990". I'm going with the obvious assumption that this was the family who had the place built in 1990. That's it for now.
      A local Tool dealer was able to give me another Story associated with this mansion. He tells me that the place was built by a guy who was big into Ham Radios. This would explain the antenna station located on the property. The story goes that the place was built to its present state when the zoning board decline his permits. Since it was already pretty much built, there was nothing for the owner to do. He simply walked away from the project.
      So, the building simply stands there, like it has for about 14 years.

My Visits- Well, this is another place that my buddy "Drop Tool" told me about, and actually took me to the first time. As far as I can figure, the place was started in 1990, but was never finished. As you'll see in the pictures that follow, everything was just left where it was.
        The mansion sits in the middle of a good sized piece of property, although the grounds are in desperate need of a gardner. The front porch is more or less ready to fall off and there is substantial damage to the roof on the left side. Other then those little things, the place looks to be in good shape. Oh, the driveway needs to be finished as well.
        Yes, I tried to get in by simply tugging on the doors. Everything was locked up and since I don't openly break the law...I had no choice but to shoot some photos through the windows. So when you see some glare and reflections in the interior shots, you'll know why.
        Well, that's about it. My visit was only about 15 minutes long and there wasn't much else to to Home we went. My second visit was again with Drop Tool, as well as another adventurer...B&E.. We walked around the place and found it exactly the same as the last time we were here. B&E took a walk over to the large "wharehouse" located on the property, and promptly walked in. There was a lot of old building materials inside, as well as some equipment . Not too much excitement, so we took off for another abandoned mansion a few miles away.

Built - !990

Closed - Perhaps never


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