Another Abandoned Mansion

  Hey There! This is another abandoned mansion located in Bucks County, Pa. Once again, I owe credit to my buddy,
Drop Tool, for leading me to this place. We visited this place on one of our "Lunch Time" expeditions.
Joning us again was "B&E", another explorer. We have no idea how old the place is or why it's emtpy,
but it sure is a nice looking place. It even has it's very own Spring House.
Check out the pics below...

Here we find Drop Tool and B&E knocking at the door.
No one was home.

These are views of the backyard and side of the house.

The first three photos are of the Spring House. This small building is used to gather water from the pond.
The last photo is what I call..."The Evil Tree". Doesn't it just look evil?

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