Abandoned And Interesting Places

    Ahh...two words that cause some of us to perk up with intense interest. What is the allure of these 
words "Abandoned Places"? What makes us feel the need to grab our cameras, jump in the car and 
head out to remote and deserted places? I have no clue, but I do it. Perhaps it's walking the halls and 
thinking about how many people did the same...only many, many years before. Maybe it's the simple 
pleasure of exploring something that hasn't been touched in years.

    What ever it may be, you share this excitement. Although I don't get too much time to go in search 
of these fascinating sites, once in a while I break away and make a run for it! So, I have created this 
page to share my experiences with you. Where I can, I'll include the History of the site and any up to 
date information. Each page will include the most interesting (or comical) photos I got from each place. 

  Now, before you guys grab a backpack and head off for these places, you had better have read our Disclaimer!  

With that out of the way, Enjoy!

Linfield Industrial Park
Linfield, Pa

Philadelphia State Hospital
A.K.A. Byberry Mental Hospital

Inside the Cape May Bunker
Part 3

The Warrington Lodge
Warrington, Pa

The Concrete Ship
Cape May, NJ

House In Bucks
Bucks County, Pa

The Durham Cave
Bucks County, Pa

Fire Control Tower
Cape May, NJ

A Training Center
Unknown Location

Walpack Center
Delaware Water Gap, NJ

Fort Mifflin
Philadelphia, Pa

SS United States
Philadelphia, Pa

Apartment Complex
Near Philly, Pa

The Old Jail
Jim Thorpe, Pa

Another Hilltown House
Bucks County, Pa

The Comfort Inn
Outside    Inside
Bensalem, Pa

House and Building
Tamaqua, Pa

Hilltown Mansion
Hilltown, Pa

Abandoned Train Cars
Forest Glen, Pa

Lambertville High School
Lambertville, NJ

Ashley Coal Breaker
Ashley, Pa

Bristol NIKE Base
Bristol, Pa

Hunting Village
Bucks County, Pa

New Jersey House
New Jersey...Duh.

WW2 Bunker
Cape May, NJ

The Concrete City
Nanticoke, Pa

Montclair Community Hospital
Montclair, NJ

Eastern State Penn
Philadelphia, Pa

WW2 Bunker, Part 2
Cape May, NJ

Another Coal Breaker?
Somewhere in PA

Abandoned House On A Hill 
Bucks County, Pa

Funk's Park
Chalfont, Pa

Another Mansion
Bucks County, Pa


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