I graduated from S.J.S.U with a B.S. in Illustration in 1992 and started working as a Freelance Illustrator for magazines, newspapers and assorted companies. When work was slow, I painted for myself. Since 1992 I have had public showings in various galleries, beer joints, coffee houses, hair salons and juice bars. I think most of my art comes from my own little made up universe that only exist between my ears. I get my real inspiration from daydreaming about normal every day events and how they might be altered after entering my dream world. Have you ever noticed that most dreams make sense until one wakes up. Then you usually ask yourself, "What the hell was that about?" I like to think I paint everyday event from a altered reality that could be both exciting and frightening. Lately, I have been fascinated with the idea of Man trying to humanize machines and how most machines eventually break down, become obsolete, or loose their identity. What would your average teenager think of a vinyl LP or 8-track. I am also aware that I have an abstract sense of humor, which I think comes out in everything I paint. Like a joke that is funny for no reason. Just call me The Abstract Comedian. As far as my current art direction, I think I'm in kind of a transitional state yet again. I'm trying to focus more on creating artwork a bit looser, with more of a raw sketched look. -ted j. babcock


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