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This zapper was designed and tested by an electrical/mechanical engineer that has worked in the field of magnetics for more than ten years. Part of the theory and design was also done by a PHD graduate from Vanderbilt with over 20 years experience in the field of magnetics.

The zapper below is the smallest, lightest, and most efficient AC magnet zapper to date.

This zapper has been reduced in both size and weight. It is capable of fully reversing the magnets to full capacity, and then by simply turning the can around in the opposite direction, (180 degrees) it can rezap the magnets to full capacity in the correct direction. It has been tested thoroughly with a gauss meter to prove that it can both fully reverse and bring back the magnets to full charge. Many other tests have been performed to ensure that this product is top notch.

While most AC zappers severely JERK down the line voltage and kick chargers off, this unit pulls so little amperage that it will never pop a circuit breaker or cause any batteries to false peak if they are charging off of the same power. The other plus is that this unit's capacity to zap magnets is not affected by poor line voltage.

Now for the size. This magnet zapper is roughly 9.25" X 7.5" X 6" tall. The best part is the weight. While other comparable units weigh 40lbs up to almost 100lbs, this unit weighs a mere 26 lbs.

A previous version of this zapper has been in existence for almost 10 years in working form. It was used by a team trinity oval driver for 5-7 years in oval.

The previous prototype was recently used at the 2004 Snowbirds race to zap several top drivers' motors. Several of which who made the A.

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