Relax, Señor,
you won'tt be needing your pistol. This isn't Texas.

In the old days, you could travel the length of California, from rancho to rancho, without even a letter of introduction, and be received with enthusiasm and fed well.

You may need these plug-ins and applications, though, and they're FREE!

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Hear actual music from
Old California

recorded on wax cylinders in the field by Charles Lumis at the begining of this century. You'll need the RealAudio or RealPlayer plug-in/software.
The part you need is free.

Lyrics and MIDI files to many Californio songs

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Hello, my name is Marc. I created this page for my friend and alter ego, EZ Marc, to further the cause of revitalizing the music of early California and to promote cultural music styles in general. I'm an Illustrator/Graphic Artist and now, Web page designer. You can E-mail me if you like; I like gettin' mail. For a price, I'll even design your webpage for you.

Hi, I'm E.Z. Don't pay any attention to him. I'm the brains here. I play Fiddle, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Guitaron and I sing even better than you. I now host a web page dedicated to Cross-Key Fiddle. I have played many different kinds of music in many groups including: the Normal Heights Lounge Lizzards (Ol' timey) Hunt n' Peck (Novelty) La Flor Perdida (Californio) The Ethnophonic Orchestra (Pan-European) The Budapest Bros. (Romani) North Forty Band (Country Western) Los Californios (Californio again) Foreign Four (Pan-European/ Nomadic) This last band, consisting of Chuck Borsos, Karen Leigh and Mary Haas, has just changed it's name to the Far-n-nears. (I still prefer "Cornered Weasels" though.)

So send us some E!

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