Descendants of Jehu J. Johnston

Second Generation

2. Col. Joseph Johnston (Jehu J. ) was born about 1801 in Wilkes, Ga. He died on 28 Dec 1865 in Walnut Hill, Tallapoosa, Al.

Joseph married (1) Elizabeth Wallace Smith daughter of John Smith and Mary Jane Dickson on 18 Aug 1832 in Harris, Ga. Elizabeth was born on 28 Nov 1815 in Jones, Ga. She died on 4 Nov 1862 in Walnut Hill, Tallapoosa, Al. She was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Tallapoosa, Al.

Died on the 4th day of Nov, 1862 after a protracted illness of five months, at the residense of her husband Col. Joseph Johnston, in Tallapoosa County, Ala., sister Elizabeth W. Johnston in the 47th year of her age leaving a kind husband and five children and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss. Sister Johnston was baptised into the fellowship of Pleasant Grove Church many years since, by Rev. D. B. Calberena, of which she remained a member until near her death. She gave unmistakeable evidence of the virtue of the religion of Jesus. Those who were best acquainted with her can testify to her orderly walk, and Godly convictions. By kindness of disposition, and gentleness of manners, she was the affection of all who knew her. In her death the community in which she lived, has lost one of its best women. This affliction will fall heavily upon the bereaved family. A loss is sustained by them which can not be repaired. The husband has lost a kind wife, the children a loving mother, the servants a kind and indignant mistress. None but God give help from such ?. To Him would I direct you ye mourning ones. Cast thy burden on the Lord and he will sustain thee. While we sorrow for our friend we sorrow not as those who have no hope. Doubtless, our loss is her eternal gain. For in her last illness, she expressed full confidence in Him, whom she had long trusted. She is now free from all care, pain and suffering and we trust she is now in heaven where she will forever bask in the smiles of God's eternal love. E. W. R.

Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 6 M i William Johnston
  7 M ii Warren J. Johnston was born in 1838 in Harris, Ga.
  8 F iii Mary Emily Johnston was born in 1841 in Walnut Hill, Tallapoosa, Al.
        Mary married John Gray.
+ 9 M iv John J. Johnston
  10 M v Joseph Johnston was born in 1850 in Walnut Hill, Tallapoosa, Al.

Joseph married (2) Mary Ann Cox in 1963 in Tallapoosa, Al. Mary was born on 2 Jul 1828. She died on 1 Apr 1922 in Tallapoosa, Al.

They had the following children:

  11 M vi Robert Lee Johnston was born in 1863 in Tallapoosa, Al.

3. John Young Johnston Sr. (Jehu J. ) was born on 10 Feb 1803 in Wilkes, Ga. He died on 27 Feb 1882 in Tallapoosa, Al. He was buried in Johnston Cemetery, Tallapoosa, Al.

Established a large plantation at Walnut Hill. Many of the family are buried in the family cemetery at Walnut Hill.

John Johnston was a wealthy planter who lived in the Walnut Hill area of Tallapoosa county, Alabama from about 1838/1839 until his death in 1881. He is buried in a private cemetery located in T 20 N, R 22 E, Section 28, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, once a part of John's plantation. John was born Feburary 10, 1803, in Georgia. We know nothing of his parents or his exact place of birth. He married Martha _______ abt. 1827. Martha's maiden name may have been Lyon. A land indenture in Harris County, Georgia, dated Nov. 8, 1828, has John Johnston of Wilkes County, Georgia, selling land in Troup County, Georgia, to a Lloyd Cooper of Harris County, Georgia, for the sum of six hundred dollars. This land lying and being in the County of Troup, Fourth District, third section known as No. one hundred seventy (170) was granted to Martha Lyon the 3rd day of November 1828. Filed in Clerks Office of Superior Court 13th of April 1829. Signed John (his mark) Johnston. Witnesses: William Johnston, J.B. Johnston, James Cooper, George F. Buckhamon. The above mentioned land in Troup Co., Georgia was drawn in the, 1827 Georgia Land Lottery, by Martha Lyon, minor, of Wilkes Co., Georgia For John to have been able to sell this land five days after it was granted to Martha Lyon it may have been part of her dowery. John and Martha's first child, William, was born June 12, 1828, in Georgia. John and family are on the 1830 Census of Harris County, Georgia. While in Harris County, they had four more children; Joseph, born 1830, John Young, born July 18, 1832, Mary Jane, born March 21, 1834 and Samuel Young, born April 1, 1836.

John married (1) Mary Martha Lyon daughter of Edmund Lyon and Martha Garrett in 1827 in , Ga. Mary was born in Jan 1809 in , Ga. She died on 2 Jul 1844 in Tallapoosa, Al.


John and Mary had the following children:

+ 12 M i William Johnston
+ 13 M ii Capt. Joseph E. Johnston
+ 14 M iii Dr. John Young Johnston Jr.
+ 15 F iv Mary Jane Johnston
+ 16 M v Samuel Young Johnston

John married (2) Mary Ann Celebia Hainey on 20 Aug 1844 in Tallapoosa, Al. Mary was born on 6 Oct 1823 in , Ga. She died on 9 Jun 1888 in Rockford, Coosa, Al. She was buried in Rockford, Coosa, Al.

They had the following children:

+ 17 M vi James Pierce Johnston
+ 18 M vii Benjamin Franklin Johnston
+ 19 M viii Burton Jack Johnston
  20 F ix Rebecca Johnston was born about 1853 in Tallapoosa, Al.
  21 F x Infant Johnston was born in 1861 in Tallapoosa, Al. She died in 1861 in Tallapoosa, Al. She was buried in Johnston Cemetery, Walnut Hill, Tallapoosa, Al.

4. Levina Johnston (Jehu J. ) was born on 13 Nov 1805 in Wilkes, Ga.

Levina married (1) James Stephen Hudgens on 24 Sep 1819 in Wilkinson, Ga. James was born about 1804. He died about 1827.

They had the following children:

  22 F i Elizabeth Hudgens
  23 F ii Martha Ann Hudgens was born on 9 Dec 1818 in Wilkinson, Ga.

Levina married (2) Seaborn Jasper Golden Sr. on 15 Jun 1828 in Linlcolnton, Lincoln, Ga. Seaborn was born on 22 Jan 1799 in Lincoln, Ga.

They had the following children:

+ 24 M iii Joseph Golden
+ 25 F iv Sarah Ann Golden
+ 26 M v Andrew Jackson Golden
  27 M vi Newman Golden was born on 1 Nov 1833 in Linlcolnton, Lincoln, Ga. He died on 12 Apr 1859 in Tallapoosa, Al.
+ 28 M vii William Moses Golden
  29 M viii Seaborn Jasper Golden Jr. was born in 1835 in Tallapoosa, Al.
        Seaborn married Izouri Hornsby on 2 Jul 1858 in Tallapoosa, Al.
+ 30 M ix Mark Golden
  31 M x John A. Golden was born on 29 Jan 1841 in Tallapoosa, Al.
        John married Rebecca Webster on 28 Sep 1862 in Tallapoosa, Al. Rebecca was born on 2 Aug 1846 in Tallapoosa, Al. She died on 7 Jun 1905 in Castleberry, Al.
+ 32 M xi Benjamin Franklin Golden
+ 33 F xii Mary Ann Golden
+ 34 M xiii James Marion Golden

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