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Linda has been a professional artist for over twenty years. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University, in Bloomington in 1979 and Master of Fine Arts from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX in 1984.  She has been the recipient of numerous awards, grants, fellowships, and artists in residencies.

Linda is a founding member of Artistsí Own, an artistsí cooperative on 518 Main St in Lafayette where she has been selling sculpture and pottery since 1999.


Paper Clay

I make my own paper clay by mixing paper pulp with water until it is fully hydrated. Then I mix powdered clay in water until it as thick as pudding.  After blending the paper pulp and clay together I pour the thick liquid onto a large plaster table.  The plaster absorbs the moisture from the paper clay until I can peel strips of clay off the plaster slab.  With these strips I build my forms in layers. These pieces are then glazed and fired in a kiln.




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Contact Information:

54 Knoll Crest Court

West Lafayette, IN 47906