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Formed in 1881, Vance County is one of North Carolina's youngest counties. Its formation was political in nature, designed to aid the Democratic Party. There's a link to more information about the formation and naming of the county on the resources page of the website.

This site is designed to assist those interested in the history of Vance County, as well as researchers seeking documentation of ancestors who lived in Vance. Ultimately, as your research moves to the period preceding 1881, you will find it necessary to research other counties. For this reason, some resources for counties other than Vance are provided.

Obviously, any event occurring before 1881 (a birth, a marriage, a death), did not occur in Vance County, although it may have occurred in an area that would become Vance - i.e., former parts of Granville, Franklin or Warren counties. Keep this in mind, because death certificates and other documents sometimes list pre-1881 birthplaces as Vance, even though they really weren't. In North Carolina, records are kept with the county in which they were created, even though a new county has been formed. The "trick" is to check the "parent" counties.

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