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The internet provides excellent opportunities for sharing and comparing data with other researchers. The following resources are free (i.e., at this time there are no fees charged to use them), however all are run on the commercial servers of the for-profit corporation, Inc., which owns several commercial divisions including,,,, Family Treemaker (software), and others.

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Prior to using, always read the terms of use and copyright policies associated with each resource:

Email list:
is a free (no-fee) email list. Click on the link for instructions on how to subscribe, list rules, etc.

The following internet "bulletin boards" exist for posting queries specific to Vance County. At present, there are no fees associated with using these boards, however you must register to post to them.

external linkRootsweb's Vance County board
(Messages posted here are automatically duplicated on's message boards. Both are commercial sites owned by The Generations Network.)

external linkGenForum's Vance County board
(Also owned by, however, messages posted to Genforum boards do not seem to be duplicated on at this time.)

Tip: Posting to email lists and bulletin boards can generate a lot of spam. Set up a separate email account, such as a Google gmail or a Yahoo email account, to use specifically for your research. Remember your posts may be archived and remain online indefinitely to be read by anyone. Do not post personal information about yourself, or details about any living person.

external linksOther Vance County sites:
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The following sites also feature Vance County research. If you are aware of others, contact me. I'll be glad to add a link.