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photo ©2009 by NCVance

Fire Station No. 2, built 1908
205 N Garnett St, Henderson

The NCVance email list is completely free and everyone is welcome to join.

NCVance List focus (Every list has a focus; here's ours):
  • Discussion of Vance County's history and genealogical research of families that reside(d) in Vance.
  • List members are encouraged to post their surnames & research interests, and to assist one another with research.
NCVance List rules (few and firm):
  • Stick to the topic, i.e., research concerning Vance County, NC, and have fun!
  • All list members are expected to review and abide by Rootsweb's AUP and Rootsweb's Community Guidelines.
  • No commercial messages. This is not eBay or Craigslist. Promotional and advertising content are prohibited by Rootsweb's AUP and Community Guidelines. 
  • Organizations such as local historical and genealogical societies may post one notice per upcoming meeting as a courtesy to list members. NCVance is not a discussion list for these organizations.
  • Do not post details about living individuals. The list is archived and available to the public on the internet. (see list archives links below)
  • Abide by US Copyright laws. Do not post material which infringes someone else's copyright. You should also review Ancestry.com's corporate copyright policies.
  • Please do not forward messages from other lists. Anyone can subscribe to the NCVance list. (You can always email the person directly and suggest they do so if you feel their message  is appropriate for the Vance County list.)
  • No "flames" (i.e., be nice!)
  • Failure to adhere to the rules may result in moderation or removal from the list.
NCVance List Technicalities ("how to"):
  • Rootsweb's NC Vance list instructions for subscribing to and unsubscribing.
  • Please note that messages to the list should be sent to <NCVance@Rootsweb.com> which is a different address from the one used to subscribe and unsubscribe.
List Archives:
  • Search the NCVance list archives
  • Browse the NCVance list archives