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Welcome to the Un-Official Delaware Punch Web Site

My name is Alex Parker and my great grandfather was Thomas E. Lyons, the person who  invented and founded the Delaware Punch Company of America in 1913.  

5 years ago, in an effort to hold onto some of my family's history, I started collecting beverage memorabilia for Delaware Punch.  Searching everywhere I could think, buying on eBay, and going through pages and pages of web searches,  I felt both disappointed and inspired;  

- Disappointed because there is so little information available about Delaware Punch on the web or in print.  

- Inspired by the many personal recollections found throughout the internet  of  people reliving their childhood memories with a bottle of Delaware Punch. 

I finally decided to build a web site dedicated to the early days of  Delaware Punch.  What it means, what it meant, and if I am lucky, just maybe one or two of you will have something, a new resource, a picture, or just plain tidbits of information on Delaware Punch and my family's history.

In the next couple of months I will fill these pages out the information that I have.  I hope you both contribute and enjoy what I have to offer.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  


Alex Parker

and for my Great-Grandfather

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*  Delaware Punch is a Registered Trade Mark of the Coke Cola Company


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