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Prodded by forces too large to resist, I pulled out the Fire & Sword in the Sudan campaign and launched into it once again. As the campaign proceeds I will post updates and battle reports on this page.

Governor-General of the Sudan is the redoubtable Sir Richard "Professor" Norton.

You can link to any turn of the campaign from this page or from any of the turn reports. Each turn report shows a map of the overall strategic situation at the end of the turn and gives a brief rundown on the turn's events. On the maps, the flags indicate each region's status: red means the region is in revolt, blue means it remains loyal. The number inside the flag is the region's revolt level. Garrison towns filled in red are controlled by the Mahdists; all others are controlled by Egypt. Battle reports can be accessed from the turn pages (or from the main Colonial Angle page, if you prefer).

Each turn report also includes a link to an OB showing the state of the Anglo-Egyptian forces at the end of that turn. Forces in black are on the map, forces in gray are off-map as possible reinforcements, and forces in red have been eliminated.

Each turn we will pick the one or two most interesting battles to stage as table-top games. The smaller and less important battles will be played out in an abbreviated way using my quick-battle rules.

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