The Battle of

Dhaheri's Zeriba

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In the far western Sudan province of Darfur, Sheik Saeed Obaid Mohd Al Dhaheri has returned to his raiding ways, so Slatin Pasha sets out to put him straight.

This game was played on June 15, 1999, in my dining room. The table measures a bit over 3 x 5 feet and we used just 90 figures, so it's a good example (IMHO) of what can be done with small, off-the-cuff games.

This game was played using Soldier's Companion rules with modifications providing for 10-figure Egyptian companies instead of 20.

The setting was the Sudan province of Darfur, 1882. The Mahdi's revolt has begun but is still contained and no one is taking it too seriously. In the west, however, the Rizighat bandit Saeed Obaid Mohd Al Dhaheri has taken up the mantle of Mahdism in order to justify raiding the neighboring loyal tribes. Irritated by this obvious backsliding on Dhaheri's oath of loyalty, Slatin Pasha, governor of Darfur, organizes a punitive expedition to wreck Dhaheri's zeriba and drive off his livestock.

In this endeavor Slatin brings along two companies of Egyptian infantry, one company of mounted infantry, and one company of Arab bazingers (slave-soldiers) under the command of the ever-faithful Rashid Al Shamsi. Many of these men have wives from the tribe that was raided and so are eager for revenge.

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