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From this page you can view pictures of many of the different types of figures in my Sudan collection. Most of what I have is from Ral Partha, mainly because during my years at TSR I had many dealings with the friendly folks at Partha and they graciously supplied me with free figures. (Of course, they knew they would see those figures again, and get some free advertising in the bargain, when I used them at conventions). I'm a big fan of the Ral Partha style. They've been supplemented with Frontier ansars, British, and Egyptians, too.

Just click on an entry below and it will take you to the photo; you know how it works.

 Ansars on Camels

 Ansar Infantry

 Ansar Artillery The gun is a toy souvenir from Florida. It makes a marvelous antiquated Arabian 12-lbr.

 Beja (Fuzzy-Wuzzies). I really like the Ral Partha beja. I think they're the nicest fuzzies I've ever seen.

  Frontier ansar NEW

 Mounted British Officer

 Camel Corps, afoot

 Egyptian Fellahin and Officers in Summer Whites

 Camel Corps, sheltering behind their camels

 Sudanese Infantry in brown marching jersey with British officer and NCO

 Camel Corps, mounted

 Frontier Camel Corps NEW

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