Fire & Sword in the Sudan

These are fairly simple rules for a campaign in the Sudan. It begins with the revolt and ends with the reconquest. The focus is on capturing the feel of the time and place rather than being tremendously historical.

All players command Anglo-Egyptian forces. Mahdists are controlled strategically by the game system. During a battle, the Mahdists are commanded by any player(s) whose Anglo-Egyptian forces aren't involved.

One file is zipped in rich text format, so it should be readable by any modern word processing program, regardless of platform, once it's unzipped. There isn't much internal formatting to worry about. Or, you can read the rules online by clicking that link. The map is a B&W gif.

Simple The Sword & the Flame Adaptation: I've also added a link to a set of "simple game" guidelines. I use these for quickly resolving campaign battles that are either too small for a full tabletop treatment or that, for one reason or another, I don't have the time or the motivation to play out in detail. You could even play an entire quick campaign using these battle rules; I used them exclusively in solo playtests of the Fire & Sword rules.

The Campaign in Progress: In June '00, we actually started playing this campaign! Progress reports, battle accounts, and turn-by-turn maps are available at the link below.


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Simple Battle Rules

The Campaign

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