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At Cold Wars '99, I wished aloud for a good source of authentic Arab names. It's fairly easy to come up with authentic (or goofy) English names, and most people enjoy naming their officer figures, at least. The folks who play the natives have a much harder time naming their chiefs, emirs, sheikhs, and sultans. One of the players at the table was a gaming acquaintance who lives in the United Arab Emirates. He kindly offered to provide me with several photocopied pages from the Abu Dhabi phone book. The file on this page contains about 540 Arabic names drawn from those pages.

The names are listed individually. When you need a name for an Arab character, select two to five names from the list and string them together. Based on what I gathered while typing this list, most of the names can be used in any order. Feel free to insert "Al," "El," or "Din" wherever they sound good.

While not strictly accurate, these names seem to function equally well for Islamic people living in North Africa, the Sudan, Arabia, even the Northwest Frontier of India.

Text File ArabName.txt

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