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What's New (as of 07/10/02)

The report on the "Raid on Sualco" scenario from Cold Wars '02 is ready, and what a grand game it was.

Mark Fastoso has written 10 terrific scenarios for The Sword & the Flame, set during Italy's disastrous war with Ethiopia. You can download one of the scenarios (Dabormida's Brigade) here and try it out. I had a great time playing this battle at Cold Wars.

I've also taken on the duties as colonial period editor for Dick Bryant's The Courier magazine. If you have a hankering to write a colonial-themed article for this venerable hobby magazine, please get in touch. We want to hear your ideas.

Follow the progress of our Fire & Sword in the Sudan campaign (currently on Turn 4).

Turn 5 of Fire & Sword in the Sudan still isn't quite ready yet, but I'm sticking to my claim that it will be in a few days (try a year).

What's Old?

The Demise of Professor Prufrock, a tale of supernatural mystery and desert intrigue;
The Battle of Myer's Drift, in which a sleepy British camp is overrun by Zulus and the scattered survivors try to evade Zulu hunting parties;
The Raid on Sualco as played at Cold Wars 2002;
The Last Outpost, my Sudan siege game from Cold Wars 2000;
Bad Day at Blood River, an epic defeat for a British column in Zululand from Cold Wars 2001;
The Liberation of Debbi, in which the British miraculously escape the Khalifa's clutches with their lives;
Bloody Frying Pan, or how to lose a supply column in the Sudan;
The Battle of Dhaheri's Zeriba, a punitive expedition in the western Sudan under the redoubtable Slatin Pasha.

What's Coming?

I looked at this page again and was horrified to see that it's been over a year since the last time I updated. What can I say -- I've been busy! I'm still busy now, but when I realized that a bunch of my links were broken, leaving many of my pages inaccessible (because Comcast bought out my previous internet provider), I decided that I had to at least fix the links. All of those should work now and all the pages can be accessed again, at least.

When I wrap up my current deadline, I intend to take some time off from writing and editing. That should free me up to have some fun again, which means I'll be devoting some time to the web page. Maybe I actually will get around to playing more turns of the Sudan campaign, or finishing The Haunted Jungle or the solo-play version of my native morale/reaction diagram (which, surprisingly, has generated a surprising amount of email). In the meantime, you can keep up with what I've been doing with a good portion of my time over at the Avalon Hill website. And if you're looking for more wholesome, colonial gaming goodness, you really can't do better than navigating your way around the Colonial Wargaming Ring, linked below. You just have to brave the steely stares of Mohammad Ahmad and Hicks Pasha.

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The Battle of Dhaheri's Zeriba

Fire & Sword in the Sudan

Bloody Frying Pan

Fire & Sword: The Campaign

Massacre at Myer's Drift

Rorke's Drift

The Last Outpost

Convention Game Tips

The Liberation of Debbi

Arab Names

Professor Prufrock

Stand To!

The Relief of Berber

Two-Page Skirmish Rules

Bad Day at Blood River

An Assortment of Sudan Figures

Raid on Sualco

The Work Bench


A New Approach to Reactions


Red Cloud's War


Raid on Sualco


Dabormida's Brigade

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