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The Continental Club is dedicated to open-minded couples in the East Tennessee area. We host the hottest party in the Tri-Cities! We have an atmosphere where music, sensuality and freedom come together. We have an atmosphere where you can meet other like-minded adults. We have upscale, classy venues where friends create a safe, no-pressure setting for exploring sexual fantasies. Our parties are open. Our parties are probably unlike anything you have experienced. We are outgoing, friendly, and warm lifestyle friends ("swingers") who come together for private parties throughout the Tri-Cities area, in locations which we have carefully and thoughtfully selected for your sophisticated, erotic enjoyment. We have learned that a person's attitude, warmth, and desire to explore are what matters most in the lifestyle, and even though many of our friends are very physically attractive, it's a person's emotional qualities that matter most. Our parties are NOT cliquish, snobby, cheesy, aggressive, ordinary. We also want single men and women to feel comfortable, and to understand that couple-centric means conversing with and respecting BOTH partners in a couple. We promote a "couple-centric" attitude. We encourage couples to talk, talk, talk -- before, during, and after a party. We believe that each couple should decide what is best for their relationship, and we provide an atmosphere of mutual respect, in which everyone should receive enjoyment and satisfaction from the activities in which they choose to participate. Honest, open discussion between partners can make the lifestyle more than just exciting and fun parties.  It helps to strengthen a couple's bond and bring the couple closer together. If you have an open mind and a positive attitude towards sex, then we invite you to attend our parties! We'll be looking for you!


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