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History of the Goebel-Jackson Tree Farm

The Goebel-Jackson Tree Farm is located in Wallowa County in northeastern Oregon.  Leo and Marilyn Goebel and their close friend Bob Jackson purchased the 160 acre parcel in 1970. Most of the larger trees had been logged in the mid 1920's; however, no trees had been removed (other than for firewood) in the interim.  The land had been used for grazing after the original harvest, but by 1970 the trees had grown thick enough that there was little grass left.

The Tree Farm was certified as a member of the American Tree Farm System in the early 1980's.

Leo Goebel grew up in a Wallowa County logging family and started logging with his father with a crosscut saw and team of horses. He went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Geology from the University of Oregon. Around the time the partners purchased the Tree Farm, Leo began doing logging contracts during the summer school vacations. During the school year he taught math and science at Joseph High School and also logged on weekends and vacations (and sometimes before and after school).

Marilyn Goebel grew up in Coquille, Oregon, and shares her husband's love of nature and rural life. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Oregon. Marilyn was an ardent supporter of the tree farm in the early years and taught her and Leo's five children to understand and respect nature. Marilyn is a talented nature photographer as well. Her beautiful photographs can be seen throughout this web site.

Bob Jackson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Iowa State University and went on to work as a forester. Over several decades, he worked as a forester for various sawmills and as a consulting forester in Wallowa County.

The five Goebel children (Sally, Patti, Mary, Ed, and Katie) have all worked on the Tree Farm and on other logging projects with the family business.