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What is a Tree Farm?

What is a tree farm? Actually, there is no simple answer to this question.  There are several categories of tree farms.  

There are over 70,000 small woodland owners who have Tree Farms certified through the American Tree Farm System.  The American Tree Farm System operates in individual states through different branches.  The Oregon branch is the Oregon Small Woodlands Association.

There are also industrial forests which are called tree farms and have posted signs similar to the American Tree Farm system signs in the picture.

In addition, there are also other lands managed for timber production which could be referred to as tree farms.  Many make efforts to develop environmentally friendly forest management.

The Stewardship Forest sign in the photograph below is notable in that it was the first sign awarded in a changeover in the signs given to certified Tree Farms.  The sign was presented to us in 1992 at a ceremony where we were given the "Outstanding Western Tree Farmer" award. Pictured, from left to right, are Bob Jackson, Leo Goebel, and Gary Carlson (Oregon Small Woodlands Association).  This symbolic changeover better reflected our long-term management philosophy.