Calligraphy Classes

are complete in One 4-hour Session!


Class Locations

  •  AC Moore Craft Stores: Bowie, MD  and Waldorf, MD
  • Hobby Lobby Craft Stores: Columbia, MD and Laurel, MD
  • Dunkirk Maryland Studio


To request class schedule:

Email or call  301/855-6385


General Info:

$45 Instructional Fee plus $35 cost of supplies.    It’s easy to register.

Mail $45 instructional fee payable to Teri Fitch to: 4102 Shoreside Place, Dunkirk MD 20754.

Include with payment: name, phone, email, class date for which you are registering. 



To avoid disappointment of canceled classes,instructional fee must be received prior to class date.



Calligraphy is largely produced with tools that either have sharp points or broad edges.  The techniques used for these tools are unrelated therefore the classes have been separated accordingly as descibed below:  

Italic Style:  This class introduces the technique required to produce writing styles such as Old English, Uncial and Italics,  A variety of broad edge tools are used, such as dip pens, cartridge pens, brushes or markers, all of which allow you to inscribe onto any surface.


Elegant Script (a/k/a Copperplate):  This class introduces the technique required for elegant wedding scripts and beautiful scrolls often seen in up scale invitations.  Flexible pointed nibs are used to create this style of writing which generally allow inscriptions on paper or canvas type surfaces only.
Contact the Artist: or 301/855-6385