The Middle Egyptian Study Group


The Middle Egyptian Study Group is an online community of people studying the Ancient Egyptian Language following the textbook on the left:  James P. Allen: Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs.

For those who cannot find the book in their local or University Bookstore, a good resource is, Follow the link to go to Allen's  Middle Egyptian Grammar

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The Middle Egyptian Study Group Computerized Dictionaries


For those enrolled in the Middle Egyptian Study Group who are also using HieroWords as their computerized flashcard and dictionary program, we are starting an ancillary project: We are compiling a HieroWords dictionary of all the words found in the Middle Egyptian Grammar as we encounter them.

It is meant as a collaborative effort. Please periodically send me your HieroWords "Words,csv" file containing the words you have inserted  as you go by studying with the group. I will collect all the contributions, merge them, eliminate the duplicates and post the result here so we all can be up to date and "on the same page". And, what's best, I will acknowledge each of you.

Ok, I'm going to start myself, here is the file Monoliterals.csv which contains only the monoliterals. To download, right-click on the link and select  "Save target as"

Latest additions:

Pronouns from Chapter 5, courtesy of Hans Mion

Biliterals and Triliterals. From Allen sign list. Courtesy of Kate Evans

Vocabulary of Allen Lessons 1 to 8. Courtesy of Kate Evans



Monoliterals.csv                6/3/2005

Biliterals.csv                    9/27/2005

Triliterals.csv                   9/25/2005


Pronouns1.csv                 8/19/2005


Allen Lesson 1-3.csv       10/18/2005

Allen Lesson 4-5.csv       10/19/2005

Allen Lesson 6-7.csv       10/20/2005

Allen Lesson 8.csv          10/26/2005


Allen Lesson 1-8.csv       10/26/2005  



Contributors so far:

Luca Brigatti

Hans Mion

Kate Evans


Please send your file to:   (sorry no link, I am trying to save on spam...:)