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A brief explanation: I have written these programs for myself, to help me learn the fascinating world of Hieroglyphs and Ancient Egyptian Language. I am distributing them to those who are interested, for their personal non commercial use. The programs however remain my copyright.

They are meant for you to fill in the definitions as you encounter new glyphs and new words while you study but I left the few I have already inserted as examples..

In order to extract the programs from the archives you will need an extraction utility such as Winrar (shareware), ExtractNow (freeware) or similar. Click on the links to go to the download page.

Important: In order for BOTH of the programs to work, you MUST also have the files Msvbvm60.dll  installed in the Windows/System directory.
You can download Msvbvm60.dll a self installing file from here.

In order for HieroWords to work, you need the file ComDlg32.ocx. Chances are that you already have it in your system. If not, you can download it from Here

Note: you must also have the Glyph Basic fonts and the Transliteration fonts installed in your system for those programs to work correctly.

Disclaimer: These programs are distributed “As is”. No guarantee is given, implicit or explicit and no liability is accepted for any problem resulting from their use.

One request:  Many, many hours of work have been put in these programs and in the dictionaries below. We distribute them for free to other who, like us, have a passion for Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Use them as you like, do not sell them, publish or otherwise use them for profit and please remember to give credit where credit is due. Thank you.


To download the programs (Windows operating system) click on their names below.

Hieroglyphs 1.2: Computerized flashcard / Personal single hieroglyph dictionary. Presents you with  761 hieroglyphs of the Gardiner's list and offers four fields: Transliteration, Meaning, Type and Comment for you to fill. You can then browse, search or chose randomly any of the hieroglyphs or restricts these actions to only those that you have selected as active. About 124 Kb.
When you have filled most or all the definitions, please send me the file "Glypdata.csv", I will put it on line and acknowledge you.

Also you must have the Glyph Basic fonts and the Transliteration fonts installed in your system in order for the program to work correctly

Gérard G. Passera, has created a dictionary in French. Download the file GlypdataFrench.rar and unrar it in your Hieroglyph directory.

Warning: Make sure you backup your original Glypdata.csv as it will be overwritten.






HieroWords  3.4.6 (Full install) Allows you to chose among 810 hieroglyphs of the Gardiner's list AND among 6717 hieroglyphs of the extended library from the CCER and arrange them in words of up to 21 signs. It also offers the same four fields (Transliteration, Meaning, Type and Comment) for you to fill plus the Gardiner's notation. I don't have a manual (yet) but I have written a tutorial. This program is still being developed so you might encounter some bugs here and there. About 4 Mb.

Warning: If you have used a previous version and created your own words, DO NOT replace your existing Words.csv  file with the downloaded one or you will lose all your definitions.

When you have entered a few (or many) words, please send me the dictionary file "Words.csv". I will put it online and acknowledge you.

Also you must have the Transliteration fonts installed in your system in order for the program to work correctly.

The new version adds the Hieroglyph D280a ()  in both the Basic and Extended library. It is the glyph used to spell the word Hmt (wife) and was surprisingly missing from the original CCER libraries.

Also, when entering a new word, I provided the way to fetch all the glyphs in a word at once by entering its MdC code. This should speed up the insertion of such words (still working on it, may be little buggy)

The new version also fixes a bug that would crash the program if you have no printer installed.


Hierowords 3.4.7 (Update only) Extends the capacity of the program to up to 50,000 words from the original 15,000 limit. When I begun writing the program I never imagined that a capacity of 15,000 words would not have been enough. It turns out that Mark Vygus proved me wrong! If you have not done it already, you will need to install the full version of HieroWords  3.4.6 before being able to use version 3.4.7.

You can download a Tutorial for Hieroword 3.4 here.


Mark Vygus Has entered more than 17,000 definitions from different sources (yes, that's right, more than seventeen thousand definitions!). Congratulation for the heroic accomplishment! Download the file Mark words.rar (this dictionary is not compatible with previous versions of Hierowords). If you want to make it your default dictionary you can  rename the file to "Words.csv" and  replace the existing file Words.csv. The last update, from 8/2008,  adds in the comment a note for words from Late Egyptian.

Hans Mion Has entered the vocabularies from Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar 3rd edition. The note 'G03v^' means: Gardiner, lesson 3, vocabulary. It allows for easier sorting and editing. Download the file Gardinerall.rar. You may need to download the new full install version of Hieroword to be able to see all the definitions.

Gérard G. Passera Has created several useful dictionaries: Index phonétique, Bilitères and Trilitères, and a dictionary containing both biliterals and triliterals. As their names suggest, the first is a Phonetic index, which allows you to browse and drill yourself on glyphs and their phonetic values. The other three allow you to browse and drill yourself on biliterals and triliterals. Also, he created a comprehensive (more than 600 definitions!) dictionary from Collier and Manley. Download CMDH.csv here. The definitions are in French.

More dictionaries can be found on Allen's Middle Egyptian Study Group and on Kamrin's Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Study Group


After you try the programs, please send me a feedback at   (sorry for the lack of link, I am trying to save on spam ).