The Evening Wolf

"Fearlessness is better than a faint heart, for any man who puts his nose out of doors. The length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago". -- Thunor "Thor" Odinson (the God of Thunder)."

Welcome to my personal website. This site provides tiny slices of information about me (profile), gaming and my characters (games), a collection of images and screenshots (images), a few of my favorite recipes (cooking), and some useful web design links (web design).

The name of the site, Kveldulfr Fenrirson, is based on the name of my favorite alter-ego that I play in computer and role-playing games. Kveldulfr (or Kveldulf) means "twilight wolf" in Old Norse and "evening wolf" in modern Bokmål Norwegian. It is from the Egil'd Saga around 850 AD. Kveldúlfr is Egil's grandfather and is described as an ulfhéðinn, a shape-shifter (hamrammr), or a berserker. Fenrirson means "Son of Fenrir" an comes from the Norse legend of Fenrir Wolf.

I usually play Kveldulfr (often Ulfr for short) as a Ranger Scout with a few magical abilities (depending on the world) with a focus on daggers, two-handed swords, stealth, light armor, and a wolf or canine companion.

I spend most of my free time building websites, playing computer games, reading, and hanging out with my two real life canines, Glacier and Grimwolf. Enjoy your visit!