I tend to be a very traditional gamer - raised on old school role playing games like Pools of Radiance, Kings Quest, Might and Magic, Darklands and many of the AD&D style games like Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights (I & II).

Over time I expanded somewhat to include games outside if high fantasy - games like the Fallout series, Knights of the Republic (star wars), and Mass Effect. I also tossed in some RTS (strategy games) and Action-RPG style games.

Besides single player games I also really enjoy MMORPG style games although I tend to focus on casual game play with light role playing and do not raid or engage in PvP.


My favor tire game, pretty much ever, is Skyrim. It is a very open sandbox style game with tons of freedom to play as you want. So far I have played Ulfr Bjorn, a mighty Bear Shaman and warrior. Next was Varg the Reluctant Orc Paladin who was a mater vampire and undead hunter. My third character was Kveldulfr Thunor Fenrirson who was a Werewolf Mercenary but who has a mysterious past tied into an ancient animal spirit named Fenrir. My current character is another of the wolf-blooded, Grimulfr Fenrirson, a barbaric rogue who hunts in the night.

Avatar: Ranger Lord of the Great North

My soul wanders the multi-universe as the Ranger Lord of the Great North. An Eternal Champion of the balance of Life and Death, Order and Chaos, Light and Dark. I go where ever there is a need of a hero or a threat to the balance of the the cosmos that ensures creation and life. I have, and I will, take on many roles in my existence and here are but a few of them.

Throughout my games I tend to have a common theme for my main avatar - who I tend to play based on an idealized version of myself and who I would like to be. I have a huge history of names for characters but they all tend to reflect the same character. Some favorite names are Kveldulfr, Grimulfr, Dagrulf, and Dracos Nightweaver. I tend to play them as rugged anti-hero with a strong streak of kindness for those in need. I somewhat style them off some of my favorite book characters (such as the Justicar from White Plume Mountain by Paul Kidd, Hadrian from Riyria Revelations by Michael Sullivan, and Bahzell Bahnakson from Oath of Swords by David Webber) and, when possible, design them close to the guy in my website banner.

I tend to play Rangers, Noble Warriors, or Honorable Rogues (think Robin Hood) who are basically good guys but follow their own moral compass. I like them big and fierce, just like the guy pictured above. His cloak is a sentient Night Wolf, named Wolfgar, that he saved from inter-dimensial poachers. He can merge with the Wolfgar to become a might northern Night Wolf.

Games I am playing

At any given time I am usually playing a few games, depending on time. Here are the ones I am currently playing (see game codes for what the various acronyms mean). As you can see not playing much - just not a lot out now. I sometimes dabble in TSW for my MMO fix but overall I play and mod Skyrim.

Game Codes

  • RPG = Role Playing Game
  • ARPG = Action RPG (focus on action, light RP aspects)
  • PRPG = Puzzle based RPG
  • MMORPG = Massive Multi-Player Online RPG