Tweaking ENB's for Performance

A quick and simple guide for balancing quality and performance with ENB's by WolfGrimDark: Last Update on 2013-11-07


  1. Start up the game and make sure you are using a current version of the ENB binary so you can edit settings in-game.
  2. In-game enter console mode by hitting the tilde key ~
  3. Next hit SHIFT + ENTER to open the ENB GUI where you will start the tweaking.



Soulwynds DOF settings

//artifacts that are easier to fix in game.
#define FocusPointX 0.35 //DoF Focus Center X
#define FocusPointY 0.5 //DoF Focus Center Y
#define FocusSampleRange 1.0 //DoF Focus Radius
#define NearBlurCurveINT 4.0 //I-DoF Near Blur Curve
#define FarBlurCurveINT 0.5 //I-DoF Far Blur Curve
#define NearBlurCurveEXT 4.0 //E-DoF Near Blur Curve
#define FarBlurCurveEXT 0.75 //E-DoF Far Blur Curve
#define DepthClip 10000.0 //No real reason to change this

#define FocalPlaneDepth 0.0 //Static Focus
#define FarBlurDepth 150.0 //Static Focus Depth

#define TiltShiftAngle 10.0 //Tilt Shift

#if LENS_SHAPE == 5
//Dirty little bypass to force ENB to compile for lens 5.
int BokehQuality <string UIName="Bokeh Quality"; string UIWidget="Spinner"; int UIMin=1; int UIMax=28;> = 15;
#elif LENS_SHAPE == 7
#define BokehQuality 15 //Bokeh Quality for lens 7
#define BokehQuality 10 //Bokeh Quality for every other lens
#define ClipThreshold 0.13 //Clip Threshold
#define QualityThreshold 0.0 //Quality Threshold

#define bbtDAY 0.8 //D-Bokeh Threshold
#define bbmDAY 2.0 //D-Bokeh Multiplier
#define balDAY float3(0.200, 0.0, 0.0) //D-Bokeh Added Light
#define bbtNIGHT 0.4 //N-Bokeh Threshold
#define bbmNIGHT 2.0 //N-Bokeh Multiplier
#define balNIGHT float3(0.0, 0.0, 0.100) //N-Bokeh Added Light
#define bbtINT 0.4 //I-Bokeh Threshold
#define bbmINT 1.0 //I-Bokeh Multiplier
#define balINT float3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) //I-Bokeh Added Light

#define BokehRadiusMultiplier 2.0 //Bokeh Radius
#define BokehBias 1.2 //Bokeh Bias
#define BokehCurve 0.25 //Bokeh Curve
#define BokehCenter 3.0 //Bokeh Center
#define BokehFlicker 3.5 //Bokeh Flicker Strength

#define BokehFlickerTimer 20000 //Bokeh Flicker Timer
#define BokehFlickerBias 0.5 //Bokeh Flicker Bias

#define NoiseAmount 0.5 //Depth Noise

#define UnsharpRadius 2.0 //Depth Darkening Radius
#define UnsharpStrenght 3.0 //Depth Darkening Strenght
#define UnsharpRange 10 //Depth Darkening Range

#define ChromaticAberrationAmount 0.7 //Chromatic Power
#define ChromaticRadiusMultiplier 2.0 //Chromatic Radius


DoF Focus Center X=0.5
DoF Focus Center Y=0.5
DoF Focus Radius=1.0
I-DoF Near Blur Curve=4.0
I-DoF Far Blur Curve=0.5
E-DoF Near Blur Curve=2.5
E-DoF Far Blur Curve=0.75
Static Focus=0.0
Static Focus Depth=150.009995
Tilt Shift=10.0
Bokeh Quality=15
Clip Threshold=0.15
D-Bokeh Threshold=0.8
D-Bokeh Multiplier=2.0
D-Bokeh Added Light=0, 0, 0
N-Bokeh Threshold=0.4
N-Bokeh Multiplier=2.0
N-Bokeh Added Light=0, 0, 0
I-Bokeh Threshold=0.4
I-Bokeh Multiplier=1.0
I-Bokeh Added Light=0, 0, 0
Bokeh Radius=2.0
Bokeh Bias=1.2
Bokeh Curve=0.25
Bokeh Center=3.0
Bokeh Flicker Strength=3.5
Bokeh Flicker Timer=20000
Bokeh Flicker Bias=0.5
Depth Noise=0.0
Depth Darkening Radius=1.0
Depth Darkening Strenght=0.0
Depth Darkening Range=1
Chromatic Power=0.25
Chromatic Radius=2.0
Quality Threshold=1.0