My Mod List by WolfGrimDark - As of 2015-01-22

Note that I use both Steam Workshop mods, Nexus, and a few personal ones I made myself. Steam is the shorter list so they are listed first. Then the nexus mods. I also have some custom mods I made myself which usually in the "unassigned" category of NMM. Mainly my "Grimulfr.esp" which has role playing changes for my main character in skyrim along with some custom textures and tons of little things that all fall under role playing designs for Grimulfr. The storage area, which is collapsed, are mods I only use in special circumstances - like very story specific ones that I load and then remove as soon as the story is done - I don't show them as I don't consider them active mods I use.

In general I always opt for the 2K textures when available except for armor/weapons and things relating to the character then I aim for 4K if it exists. Often I find the 2K is just as good so its a judgement call based on game play and how important the texture is to me.

Steam Workshop List

NMM List: