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Hello :-) My name is Jon and I love making websites so I almost always have a personal website online and often redo them every year. This is my most current version. As the mission states I like to use these sites to share information and it is always a nice to be able to give someone online that I meet the link so they can learn a little more about me. So here is my profile, fairly short and sweet and totally rambling.

My best buddies these days are Glacier (all white German Shepherd, 12 years old) and Grimwolf (Tan/Black German Shepherd, 1 year old). My favorite toy is Ford 2003 Super duty with a 3" lift on front and back and some all terrain mud tires (35"). I live in a small condo in a very small town (more of a street than a town almost) which is perfect for me as I dislike crowds, traffic and any heavily populated area. Closer to nature tends to be my motto. However I do like some amenities. I tend to be somewhat introverted but fairly easy going and sociable with those people I trust and get to know. I like simple things for my pleasures - hikes, rainstorms, fantasy games, most fantasy books, movies, art, cooking, nature, and animals. I also enjoy science - ranging from mythology to quantum physics.

Currently I am procrastinating (i.e., on hold) with two degrees. A masters degree in liberal studies with a focus on personality psychology, narrative stories and how people define themselves through their inner-stories. I am also working on a web design certification program.

My masters project will focus on a research overview on how people use cultural mythologies to build personal mythologies. For example many archetypes are displayed prominently in ancient mythologies (hero, wise crone, the fool, etc.) and they also feature just as heavily in current mythologies, as expressed in our media (books, games, movies).

People grow up ...with these stories and learn about morals, form beliefs, and get answers to lives big questions as the story is told through, and by, the Archetypes. This in turn creates their own personal mythology as they incorporate all those thoughts through their internal narrative story.

I also did a research paper called "The Virtual Self: Online Role-Playing Implications for Self Discovery and Exploration" which also relates to how people define themselves.

Personality wise I am a Scorpio - moody, emotional, organized, generous, shy, healthy (exercise daily, good eating habits, no drugs), love animals, stubborn, quick tempered but quick to lose it, a weird mix of impulsive and cautious, live by the golden rule of life, and try hard to balance my own needs while doing some things for others.


I have to many favorite sites to list here - but the ones below are some of the social networks and news sites I visit everyday:

Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies but I also enjoy general computer programming and graphic design; cooking and nutrition, and things relating to nature and animals. I also enjoy learning about ancient cultures and mythology, especially those relating to the Norse and Celts.