Tales of Adventure

I have had many adventures in many worlds existing as a many different avatars and characters.  The one common thread through all of them is that they are my ideal; they are representations of my ideal self and who I would like to be.  In a universe of endless time and space perhaps someday, in this life or another, perhaps my dream will come true. 

For now I have my imagination and my tales of adventure.  Here then is the synopsis of one such tale, the profile of who I would be in the world of Tamriel and one possible origin story out of an infinite set of possibilities.

I also post a lot of Grims tales at Nexus. Below is a list of my main stories relating to Grim and the Black Wolf Company. I also keep a time line of his story on this page and on Nexus.

Special Update: I am slowly going to convert all the stories to PDF files so they will be saved and people can down load them. You can find them at Grim Tales - PDF.

Grim Tales

Books I - Wolfborn

Book II - Mother Grim

Book III - Fenrir Unbound

Book IV - Champion of Fenrir

Black Wolf Company Tales

Other Stories

The Unraveling

Grimulfr Fenrirson – A Ranger of the Great North

Long ago, in a time long forgotten, a great spirit came into being who had dominion over the Great North.  His spheres of influence are the wilds, winter, and the beasts of the north with a special relationship to wolves.  Although he has many names given to him over the ages he is best known as Fenrir the Winter Wolf.  His followers and agents, on the mortal plane, call themselves the Black Wolf Company and they tend to be elite rangers who excel at outdoor survival, stealth, combat, and some nature magic.  Whenever there is a great need Fenrir will chose one of these elite agents to become his champion.  This champion is giving the honorific name of Kveldulfr Fenrirson, the Twilight Wolf and Son of Fenrir.  Upon their death they are allowed to join him as an eternal guardian on his home plane of existence which is referred to as the Twilight Forest.  However one champion stood out among all the rest for he was Fenrir's son and heir. His name is Grimulfr Fenrirson and this is his tale.

My name is Grimulfr and it means the "fierce wolf" in the language of the northern tribes.  I am a member of the Black Wolf Company, a loose association of rangers who consider themselves adventurers, mercenaries, and guardians of the natural world.  We are also followers of the Wolf Lord otherwise known as Fenrir, and our duty is the protection of the beasts and lands of the wild north.  Our sworn enemies are the undead and despoilers of the natural world.  Beyond that we hire out as mercenaries and adventurers, usually alone or in small groups, as a way to earn money for the Company as well as to support ourselves.  Many of us are bonded to a wolf companion who becomes our wolf-brother for most of our natural lives.  A few rare members are given the blessing of Fenrir himself and gain the ability to take on the form of a great black wolf-beast.

I joined the Company at a very young age.  I am an orphan which is strangely not unusual among our members as it seems we attract the strays, the loners, and the outcasts of civilization.  I was told by my adopted farther Velulfr, a Black Wolf himself, that he found me left abandoned at a shrine to Nocturnal.  He theorized some thief got pregnant and did not know what to do with the baby and hoped the luck of Nocturnal would provide a solution.  Perhaps it did for Velulfr found me while tracking a wounded female ice wolf he knew was expecting pups.  Much to his surprise he found the wolf lying down next to me licking my face.  After he had treated the wolf for its injuries, a paw that had gotten hurt in a hunters trap, he turned to me unsure what to do.  The last thing he needed was an infant to take care off.  Yet when he went to leave without me the female wolf whined and nudged him.  Sighing he took it as some sort of sign and he carried me back to his home in the woods.  What to feed me took care of itself as I was weaned off the milk of the female wolf along with the rest of her pups.

While Velulfr cared for me he wasn't the parenting type and a lot of my childhood was spent running wild with the wolves and the creatures of the woods.  I had an uncanny ability to soothe and befriend most of the beasts of the wilds and was seldom in any real danger … at least from the natural inhabitants of the forest I grew up in.  Velulfr taught me how to hunt and survive in the wild, to respect nature, and the basics of combat with a focus on hand to hand, swords and daggers, the bow, and how to move quietly and in the shadows to avoid being seen.  When I got older he took me to some of the lodges where other members of the Company would meet for training, swapping tales, and various contests of skill and strength. He would also take me to the closest hold for supplies, which was Riften, and it was there he fell in love with a woman named Marissa. She was a priestess of Mara but had a strong connection to animals as well as people.  However before she had become a priestess she had studied at the College of Winterhold. She was also an agent of the Black Wolf Company, often helping as a teacher and healder for their memebrs. As the two hung out more and more she taught me how to read and write a few of the most common languages as well as some of the healing arts.  Between the two of them I had a pretty good upbringing even if very untraditional.

I know both of them felt I was an unusual child and it was very apparent I bore the mark of Fenrir.  Besides my ability to connect with many beasts of the woods I was unusually resistant to the cold and frost and at the age of seventeen I was almost seven feet I height.  I soon found I also had the ability to summon an animalistic rage that let me fight on pure instinct and survival, a sort of controlled berserker rage I could call upon in times of great need.  I had many adventures growing up with Velulfr, my runt of a wolf companion Snowpaw, and his partner Marissa, one of which gave me the scar I carry to this day, but overall it was a great childhood and one I will always treasure.  Life was not always easy but the beauty of the wild provided a sense of inner peace and I never wanted for company as I had both the creatures of the woods and many rangers I called friends.

Shortly after I turned sixteen I decided it was time for me to set out on my own.  It was only natural, however, that I would join the Black Wolf Company.  Velulfr and Marissa sponsored me and it was decided I would spend the next two years spending time with various rangers among the company so I could improve on my skills.  Velulfr was not a young man, and neither was Marissa, and the two of them had dreams of a quiet retirement at one of the more remote retreats that the Company owned.  Thus it was decided and after my initiation ceremony I set out to meet my first contact, a ranger who patrolled the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim.  Velulfr and Marissa said their sad farewells before heading to the great Forest, northwest of Chorrol, where they planned on providing their services to theCompany by training new recruits.

I set out on my own, overly confident in my abilities and aspirations, enjoying the sense of freedom this new adventure brought to my soul. It was my over-confidence that almost led to my execution at Helgen and started me down this long twisting path of destiny I now find myself on.  I had made my camp deep in the woods, a small lean two made out of pine branches that helped hide me from view.  What I failed to do was properly scout out the area as I was tired and felt I could handle most anything the woods had to throw at me.  What I had not counted on was a camp of Thalmor this deep in the woods.  I didn't find out till later why they were there.  All I know is that I was rudely awoken with a half-dozen swords at my throat.  When I started to resist one of their mages struck me with a spell that sent me into unconsciousness.  

When I came to I was inside some sort of fort. I had no idea of how long I had been out or how far I might have traveled during that time. When they noticed I was conscious again a group of guards hauled me through many hallways and deeper down into the fort. From the looks of the room where they chained me up it was their torture room and I shuddered in fear. I knew the thalmor hated my kind even more than most of the human races. I soon learned why I was there however.

They asked me if I worshipped the false god, Talos, and if I was working with the Stormcloaks.  I replied that I was a simple adventurer seeking fame and fortune in Skyrim.  I knew better to than to mention the Black Wolf Company as there had always been bad blood between the two groups.  The Thalmor looked down on all human races let alone those that followed an animalistic greater spirit like Fenrir. They didn't seem to like my answers and decided they would torture the truth out of me.  Their mages began to lash my body with lightning before moving on to a variety of insidious and painful spells.  As I howled in pain and lost consciousness. For weeks I was held as their prisoner at one of their secret forts in Skyrim.

One night one of their Elite Mages started to ask me questions about The Black Wolf Company, my mother and father, and the legend of Fenrir. I refused to answer. The mage lashed me with fire and lightning and when that failed turned to blood magic, trying to rip my very soul from my body.

I began to lose consciousness.  As I began to sink into dark oblivion I sent a final desperate plea to Fenrir asking for his help.  I must have been hallucinating as I could have sworn I felt a presence in my mind saying there would be a price but if I was willing to swear myself to him he would grant me the strength I needed.  Then I sunk into sweet oblivion as my tortured body could take no more.

When I came to it was in the courtyard to the keep. As I got to my feet and looked aroudn I saw a massive scene of carnage and destruction.  The Thalmor soldiers and spies had been ripped to shreds.  As I groggily stood up I saw many had their chests ripped up, their rib cages exposed and pulled apart.  Closer examination showed they were missing their hearts.  My head spun and I vomited on the flagstones.  It was then I tasted the blood on my mouth and saw it in the vomit.  With shock I realized I was naked and my body was splattered with blood and gore.  Yet at the same time I felt remarkably healthy.  Grabbing a cloak from one of the dead Thalmor I wiped the gore off my wrists and legs where I know they had lashed me with fire and lighting.  The wounds had all healed leaving just minor scars.

My mind was ablaze with thoughts and confusion but I knew one thing was for sure, I had to get out of here and quickly.  I sensed water nearby so headed to a small stream where I was able to clean myself up.  I dreaded returning but I needed gear and clothes before I fled this place. In a daze I searched the fort but I could only find some of my gear, stashed in a trunk inside one of storage rooms.  Thankfully my amulet, a gift from Marissa, and my ring, a gift from Velulfr, were there along with leather armor.  I could not find my bow or sword so stole a set from one of the Thalmor.  Thusly prepared I fled the fort as fast as I could. I kep to the woods but kep the road in sight as I knew eventually it would bring me someplace I could figure out where I was.

Once again I failed to pay much attention to what I was doing.  My mind was going in a thousand different directions although part of me knew a good mercenary should have better control over.  I recalled what had happened right before I had passed out.  I thought it had been a hallucination brought on by the pain and torture but now I was not so sure.  I noticed that all of my senses were heightened and more powerful.  My sense of smell and hearing were especially intense.  If I had not been so distracted I could have easily avoided the Stormcloak band I encountered but as it was I stumbled upon them like a simple peasant.

There was little I could do but approach them with my arms open in a friendly gesture.  I was a Nord so I felt I could get away without harm and I was correct.  While not overly friendly they also were not hostile.  They asked me if I had seen any Thalmor recently and I suspected they were hunting them.  I told a half-truth and said I had seen them but had managed to avoid them.  I dared not tell them the truth … and for that matter I still had no clue what had happened although I began to suspect something … and old legend Velulfr had told me about the Blessing of Fenrir.

While we stood there discussing things we were attacked by an Imperial Ambush. I swore to myself vehemently!  I would not be caught like this a third time.  I vowed from then on to make it my ultimate goal to be a master of stealth and to be the sneaker not the sneakee! There is little more to say at this point as many people have already heard the tale about how Ulfric Stormcloak was captured and his "rescue" by a dragon!  We were brought to Helgen to be executed when the much talked about dragon appeared and allowed us to escape in the confusion.

While I sympathized with the Stormcloaks I also knew the only hope for all the human races to be free of the Aldmer Dominion was via a unified front and only the Empire could do that.  So when I was offered a chance to escape with an Imperial office, who had taken a friendly stance towards my situation, I agreed.  After our escape from Helgen he informed me that I should travel to Riverwood to meet up with him and his Uncle who could provide us with some aid.  It was during my trip to Riverwood I met my bonded wolf-brother, Wolfgar.  I heard his cries coming from off the main road and unable to resist the sounds of distress I followed them to the sad scene of a young wolf pup standing next to his dead mother.  My heart went out and to the little guy and I reached out to comfort him.  As soon as I touched him something clicked between both of us and the bond was made.  At the same time I felt something in my mind, a powerful and animalistic presence that was giving off a strong sense of approval and satisfaction.  Then as quick as it came it left. 

Pondering the implications of what happened I returned to the path, the little wolf tucked into my knapsack so as not to draw attention from any locals, and headed to Riverwood to see what fate had in store for me next.

Grim Personality

In general Grim is a bit superstitious when it comes to souls and the undead. While he follows the Wolf Lord Fenrir he also is a follower of Arkay who is very anti-undead. Grim has a simplistic outlook for the most part - meddle with souls and its bad. As he learns more that will change a little and he may see there can be good soul magic and bad soul magic. But at his core he feels it is mostly unholy.

Conjuration is bad as it binds one's will (and possibly soul) to another. Enchanting, however, is among the most evil and he abhors the practice. Enchanting basically steals living creatures immortal souls, sucks them dry of all energy, and discards the drained husks which seem to end up in the soul cairn. Necromancers, vampires, liches, all those entities deal with soul energy and for the most part are evil to be purged. At least werewolves only worry about the physical energy. While psychologically it sounds gruesome - ripping apart a body and eating a heart (optional as well) - its death like any other. Being roasted alive by a fire mage or being eviscerated by a two-handed sword both sound unpleasant as well :p Also, unlike Hircines wolves, Grim is from Fenrir and has no bloodlust with which to deal with - all he struggles with is his animal instincts which is on a natural level.

Dragon souls are a bit unique though and while Grim is initially abhorred with what happened he may find it isn't as black and white as he thinks. For one thing Dragons are not born - they are immortal souls. It seems more like other dragons (and dragonborn) can hold onto those souls without destroying them - as noted how they are released on death. Anyhow not like Grim has a lot of choice on the matter - dragons keep attacking him so they will pay the price in the end. Still Grim is not keen on the idea hence his running away from that particular destiny.

The Grim Squadron - Black Wolf Company

More to come in this section but for now Grim has the following members in his squadron for the Black Wolf Company.

Eir, Brynjolf, Durak, Kurdan gro-Dragol (by Binmaru), Erik the Slayer, Avrein Kalanar, Arnbjorn, Ashok the Destroyer, and Wolfgar.

The Grim Timeline

The scholars of the Black Wolf Company did their best to try and create an accurate time line of Grimulfr Fenrirson although they admit there may be some discrepencies. Grim was born during the Fourth Era in the Second Century. Imperial dates start at the frist age listed in Grim's timeline. Note that the Civil War and return of Alduin starts slow at 4E 201 and reaches a peak over the next few years before they are resolved.

- Domina Kalanar is born, counter to Thalmor's Bane

- Avrein Kalanar is born, half-brother to Domina

- The Great War Starts

4E.185: Age 0 to 3
- Alfrún leaves Grim as an infant at the Shrine of Nocturnal
- Velulfr (Black Wolf mercenary), Tundra (ice wolf), and Frostfire (Tundras mate) adopt Grim
- Alfrún and Karliah fdin sanctuary with Nerien of the Psijic Order

4E.188: Age 3 to 6
- Mercer kills Gallus; Karliah goes on the run with Alfrun
- Grim is trained very young to hunt with Velulfr, Tundra, and Frostfire

4E.191: Age 6 to 9
- Tundra has Snowpaw, a runt of the litter with stunted growth, and is abandoned
- Grim, feeling a special kinship with Snowpaw, becomes Snowpaws guardian and protector

4E.194: Age 9 to 11
- Tundra and Frostfire become top old to manage the pack, which moves north
- Tundra, Frostfire, and Snowpaw stay behind and live with Grim and Velulfr
- Grim almost dies in a fight with a frost-spider. Hircine saves him from the poison

4E.196: Age 11 to 12
- Tundra and Frostfire die defending Grim and Velulfr from vampires
- With no protectors Velulfr leaves Grim at Honorhall, which last only 3 months
- Grim (12) meets Brynjolf (24) and develops hero crush on him
- Almost killing Grelda, Honorhall Headmistress, Grim goes to jail. Velulfr pays the fine to free him
- Velulfr decides to let Marissa and Brynjolf raise Grim while he is on missions

4E.197: Age 12 to 16
- Grim is trained by Marissa and Brynjolf
- Velulfr marries Marissa
- Snowpaw dies from respitory illness
- Grim and Brynjolf have a fight that pushes the two apart
- Grim sinks into deep depression and withdraws from the world

4E.201: Age 16 to 19
- Grim joins the Black Wolf Company
- Befriends Tor Ulfrson, a Black Wolf Mercenary
- Captured by Thalmor and tortured for weeks before escaping. Earns the scar on his face.
- Captured by the Imperials and brought to Helgen for execution as a Stormcloak traitor
- Escapes Helgen and moves to Riverwood (age 16)
- Meets and bonds with Wolfgar, his half-brother via Fenrir
- Discovers he is a Dragonborn and becomes Thane of Riverwood
- Rescues Eir and Skaldwulf in Markarth; helps them join the Black Wolf Company
- Befriends Erik of Rorikstead
- Domina Kalanar becomes High Inquisitor and her half-brother Avrein joins the Thalmor

4E.204: Age 19 to 20
- Flees to Riften to join Thieves Guild but gets side-tracked and then opts to meet Greybeards
- Heads to Ivarstead and spends six months training with the Graybeards
- Meets Kudran the Orsimer who joins the Black Wolf Company
- Erik becomes a Black Wolf and saves Grim from Molag Bal
- Discovers Hircine is his Grandfather and Kynareth his Grandmother
- Rescues Thorald Gray Mane from Thalmor at Northwatch Keep
- During rescue confronts his suppressed memories and conquers his inner beast

4E.205: Age 20 to 21
- Earns the Dawnbreaker and befriends Meridia
- Returns to Rorikstead to visit Erik; they decide to work together as partners
- Retrieves the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
- Becomes Thane of Morthal
- Earns his tattoos and official place with the Graybeards
- Meets Delphine of the Blades and saves Kynesgrove from a dragon
- Meets Azok the Destroyer who joins the Black Wolf Company

4E.206: Age 21 to 22
- Returns to Riften and joins the Thieves Guild
- Repairs relationship with Bryn and they become best friends
- Working with Brynjolf he begans the task of transforming the guiild into something new
- Wolfgar is captured by Astrid and Grim is betrayed by Delvin
- Grim calls the Wild Hunt and shows he has inherited Hircines bloodline
- Grim and Hircine join together to control the Wild Hunt
- Destroys the Dark Brotherhood sparing only Arnbjorn
- Befriends Arnbjorn who joins the Black Wolf Company
- Goes on a mad druken quest for Prince Sanguine; Succeeds and befriends the Prince
- Infiltrates the Thalmor Embassy for Delphine and rescues Etienne Rarnis, a fellow rogue
- Learns he is Thalmor's Bane and is destined to bring Fenrir's revenge upon the Thalmor

4E.207: Age 23 to 24
- Continues to work for the Guild becoming third in command
- Tracks down his mother, Alfrún, learning her identity and purpose in the process
- Learns that Fenrir is trapped in the Labyrinthian and that the Rune Alfrún stole is also there
- Informs the Guild of Mercer Frey's betrayal and plans to hunt him down
- Goes to Nightingale Hall where he learnes Alfrún had died and swapped souls with Karliah.
- Nocturnal reverts the soul swap and Alfrún becomes a spirit sentinel
- Grim makes a pact with Nocturnal becoming a fee Nightingale and forms the Nightwolves
- Allies the Black Wolf Company with the Thieves Guild and Nocturnal
- Erik is tempted by Hircine to drink his blood but remains loyal to Grim
- Grim gives the blessing of Fenrir to Erik making Erik a werewolf
- Hunts down Mercer and kills him; becomes guild co-leader with Bryn
- Does the Pilgrim Path and returns the stolen Skeleton Key to Nocturnal
- Transforms guild into an Adventurers Guild
- Rescues Esbern and learns more about being Dragonborn

4E.208: Age 24-25
- The Unravelling is revealed by a mysterious stranger
- Grim infiltrates College of Winterhold to find out about the Eye of Magnus
- 4E. 208 Frostfall 29, Middas Grim turns 25.
- Grim is almost killed by Domina as she tries to sacrifice him to the Eye and control Fenrir
- Avrein leaves the Thalmor and joins Grim. Along with Erik, Wolfgar, Sam, Hircine, and Elisha the group defeats Ancanno and Mora, saves Skyrimg, and frees Fenrir
- Fenrir the Winter Wolf is freed at long last. The Thalmor are decimated but not wiped out.

4E.209 Age 26-27
- Grim becomes Fenrir's Champion as Fenrir assumes his rightful places as Guardian of the North.
- Aela is kidnapped by Molag Bal and his enforcer, Despair. Hircine asks Grim and Erik to rescue her.

Adventures of Kavel Bloodmoon

Book I - Bloodmoon Born


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