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To my MARS Brothers -- I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember the names of all the great guys I worked with at AB8AQ during 1968-69, but here are as many of them as I can remember, and have pictures of. Please drop me an email adding those I've forgotten over the years.

There is a great list of Army MARS operators from Viet Nam days on the Marine Corps MARS site. Check there to see if any of the names jog your memory, and send me email to add them here.

The Army MARS radio station at Phu Bai, AB8AQ, on the 8thRRFS compound, was staffed by ASA personnel from the 8thRRFS. Here are operators I remember.

Dwight 'Henk' Henke:

David Sternberg:

David Sternberg

Lee Platt:

Lee Platt - Taken at AA1KBO at Devens

David Lane:

Pete Prokopovitz:

Al Kocher: (spelling?)

Bill Parfitt:


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