5th Minnesota Battle Flag Jean B. Trotecheaud

Name: Jean B. Trotecheaud
Company: D
Discharged for disability.
  • Date: about 1821-22(?)
  • Place: Canada
Mustered In
  • Date: January 15, 1862
  • Rank: Private
  • Age: 40(?)
  • Residence prior to military service: Anoka County, Minnesota
  • Date: unknown
  • Place: unknown
  • Burial: unknown
Mustered Out
  • Date: May 5, 1863
  • Rank: Private
  • Age: 41(?)

Jean B. Trotecheaud Biography and Civil War Narrative

According to published military rosters, Jean B. Trotecheaud was born about 1821-1822. He enlisted in Company D of the 5th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry as a Private on Wednesday, January 15, 1862. At the time he was recorded to be 40 years old, married, and a resident of Anoka County, Minnesota.

During Private Trotecheaud's service in the Union army, the 5th Minnesota was engaged in the Battle of Farmington, Mississippi (May 28, 1862), the (Second) Battle of Corinth (October 3-4, 1862), Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign (December 1862), General Buckland's Expedition into West Tennessee (late December 1862 to January 1863), and Grant's spring campaign against Vicksburg, Mississippi (April 1863).

The 5th Minnesota arrived at Millikens Bend, Louisiana -- across the Mississippi River and upstream from Vicksburg -- in early April. Springtime contributions by the 5th Minnesota to the Campaign against Vicksburg likely included such tasks as fatigue duty, canal
digging, road building, guard duty, and perhaps even preparing steamers to run the Confederate blockade of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. Colonel Hubbard described the task of canal digging:

In the meantime the regiment serving its turn in details that were at work upon a canal, the purpose of which was to open a channel from the Mississippi River to an interior bayou, through which it was expected steamers could be floated to the river below Vicksburg. The men regarded this the most menial, and, as the event proved, it was the most unprofitable, service they were called on to perform during the war. Standing in the water up to one's knees and delving in the mud with a spade, was to their minds unsoldierly in the extreme, and a mighty poor way to crush the Rebellion.

Private Trotecheaud was discharged for disability on Tuesday, May 5, 1863. At the time of his discharge, the 5th Minnesota was en route from their camp at Duckport (near Young's Point), Louisiana, to join Sherman's corps of Grant's army to the east of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Possible Additional Information

Minnesota and federal census records show a resident of Centerville, Anoka county, Minnesota, variously identified as:
Despite inconsistencies in spelling, age, and birth place, these appear to be the same family. And since there's no one else with a similar name in the Anoka county census records, this could be the same person as Jean B. Trotecheaud of the 5th Minnesota.

According to
Art Dembinski, great great grandson of Jean Baptiste Trotochaud (1801-1873), his great great grandfather had a cousin by the same name who emigrated from Quebec to Minnesota prior to 1850. This Minnesota-bound cousin was born April 11, 1808, in St. Joseph Parish, Maskinonge, Quebec, and married a Louise Goudreau in Ramsey County, Minnesota, in 1850. This appears very much to be same person as John Turtleshow/Trutresso/Thaleshar/Tratechau described above as a resident of Centerville, Minnesota.

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