Previous examination of the records of Albemarle County, North Carolina in the period beginning in 1697 identified a Doctor JOHN KING and a Mr. JOHN KING. At that time it was assumed that these two were the same person. Recent work has shown that these were indeed two seperate people. One of these, Doctor JOHN KING, returned to Surry County, Virginia from whence he came in 1693 and died there in 1705. The second person, Mr. JOHN KING ended up in Elizabeth City County, Virginia where he died in 1735.

In seperate documents I have already written about the later JOHN KING and established that he was the son of MICHAEL KING(12) and grandson of MICHAEL KING(1) of Nansemond County, Virginia. I do not intend to dwell on Doctor JOHN KING other than to establish that he was the person in North Carolina between 1697 and 1700 who had a wife named Sarah. I had previously thought that Sarah was the first wife of JOHN KING of Elizabeth City County, Virginia. As it stands I do not know the name of the first wife of this JOHN KING although others have claimed that she was Winnifred Conners.

The records of Surry County, Virginia do not identify the JOHN KING who died in 1705 as a doctor. There are, however, not many surviving records. He appears to have left Surry County in 1693, buying land on Little River in Perquimans Precinct. This precinct is also in Albemarle County, which means that Albemarle County Court records will include both Perquimans as well as Chowan precinct. This is what brought about the assumption that there was only one JOHN KING. It appears that he left Surry County under unusual circumstances, presumably after have been charged with adultery. Another with the same charge at the same time was Sarah Danielson. It is probable that this is the Sarah shown as his wife later. JOHN appears also to have left Albemarle County under unusual circumstances, in debt and with his wife, Sarah, a source of scandal, having been associated with Richard Atkinson. It is this same Richard Atkinson association again in Surry County that ties the JOHN KING of the two counties together.

I am presenting records that substantiate the above claims. I do not intend to try to establish the lineage of John King of Surry County. Suffice to say that he is not JOHN KING(13) or JOHN KING(121) of Nansemond County. There were Kings in Surry County from very early times. The surviving records begin in 1752 when the county was first formed and there was a JOHN KING present then.

Records are found in the following published volumes -

A. Weynette Parks Haun - “Surry County, Virginia Court Records, 1652-1718”. Books 1 - 7.

B. Eliza Timberlake Davis - “Wills and Administration of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750”.

C. William Lindsey Hopkins - “Surry County, Virginia Deeds 1684 - 1733 and Other Court Documents”.

1677, Sep 15 - JOHN KING involved in estate of John Collier.

1679 - Will of William Rookings, Prob. 1 July 1679- Desires that Capt. Nicholas Wyatt, or his wife, Francis and William Simmons, and JOHN KING be overseers of and guardian of children.

1684, Mar 3 - JOHN KING of Upper Chipoakes Creek to William Halsoe, bricklayer, for 1000 pounds tobacco - a neck of land of 20 acres whereon Richard Greene now lives . (MARGARET KING, wife of JOHN KING, relinquished her right of Dower). Wit: John Dunn signed JOHN KING, MARGARET (X) KING

1686, Nov 2 - JOHN KING witnessed the will of Daniel Regan.

1687, Sep 9 - Mr. JNO. KING and ELIZA. his wife formerly Eliza. Foster having summoned James Jordan by a scirefacias, set forth that the judgement obtained by the said Eliza. Foster against the said Jordan at a court etc

1688, May 6 - JOHN KING witnessed the will of Thomas Clark

1688, May 29 - John Rawlings to William Dowling - 326 acres on Upper Chippoakes Creek being a patent dated 1 July 1662. William Dowling sold the land to John Tatom of Martin Brandons Parish in Charles City County on 20 Jan 1662. John Tatom sold the land to JOHN KING of Surry County on 3 Nov 1663 etc.
Wit: Thomas Flood, Thomas Warren

1690, Jul 7 - JOHN KING of Southwarke Parish to William Edwards of the same for his 1684 debt due Bartholomew Clements of London, mariner - 200 acres on upper Chipoakes Creek which said KING bought from John Rawlings on 20 May 1688.
Wit: Thomas Taylor, John Buberry signed - JOHN KING

1693, May 2 - The grandjury for the county haveing upon common fame presented JOHN KING, Danll. Harrison and Sarah Harrison for living in Adultery, it is ordered that the church wardens of the parish in which they dwell: Southwarke Parish, prosecute the 3 said persons according to law.

1695, Aug 13 - JOHN KING of Little River in Albemarle County in North Carolina appoints William Pettiway his attorney for a deed to Stephen Manwaring of Paquemins River in the same county. - 100 acres that the said KING lately bought from Thomas Middleton on Upper Chipoakes Creek and also a patent of 117 acres lately taken up by the said KING.

1697, Jul 6 - JOHN KING of Little River in Albemarle County, North Carolina for 32 pounds 10 shillings current money - 100 acres on Upper Chipoakes Creek bounded by William Rookings. Land was bought from Thomas Middleton of Upper Chippoakes on 29 Oct 1690. Deed also mentions 117 acres being a patent dated 29 Oct 1690 and also a parcel of land bought from William Chivers adjoining the aforesaid 117 acres.
Wit: William Pettway, Elizabeth (x) Pettway
Signed - JOHN KING

1697, JOHN KING appearing in court and acknowledging a deed of sale of a parcel of land to Stephen Manwaring to be his real act and deed.

1697, Jul 7 - It is ordered that the sheriff do make distress and sale of the goods and chattels of JOHN KING for his payment of the levys in the year 1693.

1702, Oct 5 - Jeremiah Ellis of Southwarke Parish to James Ellis for 15 pounds sterling - 200 acres where I formerly lived bounded by John Simmons, Edward Ellis, John Collier and William Lucas. Land is part of a patent for 400 acres granted to Mr. JOHN KING on 28 Jan, 1662.
Wit: James Davis, Elizabeth (x) Davis

1704, Aug 12 - KING, JOHN: Leg. - To George Rochell, my library books in Nansemond County. Book of Divinity by Tobias Christ, to William Knott, Jr., Makes wife, SARAH, Exerx. Prob.: 1 May 1705.
Wit: Wm. Knott, Sr., Wm. Phillips, Mary Williams.

1704, Nov 22 - SARAH KING, executrix of JOHN KING, deceased, to Richard Adkisson - 44 acres called “Wasts” lying between the land of JOHN KING, deceased and the land called “Nelson’s” on Upper Chipoakes Creek. Wit: William Rawlings, Thomas Penenton
Note: On the back of this deed is written - Richard Adkeson to Mr. William Rookings for 800 pounds of tobacco - dated 10 Mar 1708.
Wit: William Cock, Mary Cock signed Richard(x) Adkerson
Rec: 2 May 1710 (Richard Adkeson, aged 40, appears at court)

Note! Perquimans Precinct, like Chowan Precinct, was a part of Albemarle County North Carolina. The two precincts, in fact, join each other.
“Old Albemarle County NORTH CAROLINA, Perquimans Precinct, Court Minutes, 1688 thru 1738” by Weynette Parks Haun
1692, Sep 3 - CATTIERN KINGE exectrix of the lasrt will and tes(torn) of JOHN KINGE desesed haven proved his(torn) by Sefiffient evedense here in Cort it is tharf__(torn) orddered that the exectrix bring to the next Cort (torn) Inventory of the aprazment of the estate of JOHN KINGE John Stepney Sammewell Nichols John Gosby Isrel Snell being appointed aprasers of the said estate and give bond to the next Cort for the performance what is tharein specefidd.

“Perquiman County North Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1681-1729” by Weeynette Parks Haun.

1693, Jan 13 - Patrick Bealey of the upper part of Little River in Albemarle Co., N.C. to JOHN KING, all my right etc. in the right of Entry of 400 acres where I now live with all my labor done ....being upon the south west side of Little River it bounding upon a little Creek below said Bealeys pasture and running from thence up sd river to another little creek above sd Bealeys plantation..all houses, orchards, etc.... for consideration of 50# current money.
Wit: Richard Craigg, Charles Talor. Ack 27 Feb 1694.

1714, Apr 1 - Richard Sanderson Junr., Curratuck Precinct to Thomas Robinson, Perquimans Precinct, carpenter, 50# N.C. money, 400 acres lying on Little River in Perquimans Precinct., formerly the land of JOHN KING and lately the land of William Glover, Esq. ...all houses etc. Wit: Benia West, J. Palin ack. Gen Court - no date

1694, Feb 27 - At a Gen. Court holden at the House of Thomas White.

Mr. Patrick Bayley acknowledged his deed of sale of a tract of land unto JNO KING.

JOHN KING arrested to answer Patrick Bayly in a plea of debt and the said Patrick Bayly came and sayeth sd JOHN is justly is Justly indebted to the Plaintiff the sum of thirty pounds ten shillings and five pence in porke by bill and the sd JOHN KING cometh and confesseth Judgement for the same. Ordered the said JNO KING pay unto Patrick Bayly etc.

Mattie E. Parker and William S. Price, Jr. eds., “The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Second Series, Volume 3, North Carolina Higher Court Records 1697-1701”. State Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.

1697, Apr-June General Court
Doctor JOHN KING comes to prosecute his case against Mr. Arthur Workman for 9 pounds 12 shillings for attendance and physik administration and Mrs. Mary Clark, executrix of Workman.

1697, Oct-Nov General Court
Certain chattels of the estate of Richard Rooks attached at the suit of Doctor JOHN KING for 10 pounds 10 shillings.

1698, March General Court
Doctor JOHN KING executor of the last will and testament of Richard Naylor.

Doctor JOHN KING comes to prosecute his case against David Pritchard, Jr. declaring David Pritchard has received on board his sloop Shallote at the port of Nansemond in the Colony of Virginia etc.

1699, Oct-Nov General Court
Doctor JOHN KING summoned to answer the suit of William Glover in a plea of the case

William Glover comes to prosecute his suit against Doctor JOHN KING in a plea of the case for the sum of ten pounds fifteen shillings and the Marshall makes return he is not found in this government and he came not and the plaintiff says an attachment against his estate.

Mr. John Jennings having brought his suit by attachment against the estate of Doctor JOHN KING for the payment of sixteen pounds sterling and the Marshall makes return that he has attached ten head of cattle and four calves etc.

1700, Oct-Nov General Court
Richard Atkinson bound over to this court for divers contempt on information being made against him that he is of very ill fame and scandously frequents the company of SARAH KING, wife of Doctor JOHN KING. Ordered that the Marshall take into custody the said Richard Atkinson and him safely hold until he shall find good and sufficient securities to appear the second day of the next general court and that he in the meantime be of good abearance and shall not anywise haunt the house of the said Doctor JOHN KING nor frequent the company of the said SARAH, his wife.

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