Virginia Marriage Records

This listing is a compendium of many records found in many places, by Lou Pero and myself. My additional note will be found in italics.

             Source Legend
 ** = Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607 - 1800
 ^^ = Marriage indices checked for Kings (data from Lou Pero)
 ## = Marriage records compiled by Cecil D. McDonald Jr (data from Lou Pero)
 $$ = Marriage bonds of Franklin County Virginia 1786-1858 by Marshall Wingfield
      (data from Lou Pero)

      GROOM              BRIDE             DATE            COUNTY
$$KING, Alexander     PAYNE, Nancy        7 Aug. 1811    Franklin co.
                      daughter of Mary
                      Sur. William McCormack
**KING, Alfred        BURGESS, Sophia
                      Grdau. of William & Sophia (Ewell) Ewen Burgess.
KING, Ann             ANDERSON, William  21 Dec. 1786    Westmoreland co.
KING, Ann             BEANE, John        22 Mar. 1788    Westmoreland co.
KING, Ann             KING, William       4 Oct. 1810    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Anne          FAIRFAX, William
**KING, Anne          FAIRFAX II, William
##KING, Anne          FOSTER, Seth        1 Aug. 1785    Prince George co.
**KING, Anne          SIMMONS, William
^^KING, Annie         STUART, William     7 Oct. 1886    Rockingham co.
$$KING, Anthony       WRIGHT, Peggy      21 Apr. 1831    Franklin co.
                      Sur. James G. Wright
**KING, Azariah       ABELL, Mary                1780    Orange co.
                      Mar. Record.
**KING, Betty         JOYCE, Andrew
**KING, Carver, Col.  HILL, Elizabeth                    King William co.
son of Walter         dau. of James & Mildred (Clopton)
                      p. 68.
KING, Catherine       DEGGES, William    21 Jul. 1794    Lancaster co.
                      of Gloucester co.
** One source, this surname is spelled "Digges"
^^KING, Catherine     FADLEY, Joseph     14 Aug. 1823    Rockingham co.
^^KING, Catherine     HAMILTON, Wilson   22 Oct. 1821    Rockingham co.
**KING, Catherine     HAYNIE, ______
##KING, Charity       DAVIS, Samuel       8 Apr. 1797    Henry co.
**KING, Charity       GORDON, Chapman
$$KING, Columbus      STOCKTON, Sally L. 27 Dec. 1837    Franklin co.
                      Daughter of Peter C. Stockton.
                      Sur. Jeffery Woody
**KING, Dice          PEMBERTON, Capt. Thomas
**KING, Dorothy       GORDON, Chapman
**KING, Dorothy       WALLER, Col. John
**KING, E.            DeGRAFFENREID, John
**KING, Edmund        THOMAS, Mary       23 Aug. 1770    Pittsylvania co.
                      Sur. Francis Luck
                      Mar. Bond.
**KING, Edward        COLE, Elizabeth    bef.Nov.1692    (Richmond co.?)
                      sis. of Charles & Nathaniel Cole
                      proven by deed dated Nov. 1692
**KING, Edward        JUDKINS, Rebecca   30 Mar. 1786    Surry co.
                      by H. J. Burgess
                      Mar. Bond.
##KING, Eleanor       FEUNEL(?), John     3 Aug. 1796    Augusta co.
**KING, Eliza         DAVIS, John
##KING, Elizabeth     BAKER, Brooks       1 Jan. 1794    Charlotte co.
##KING, Elizabeth     BLAKE, John        29 Sep. 1736    Middlesex co.
^^KING, Elizabeth     FULKESON, John        Sep. 1789    Washington co.
Lou's note: Prob. Fulkerson - dau. of Thomas 1725/30
KING, Elizabeth       GREGORY, Thomas    29 May  1823    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Elizabeth     HATHAWAY, Lawson
**KING, Elizabeth     HOLDBROOK, William
KING, Elizabeth       LAMKIN, Peter Rust   ----, 1803    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Elizabeth     OWENS, ________
^^KING, Elizabeth     SAYLOR, Charles            1807    Rockingham co.
KING, Elizabeth H.    DAVIS, William L.  27 Jan. 1794    Westmoreland co.
                      Peter Davis, his father, gives consent
^^KING, Ella          WELCH, Patrich     21 Jan. 1866    Rockingham co.
**KING, Emily         JONES, William
**KING, Frances       HUDDLESTON, Thomas
**KING, Frances       HUDGIN, James
**KING, Frances       WEST, Ralph
**KING, Gabriel       BIGGERS, Hulday            1799    Orange co.
##KING, George        BROWN, Rebecca     29 Dec. 1790    Augusta co.
**KING, George        CATTERING, Barbara 20 Oct. 1797    Wythe co.
                      Mar. Record.
**KING, George        GARRARD, Sarah       ca 17(6?)7
**KING, George        SAUNDERS, Mary             1775
b. 1751               b. 1756
Berkeley co.
d. 1838               d. 1842
Decatur, Ind.
Served in Rev. war; DAR No. 80 738.
**KING, George        VORHEIS, Eleanor
$$KING, George C.     PRILLAMAN, Exony   14 Jan. 1850    Franklin co.
                      Sur. Geo. Prillaman
KING, Griffin T.      ENGLISH, Ann H.    13 Apr. 1824    Westmoreland co.
                      James English, her father, gives consent
**KING, Hannah        CAIN, William
**KING, Hannah        DANIEL, George
KING, Hannah          DOUGLAS, Vincent   14 Feb. 1814    Westmoreland co.
William King, her father, gives consent
KING, Hannah          DANIEL, George     18 Nov. 1795    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Henry         SMITH, Elizabeth   27 Apr. 1795    Rockingham co.
                      Wayland, p. 7.
##This source shows the county as Rockingham.
**KING, Henry         SMITH, Nancy       30 May  1792    Halifax co.
                      Mar. Record.
**KING, Henry         WESTWOOD, Rachel
                      dau. of William & Mary (?Wallace).
                      32V246; 9W(1)131.
$$KING, Hiram         BARRETT, Elizabeth  6 Dec.         Franklin co.
                      Sur. Carre Pyrtle
$$KING, Jacob         MILLS, Polly        5 Mar. 1838    Franklin co.
                      daughter of Arthur Mills
                      Sur. Cornelius Mills
KING, James           ANDERSON, Ellender  7 Nov. 1792    Westmoreland co.
KING, James           KING, Mairy        22 Feb. 1819    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Jane          ERWIN, John
**KING, Joel          GRIMSTEAD, Frankey    Dec. 1786    Princess Anne co.
                      by Rev. Joshua Lawrence, Baptist.
                      Ministers' Returns.
^^KING, Johanna       SULLIVAN, Timothy O29 Jul. 1863    Rockingham co.
**KING, John          ADAMS, Hannah      23 Dec. 1708
                      Christ Church, p. 81.
KING, John            ARMISTEAD, Rebecca(no date given)  Elizabeth City co.
** One source indicates marriage date of 1719-20, 1W(1)157.
KING, John            BETHEL, Ann        23 Nov. 1790    Fauquier co.
KING, John            CONNER, Winifred   21 Oct. 1695    Elizabeth City co.
** This source lists this information: 2W(1)211. Note by Lou: 1705
**KING, John          Eubanks, ______     1 Sep. 1798    Bedford co.
**KING, John          HAMPTON, Mary         bef. 1801    Fairfax co.
                      m. 2nd William Jacobs aft. 1797
                      Stoddard-Sudduth, p. 177.
**KING, John          LeMASTER, Sarah            1790
b. 1758, Louisa co.
d. 1842, Spartanburg, So. Car.
served in the Rev. war; DAR No. 85 683.
**KING, John          (MERRITT) TAYLOR, Mary bef.1719
                      sis. of William
                      widow of Capt. David
                      d. bef. 1719 (court suit, 7-16-1719, Elizabeth City co.,
                      Taylor, p. 8)(court suit, 9-18-1695, Elizabeth City co.,
                      Book 1688-99, p. 73.)
**KING, John          MORSE, Martha         Sep. 1786    Princess Anne co.
                      by Rev. Joshua Lawrence, Baptist.
                      LNCo.Va. 2:71.
**KING, John          NIFOND, Sarah      22 Oct. 1793    Wythe co.
                      License signed by Leonard Straw, Esq.
                      Mar. Record.
**KING, John          POWELL, Mary       26 Dec. 1759    Amelia co.
                      Sur. John Powell (Mar. Bond.)
^^ This source shows Sur. as Joseph Powell, his residence: Amelia co.
bond issued 26 Dec. 1759.
**KING, John          ROBERTSON, Sarah   16 Nov. 1786    Powhatan co.
**KING, John          SEAWELL, Sarah             1774
to America ca 1765    of Brunswick co.
                      She m. 2nd 1794, _____ Perry.
**KING, John          SLAUGHTER, Mary
**KING, John          STARKE, Molly              1774
of Hampton, VA        of Williamsburg, VA
                      Announced in The Virginia Gazette.
##KING, John          TERRY, Ann         10 Aug. 1796    Pittsylvania co.
**KING, John          WHITFIELD, Fanny   15 Jan. 1798    Isle of Wight co.
KING, John            WROE, Alice        24 Dec. 1798    Westmoreland co.
**KING, John Edward(-s)CLIFTON, Sarah    12 Jul. 1792    Bardstown, Ky.
General in War of 1812 b. 1768
b. 1757 Danville, VA   dau. of Burdette
d. 1828
Cumberland co., KY
son of William & Elizabeth (Edwards)
served in Rev. War in Stafford Co. Militia
23V315; 24V203; 26V320; DAR No. 89 276.
**KING, Jone          HENDERSON, James
KING, Joshua          KENNEDY, Rachael   24 Nov. 1780    Fauquier co.
KING, Joseph          BETHELL, Mary       7 Jun. 1788    Fauquier co.
**KING, Joseph        CARRICO, Sarah      7 May  1731    Stafford co.
                      St. Paul's
**KING, Josiah        FRISTOE, Martha    12 Dec. 1751
KING, Judith [widow]  BRENT, Thomas      26 Oct. 1774    Lancaster co.
KING, Judith [widow]  BRENT, William      1 May  1753    Lancaster co.
**KING, Julian        SNELLING, Sarah    30 Dec. 1708
                      Christ Church (Middlesex co.?)
                      p. 81.
^^KING, Kate          TRAINER, Thomas H. 17 Oct. 1897    Rockingham co.
**KING, Katherine     HAYNIE, Spencer
##KING, Keturah       SIMMONS, John       1 Aug. 1774    Charlotte co.
KING, Lily            JONES, John         6 Apr. 1813    Franklin co.
                      sur. David Via
KING, Louisa          DAVIS, Thos.        5 Jan. 1807    Franklin co.
                      Sur. Stephen King
**KING, Lovey         BROUGHTON, William
KING, Lucinda         STANDLEY, Peyton    8 Feb. 1826    Franklin co.
daughter of Samuel    Sur. Geo. Standley
KING, Lycia           PASQUET, Jerome     6 Feb. 1718    Lancaster co.
**KING, Lydia         HANEY, James
**KING, Major         PUCKETT, Seley     24 Dec. 1788    Amherst co.
                      dau. of John, sur. William Burnett
                      Wit.: William Loving, S. Burnett
                      Mar. Bond.
**KING, Malinda       YOCUM, ________
KING, Margaret[widow] BLASINGHAM, Thomas 11 May  1793    York co.
**KING, Margaret      FLOYD, Humphry
**KING, Margaret      PARKER, Robert
^^KING, Margaret      P???INER, John     11 Nov. 1881    Rockingham co.
**KING, Margaret      TELFORD, John
KING, Margaret        WALDEN, William    31 Dec. 1792    Franklin co.
##KING, Martha        CARTER, John (B.)  10 Dec. 1798    Campbell co.
**KING, Martha        DeGRAFFENREID, William
KING, Martha          HUDSON, Robert     28 Sep. 1801    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Martha        MacCOLLOUGH, Joseph
**KING, Mary          BURBAGE (BURBIDGE), Robert
##KING, Mary          COOPER, Ezekiel     2 Apr. 1790    Augusta co.
**KING, Mary          CURRELL, Robert
**KING, Mary          FOX, Capt. Nathaniel
66KING, Mary          HERNSFERGER                1810    Rockingham co.
**KING, Mary          MALLORY, Francis
**KING, Mary          MURPHEY, Francis
**KING, Mary          ROBINSON, Benjamin
**KING, Mary          ROBINSON, John
^^KING, Mary          SMITH, Francis
##KING, Mary          THORNTON, Coats     6 Oct. 1787    Augusta co.
##KING, Mary          WEST, John         16 Feb. 1793    Pittsylvania co.
^^KING, Mary Ann      EPSLEY, Samuel     18 Dec. 1837    Rockingham co.
KING, Mary Ann        McCONCHIE, Robert  25 Dec. 1790    Fauquier co
**KING, Mary Carver   FOX, Maj. Nathaniel
**KING, Miles         BURWELL, Frances   19 Jul. 1799    Mecklenburg co.
                      (Frances Powell Burwell)
**KING, Miles         CALVERT, Rebecca
                      dau. of Jonathan & ____ (NEWTON)
                      LNCo. 1:60.
**KING, Milley        TUNE, Thomas
KING, Molley          LAMKIN, Benedict   29 Mar. 1789    Westmoreland co
KING, Molley          WROE, Samuel       25 Jun. 1801    Westmoreland co.
William King, her father, gives consent
$$KING, Moses         PUGH, Mary          5 Nov. 1810    Franklin co.
                      Sur. John Shivley
KING, Nancy           SETTLES, William   15 Jul. 1821    Westmoreland co.
Thomas King, her father, gives consent
KING, Nancy           VIA, (Vier) David  28 Apr. 1804    Franklin co.
daughter of Lida      sur. Josias Viar
KING, Nathaniel       BRISCOE, Elizabeth 25 Feb. 1813    Westmoreland co.
KING, Nathaniel       DISHMAN, Elizabeth 24 Apr. 1792    Westmoreland co.
**KING, Nathaniel     ELLIS, Cealy B.    26 Apr. 1800
                      by Rev. Wm. Ellis, Baptist.
                      Lunenburg Co. Minister's Returns.
**KING, Nathaniel     LEMON, Lucy        23 Apr. 1800    Shelby co., KY
                      Mar. Record.
##KING, Peggy         EDMUNDSEN, Henry    3 Dec. 1799    Botetort co.
KING, Polly           FERGUSON, Samuel H.10 May  1822    Franklin co.
daughter of Stephen King
Sur. Solomon King
##KING, Rachel        BASS, William      21 Dec. 1789    Halifax co.
**KING, Rebecca       CURLES, John
**KING, Richard       SMITH, Sarah        5 Jan. 1786    Louisa co.
                      Mar. Record.
**KING, Robert        BROOK, Elizabeth           1653
son of Francis        dau. of Robert of Maryland
to Virginia
^^KING, Robert J.     COLEMAN, Elizabeth E. S.
                      bond issued 20 Sep. 1830
                      Sur. Isaac Quarles
                      GDN: Margaret Coleman
**KING, Robert        LACY, Sally         4 Mar. 1789    Halifax co.
                      Mar. Record.
**KING, Robert        SEBASTIAN, Margaret26 Apr. 1727    Stafford co.
                      St. Paul's
**KING, Robert Jr.    CASON, Mary        28 Feb. 1741
                      dau. of Edward(lived Caroline co. 1729)
                      proven by a deed, 1744, Spotsylvania co.
**KING, Sabrut        WAYT, Mary                 1785    Orange co.
                      Mar. Record.
^^KING, Sallie        FOGLE, John        14 Sep. 1826    Rockingham co.
**KING, Sally         TOOT, Adam
**KING, Samuel        FLAGG, Jane        11 Nov. 1729    Stafford co.
                      St. Paul's.
$$KING, Samuel        McLAND, Nancy      16 Oct. 1816    Franklin co.
                      daughter of Daniel McLand
$$KING, Samuel        RICHARDSON, Mary   29 Sep. 1790    Franklin co.
Sur. Avery King       daughter of Frances & Stanhope Richardson
**KING, Sarah         LAIRD, James
**KING, Sarah         OWEN, John
**KING, Sarah         ROBINSON, Benjamin
KING, Sarah           SHOCKEY, Daniel    22 Aug. 1830    Franklin co.
daughter of Anthony, Sur. Anthony King
KING, Smith           LAMKIN, Anne       22 Dec. 1801    Westmoreland co.
KING, Smith           SELF, Jane Middleton12 Jan.1790    Westmoreland co.
                      father, Henry Self, gives his consent
$$KING, Solomon       TURNER, Elizabeth   6 Sep. 1824    Franklin co.
                      sur. George Turner
$$KING, Stephen       McCOMACH, Betsey E.18 Sep. 1848    Franklin co.
                      Sur. Peter McCormack
**KING, Stephen       MAUPIN, Lurana
b. 1752
d. 1832, Franklin co.
served in Rev. War; DAR No. 56 233.
##KING, Susann        McCLINTOCK, Samuel 23 Nov. 1793    Augusta co.
** One source spells name "Susanna"                      and Augusta co.
**KING, Thomas        MASK, Mary          3 Apr. 1760
                      both of this parish.
                      Douglas Reg., p. 5.
$$KING, Thomas        STOCKTON, Christina 7 Nov. 1803    Franklin co.
                      Sur. Richard Stockton
**KING, Thomas        THOMAS, Jane       19 May  1771    Stafford co.
                      St. Paul's.
**KING, Thomas        WALLER, Ann "Nancy"
                      b. 1770, dau. of George & Ann Winston (Carr)
                      she m. 2nd Thomas C. Morrison. 33T302.
## This source lists their marriage date as 17 May 1787 in Henry co.
$$KING, Thomas        WITCHER, Nancy     27 Sep. 1830    Franklin co.
                      g. Vincent Witcher
                      sur. Sterling Cooper, Jr.
$$KING, Thomas B.     COOK, Nancy        30 Oct. 1807    Franklin co.
                      Sur. Benjamin Cook
KING, Thurza          LAVINDER, James    31 Dec. 1822    Franklin co.
daughter of Stephen King, Sur. Solomon King
**KING, Walter        PRATT, Elizabeth
**KING, William       BLAND, Letitia
son of William
b. 1745, Stafford co.
rem. to KY. 24V203.
**KING, William       BRENT, Judith
d. 1702; 23V314.
**KING, William AlfredBURGESS, Sophia
son of William; 24V203.
This couple is part of the Stafford co. Kings.
William's middle name has been found to truly be "Graffort".
William's parents are listed below (William King & Judith Peyton).
**KING, William       CURLE, Mary
                      dau. of Joshua & Rosea (____). 9W(1)126.
KING, William         DAMURN, Mary       22 Jan. 1824    Westmoreland co.
**KING, William       EDWARDS, Elizabeth 21 May  1738
son of Alfred         24V203; OPR.
$$KING, William       EDWARDS, Liddia    22 Mar. 1803    Franklin co.
                      daughter of Isham Edwards
                      Sur. Abraham Harper
**KING, William       GILL, Elizabeth    14 Nov. 1799    Halifax co.
                      Mar. Record.
^^KING, William       McHOFFEY, Jane     16 Nov. 1813    Washington co.
**KING, William       MITCHELL, Nancy    19 Jul. 1794    Henry co.
                      Mar. Record.
KING, William         PILLIAN, Mary      28 Oct. 1816    Westmoreland co.
**KING, William       PEYTON, Judith
son of Robert; 24V203.
This couple is part of the Stafford co. Kings.
**KING, William       RICHARDSON, Martha 28 Jul. 1679
                      Christ Church, p. 18.
KING, William         ROBINSON, Sally    20 Mar. 1816    Westmoreland co.
                      Elizabeth Robinson, her mother, gives consent
**KING, William       TRIGGER, Mary       2 Aug. 1735    Stafford co.
                      St. Paul's.
$$KING, William L.    STOCKTON, Eliza W. 16 Oct. 1838    Franklin co.
                      daughter of Mary Meredith
                      Sur. Herbert Cooper
KING, Winifred        CHILTON, Thomas    14 Jan. 1723-4  Lancaster co.
daughter of Judith King
**KING, Zachariah     PUCKETT, Lucreasy  14 Jan. 1800    Amherst co.
Sur. Jacob King, William Burnett.
Wit.: J. Cannon, Major King.
Mar. Bond.
##This source shows date of marriage as 1799.