#1) Abraham H King
         b 11 Feb 1762 Bloomfield, Essex, NJ
         d 8 Nov 1852 Bloomfield NJ
         father Capt Henry King, under whom he served. Aury King attested to
         pension application.
Served NJ-Pvt Mus--DAR PAT IND Rev War Pens App S1035

#2) Aaron King
         b Westfield MA
         d 1801 Northampton
         father David King
Served MA-Adj 3rd Hampshire MA Reg 1777--DAR Lin V 16 p 331

#3) Aaron King
         bap 18 May 1729
         d 21 Apr 1782
         father John King of Palmer MA Line.
    *Sarah Kibbe
Served MA-PS--Dar Pat Ind.

#4) Aaron King
Served NY-Sgt-17th Reg Albany Co NY--Lou Pero Doc 460. NY Gen and biog Rec V42.

#5) Aaron King
         m 22 Feb 1789 Newark, Essex, NJ
         d 5 Sep 1826 Essex Co, NJ by Alexander McWhorter of 1st Presbyterian Ch
    *Harriet Vrieland
Served NY as a drummer in Capt amos Dodd's Co, Col Van Cortland. His right hand
was shot off by a cannon in battle of Springfield. This could be same as #4
above. --Rev War Pen Appl S5947. In the pension papers there is a deposition by
Caly King who swore to the marriage date, saying that she was acquainted with
Harriet and aaron King and was present at the marriage, and that she was married
the same evening to Stephen King.

#6) Adonijah King
         b 18 Feb 1757 Medum Cook VT
         d 25 Jul 1825 Union City PA
         father William King                     mother Elizabeth Cushing
Served MA-Pvt--SAR PA Year Book 1955-DAR V 120 p 114 says he was born in Medomak
ME. There is a sheet for him in the LDS Old Patron Section of FGS. Lou Pero Line

#7) Alexander King
         b 6 Dec 1749
         d 6 Feb 1831
    *Abigail Olcott
Served CT-Ens-LT-Lexington Alarm. 5th Co Mott's Brigade in No Dept. DAR Pat Ind.
DAR Lin Bk V 8 p 232.

#8) Alexander King
         b 1754-Ireland
         m 1782
         d 1826 Huntington PA
         Son of Alexander and Catherine McDonald King
    *Nancy Agnes Jackson
Served PA-Sgt. Pension Huntington PA.--DAR Lin Vol 94 p 134. Grand Parent Papers
(LDS#887998) Enlisted at Chester Co pA in a Delaware Regiment cammanded by Col
Hazlett. Wounded in had by a Hessian's bayonet at White Plains LI. Also served
in Capt Benjamin Fishburn's 4th PA Reg. wintered at Schoharie in 1777.

#9) Amos King
         b 12 Mar 1758-Brimfield MA
         m 29 Jun 1786
         d 13 Jul 1839-Hawley MA
         father Thomas King 1729
    *Esther Robinson
Served MA-Pvt-Elisha Port's Reg Hampshire Co MA 1779.--DAR lin V 94 p 134. Lou
Pero Line 5.

#348) Amos King
         b 1756 New Salem, Hampshire, MA
Served MA-resided New Salem at enlistment. Served 23 months. Resident of New
Lebanon, Columbia Co NY when he applied for pension, 7 Aug 1832. Silas Church,
Elan Felden and John King attested to his petition. He had moved to town of New
Lebanon 8n 1786. His son Thomas F King of Otisco NY given power of attorney on 1
Feb 1854 as heir of solder.

#10) Andrew King
         b 1753 Henry Co VA
         m 1778 at Maple Run Church in Surry Co VA by a minister of the church
           of England, by puslishing banns. (But they didn't give her maiden
         d 14 Nov 1834 Claiborne Co TN
     *Sally (applied for pension W374)
Served VA line. Pension Claiborne Co TN. 2400 TN Pensioners Rev and War of 1812.
In 1779 andrew resided at Henry Co VA, where he enlisted under Capt Joseph
Martin. Marched to Long Islands? on the Holston in the (now) state of Tennessee.
attached to brigade commanded by General Russell. Marched to Telico, against the
Cherokees. Also fought under General Christy. They might have lived a while in
Rockingham County NC since one of Sally's witnesses referred to it in a
deposition. There is also a deposition from William King age 56 in 1842, who
says Sally was a married womand and had five children older than deponent when
he was born 1 Jan 1794. This seems to me to imply that he was her son. Sally was
living in Grainger Co TN when she applied for a widow's pension in 1842.

#11) Andrew King
Served SC-3rd Reg. Enlisted 19 Jun 1777. NA 853 (This could be pension number or
a typo--sorry). --Roster of SC Patriots in Rev War.

#12) Andrew King
Served GA-Continental 3rd GA Batt under Capt Thomas Scott-deserted in VA-List
from VA Gazette 19 Dec 1777.--"GA Citizens and Soldiers of the American
Revolution" by Davis

#13) Andrew King
         b 1739
         d 1833 Dover NJ
Served NJ--Morris Co Mil--also served French and Indian War. --Lou Pero Doc 420,
from Elaine Johnston-3205 Falcon Lane #117-Wilmington DE 19808 (1989). She said
his father was Jesse King b abt 1715. Had also sons John D and William.

#14) Anthony King
         b 1756
         m 20 Oct 1785 Warren Co NC (Wood King had signed mg bond)
         d 8 Jul 1826 Warren Co NC
Served NC-Pvt-Capt Yarbrough's Co Col Shepherd's 10 Reg. This is from NC Roster
of Soldiers in the Revolution. I think this is Probably the Anthony listed in
DAR Pension list, whose wife's pension application is #W439. In the 1835 pension
report, Mary is receiving pension. Anthony died 8 Jul 1826, Warren Co NC. He is
shown in this report to have been a private in NC line. When Anthony aplied for
pension in 1820, he had three children (dependent on him?): Fanny 28, david 17
and Robert 11. A son Ransom gave affadavit for Mary  9 Nov 1840 in williamson Co

#16) Anthony King
         b 1756
         m 2 May 1782 South Hanover, NJ
         d 28 Feb 1836 Liningston, Essex, NJ
Served NJ-Pvt-Cont line. On the 1835 Pension Roll an Anthony was placed on roll
1819, dropped 1820 (the acts of Congress changed conditions, I believe.). On
another report, Anthony a Cpl in 1st Reg NJ line on roll 1828 NJ. Think must be
same fellow. On 1 Sep 1843 Moses Wright stated that his wife was the only
legatee of dec'd soldier.

#15) Apollos King
         b 15 Jun 1763 Northampton, Hampshire, MA
         m 1782
         d 1842 Otisco NY
         father Paul King 1734 also served.
     *Mary Rhodes
Served RI-Pvt Capt Joshua Woodbridge's Co, Col Nathan Tyler's Reg 1779. His
father had moved to Chesterfield MA when Apollos was five years old. Soldier had
enlisted at Chesterfield in Hampshire Co MA, later moved to Lee in Berkshire Co
MA In 1799 he moved to Pompey in Onondaga Co NY for 6 years, then moved to
Otisco, Onondaga, NY.--1840 Pensioners Census DeWitt, Onondaga, NY. Thomas F
King of Otisco signed power of attorney 1 Feb 1854 as heir of dec'd soldier and
widow. Orange King age 66 in 1832, was the younger brother of Apollos. Lived
Lafayette Co, Onondaga Co.

#350) Arent King
         d 1832 NJ
Served NJ-Mentioned in pension application of his brother Aury king (#21). Drew
a pension from state of ew Jersey.

#17) Arthur King
         b 25 Feb 1752 Fairfax Co VA
Served NC, lived at Wake Co NC at enlistment. In 1811 he moved to Darlington
Dist SC. In 1827 he moved to Bedford Co TN for 2 yrs, then moved to Lincoln co
TN. . Pension Application R5934, applied 24 Apr 1835 Lincoln Co TN.

#349) Asa King
         b 6 Mar 1751 Raynham MA
         m last Wednesday in May 1806 Taunton MA
         d 2 Feb 1841 Raynham MA
      *Thankful Burt
Served MA-Pvt-Mil-Capt Noah Hall. He served at Winter Hill, Dorchester, near
Boston, the winter of 1776. When Thankful applied for pension, she stated that
she wished bounty land sent to her son, Enoch King, of Taunton. Enoch was 47
years old in 1841, and was the executor of his father's estate. Asa's son Joel
died at age 19 on 9 Jul 1829. The pension papers contain a copy of the newspaper
in which Asa's obituary appeared. (Bristol Co Democrat, Taunton MA, 19 Feb

#18) Asaph King
         b Jan 1747 Enfield CT
         d 10 Oct 1834 Wilbraham MA
     *Mary Robbins
Served MA-Lt-Forager under Abel King.--DAr Patriot Index V 55 p 292-1835 Pension
Roll Hampden Co MA. He had lived at Wilbraham at enlistment and served under
Capt Abel King. When he died in 1834 he left children: Susan Childs of
Springfield MA, Betsey Adams and Fanny Carpenter of Wilbraham MA, Caroline Hall
of Mendon MA, Abigail Bailey of Lowell Ma and Asaph King of Enfield Ct.

#19) Asahel King
Served NY-Pvt-17th Reg. Albany Co NY. See Gideon of NY (#110). NY Gen and Biog
Rec V42. Lou Pero Doc 460.

#20) Ashbel King
         b 26 Jan 1748-Suffield Ct
         d 21 May 1808 Suffield CT
         father Joseph King 1689
     *(1) Jemima Burnham           (2) Mrs Jemima Smith
Served CT-Ens. DAT Pat Ind

#21) Aury King
         b 1754 Newark, Essex, NJ
Served NJ-Pvt-Mil. Pen App S695. 1835 Pension Roll Essex Co NJ. 1840 Pen Census,
counted twice Essex Co NJ. Applied for pension 17 Aug 1832, aged 78, from
Bloomfield (which used to be Newark). He served with his brother, Arent King,
who died in 1832, and drew a pension from the state of New Jersey.

#22) Barzillia King
         b 1730-MA
         m 23 Mar 1758 Putnam Co NY.
         d 1790 NY
         father Ebenezer King (see Doc 772)   mother Mercy Merrick
     *Lydia Hinkley
Served NY-Pvt-Dutchess Co NY Militia. His son Nathaniel 1760 also served. --DAR
Pat Ind-Lin V 140 p 157. LDS Archives FGS. I found their marriage in "Early
Settlers of NJ 1941". It was blurred and indexed at Kirr, but this must be
Barzilla King.

#23) Baxter King
         b 1749
         m Jan 1778 at Hawfields, her father's home in Orange Co NC
         d 10 Mar 1801
         father John King 1712 (Lou Pero Line 32)
     *Eleanor Johnston daughter of George Johnston
Served NC-Capt-Under Gen Butler and Gen Caswell.--DAR Pen Ind-Pen App W20321
(wife) Ellen. DAR Mag V80 p 428. Ellen applied for pension 1842 from Chapel Hill
NC (Orange Co).Children were: John b Jan 1779, Margaret died as an infant in
1781, Margaret 2nd, Mary Hannah who was b 24 aug 1774 Nancy, Polly, Elizabeth
who was born in 1792, Johnston and Nathaniel I.

#24) Benjamin King
         b 23 Sep 1750 Southold NY
         d 19 Apr 1780 Lyme CT
         parents Benjamin/Betsy
     *Abigail Terry
--King of Southold NY mentions that he served.

#25) Benjamin King
         b 21 Oct 1720-Taunton MA
         d 4 Dec 1803-Raynham MA
     *(1) Abiah Leonard           (2) Deliverance Eddy
Service MA-DE-Provincial Congress Comm of Sfaety of Raynham MA. DAR Par Ind v 98
p 6.  DAR Pat Ind V 74 says his sons George-William-Asa-Gains-Stephen also
served in Army.

#26) Benjamin King
Served SC-Charleston Mil Reg 1778 Capt James Bentham. Asst Comm Gen Wm
Valentine. --Roster of SC Patriots.

#27) Benjamin King
         b 1742 Enfield, CT
Served CT-Pvt-Mil. Lived at enfield CT at enlistment. In 1810 he moved to
Hampden, Geauga Co OH, where he applied for pension 13 Aug 1832. Soldier's old
son Benjamin King, Jr, was of Hampden OH in 1832 aged 67, another son was
referred to.

#28) Same as #30

#29) Benjamin King
         b 1747 Prince George Co MD
         d 20 Sep 1810 Calvert Co MD
     *Susannah Blake (b 21 Jan 1758 Calvert Co MD, d 6 Apr 1846 Calvert Co MD)
Served NC-Capt MD. --DAR Pat Ind. Grand Parent Papers (LDS#892125).

#30) Benjamin King
         b 1727-New Ipswich NH
         d 1778--last record. Lost in Battle?
         father Peter King                       mother Elizabeth Flagg
     *Susan or Sarah Taylor
Served NH-Sgt in Capt James Huron's Co. --DAR Lin V43 p 125. His son-in-law
Peter Hopkins (m Silence King) also served. Lou Pero line 5.

#355) Benjamin King
         b 23 May 1740 New Ipswich NH
         m 8 Apr 1772
         d 10 Aug 1801 Ballstown ME
      *Ruth Bartlett (1745-1809)
Served 2nd Lt-MA-taking of ship "Gowell" at Wiscassett ME. DAR Grand Parent
Files LDS#886120. He is the son of Benjamin and S Taylor king, #30 this file.
LDS Archives FGS.

#31) Berry King
Served SC-horseman in militia. 1779-1781 Col Marshall. --Roster of SC Patriots.

#32) Caleb King
         b 20 Nov 1756 Braintree MA
         d 5 May 1840 Bennington Center, Genesee, NY
     *(1) Lydia Sherwin           (2) Lovice Carter
Served MA-Ens. --DAR Pat Ind. Grand Parent Papers (LDS# 893580)This is a
coast-to-coast family: Caleb's son John Sherwin King b 16 Jan 1787 Arlington VT
died 14 Sep 1875 DeKalb IL. He married 20 Jan 1807 to Anna Bristol (b 27 Jul
1783 Hartford CT, d 14 Feb 1898 DeKalb IL.) John and Anne's son Edwin Litchfield
King b 11 apr 1825 Chautaugua Co NY, died 30 Dec 1911 at Oakland, CA. He married
23 Feb 1854, Jean Blair b 15 Sep 1832 Murrelboro Scotland, died 1905 SLC, UT.
The Rev War pension papers also mention a son Bissell age 18 in 1820.

#33) Charles King
         m 1774
         d 17 Dec 1810
     *Elizabeth  (died 11 Dec 1836)
Served NC-Pay voucher 5631 Wilmington Dist 1784. I believe this must be same as
NC Roster Rev Sol, pension app R5940. The oldest child, Polly Blackwood, applied
24 Feb 1848 Orange Co NC. Children were: Mary m Richard Blackwood, Elizabeth m
James Crabtree, Biddy m 'Zacky" Price, and Charles King.

#34) Charles King
         b 1730
     *Charity Pennington
Served SC-PS.--DAR Pat Ind. I believe this must be same as #36) Charles King who
served SC-Capt under Col John Lindsey. Went on expedition against Indians 1775,
mentioned in Roster of SC Patriots. LDS Archives FGS

#35) Charles King
         b ca 1755
         d 2 Mar 1821
Served MA-Pvt-Cont Line. --1835 pension Roll age 66 in 1818 when placed on
pension roll in Norfolk MA, if I have unravelled this correctly.

#37) Charles King
Served VA-ContLine-one each Inf and Cav. Had not collected land warrants in
1835. Rev War Rec of VA.

#38) Charles King
         b 1754
Served VA-Sgt-3 years service--land warrant #4336 Dist of OH.--Rev War Rec VA.
This must be him in the Pension files. He served first at Cambridge MA and also
served Virginia. In 1820 he was referred to as Charles Sr. Applied for pension
Muskingum Oh in 1820. (S2700)

#351) Charles
         b 5 Apr 1750 Hanover Co VA
         m Aug 1787 Botetort Co VA
         d 18 Mar 1836
       *Rebecca Bess
Served VA line. Moved to Totetort Co VA where he lived at enlistment. Soldier
applied 18 Jun 1833 Allegheny Co VA, that part that was formerly Botetort. Widow
applied 21 Sep 1839 from Alleghany Co VA age 87. A son joh King was of Covington
in Alleghany co VA in 1839.

#39) Clement King
         b 15 Mar 1756-Gloucester RI
         m 28 Dec 1780 Shawangunk NY
         d 18 Dec 1835 Griffin's Mills NY
         father; Benjamin King 1735, Clement King line.
     *Mary Woodward
Served RI-NY-Pvt. --DAR Pat Ind-DAR vol 138 p 311. Received a pension. He lived
at Smithfield RI at enlistment nd afterwards he moved to Little Britain NY and
also enlisted there. He also served as a substitute for one Stephen King. After
the revolutionh, he moved to Wayne Co PA, then to Geneva NY, then to Aurora in
Erie Co NY. Children named in pension application were Sarah, wife of Thomas
Carney, resided Sardinia NY; Darius b 1796 m Caroline; Elisha b 30 Jul 1798;
Lucretia b 25 Jul 1800. Mary's brother John Woodward was of Wayne Co PA in 1840.

#40) Cornelius King
         b 21 Nov 1753-New Castle Co DE.
         d 26 Aug 1839 Morgan Co IN
Served VA-Sgt. First entered service Tygart's Valley VA 1774. --DAR Pat Ind. Lou
Pero Doc 678. Lived Randolph Co VA at time enlistment.

#41) Constant Victor King
         b 1752-Southold Suffolk NY
         d 1800 Morris Co NJ
         father Constant King 1712
     *Adah Hull
Served NJ-Adj Lt NJ Mil. --DAR Lin V136 p 47. Lou Pero Line 24 (William &
Dorothy). LDS Archives FGS.

#42) Cornelius King
Served GA-Pvt Continental 2nd GA Batt. --GA Citizens and Soldiers of the
American Revolution by Davis.

#43) Cushing King
         b 18 Feb 1764-Brattleboro VT
         d 29 Nov 1843
         father William 1724
     *(1) Chloe Warriner          (2) Eliza Bates
Served MA-Pvt. --DAR Pat Ind-Old Patron Section of LDS FGS. Lin Vol 44 p 63. Lou
Pero Line 5.

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