#315) Jeremiah King
        b 1737-NY Southampton NY
         m 1778
         d 28 Sep 1786 Orient Long Island NY
      *Hannah Youngs
         Is he son of David and Deborah Glover King?
Served NY-Pvt 3rd Reg MM. --DAr Pat Ind-Lin Vol 153 p112. Grand Parent Papers
(LDS#887998) refers to Thompson's "History of Long Island"

#316) Jeremiah King
         b 1749
Served MD line. 1833 Pension Rep jessamine Co KY. --Rev Soldiers in KY

#317) Jesse King
         b 1754
         d 27 Jan 1846
Served VA-Corp enlisted Surry Co VA under Sol Stephens. 1840 Census surry Co VA.
Pens App S5559

#318) Jesse King
         b 1759 age 76 on 1835 pension rollServed RI-Pvt-Mil. --1835 Kent Co RI

#319) Job King
         b 12 Jun 1743
         d 27 Aug 1825 Taunton MA
         *Zipporah Williams
Served MA-Pvt- Capt James Williams minute men. -- Sar PA Annual Report 1955 -DAr
Lin Vol 109 p 63.

#320) Joel King
         b 1760 prob Sussex Co VA
         d bef 1827 Wilkes Co Ga
Served GA-Sol. Grand Parent Papers (LDS#887998)

#141) John King
         b 1759 Eng
         d 1818 columbia Co PA
      *Maria Barbara Hildebrand
Served PA-Ens?-Capt Baldy's Bierkshire Co PA Mil. -DAr Pat ind Lin V 154 p239

#142) John King
         b 1 Dec 1740
         d 1795 Fairfax Co VA
         father William King 1714
      *Mary Hampton
Served VA-Pvt. His sons livedJefferson Co KY. --DAR Pat Ind. DAR Grand Parent
Papers (LDS#886162)Refers to his brothers, Valentine and Withers. John's family
is given in "Kentucky Brights and their King" by George Hopkins Ford (LDS
929.273 B768F).

#143) John King
         b 4 Sep 1753-Saybrook CT
         d 8 Aug 1841 Norwich Chenango NY
         father John King 1730
      *Mrs Caroline Haxton Sage
Served MA-Pvt --DAR Pat Ind-- children given in "Barnes/King families of
Chenango Co NY" by R C Barnes, 1964. (Lou Pero Doc 465). Lived at Mt Washington
MA at enlistment. Lived there 17 or 18 years after the Rev War, moved to
Norwich, Chenango NY. A son George b 1782 lived Norwich NY 1854.

#144) John King
Served NC-Pvt-10th Rec. --NC Roster Rev Sol

#145) John King
         b 11 Mar 1743-NJ
         d ca 1807 Iredell Co NC
         father Richard King 1705 of Iredell Co Heritage.
      *Rachel Young
Served NC-Iredell Co Vols

#146) John King       (same as #184)
         8 Apr 1740-MA
         m 14 Feb 1765
         d 13 Sep 1806 prob New Salem MA
         *Rebeckah Phelps
Served MA-Sgt & Capt Lexington Alarm; Capt Goodall- Minute Men. --Or State
Roster 1963. Dar Pat Ind. LDS Archives FGS.

#148) John King
         b 1798
--1840 Pensioners Census Switzerland Co IN. What war was this?

#149) John King
         b 25 Nov 1761 Loudon Co VA
Served Pvt US Dragoons. 1835 Pens Report and 1840 Census Bracken Co KY. Lived in
Bedford Co PA at enlistment. After Rev War lived Mason and Braden Co KY. S30521.
A Richard King of Nicholas Co KY mentioned, 1832.

#150) John King
         b 1773
Served MA-Pvt-gen Wayne's Army. 1835 Pens Rep transferred from NY 1821. Prob not
Rev WAR. 1840 Census Bracken Co KY.

#151) John King same as #143
#152) John King same as #158

#153) John King
         b 1760
--1840 census Floyd Co VA home of John King.

#154) John King
         b guess abt 1745 possibly Elizabeth City VA
         d ca 1805
      *(1) Mollie Starke  (2) Anne
Served VA-Lieut-Also Naval officer of James River in 1776. Taken from Worth S
Ray notes. Lou pero line 3

#155) John King
         b 1751
         d 1811
      * (1) anna M Snyder  (2) Elizabeth Wagoner
Served PA-Pvt. --DAR Pat Ind

#156) John King
         b 9 Sep 1752 Raynham MA
         d 29 Apr 1827  "
         father John King (#172)
      *(1) Hannah Randall  (2) Sally Leonard)
Served MA-Pvt-Battle of Bennington. --DAR Pat Ind. Lin Vol 60 p 150. Was Sally a
widow before marrying John? She is referred to as Sally Weed. After John died
she married William Cooper. There is more infor in pension application but needs

#157) John King
         b 1 Sep 1758 Middletown Lancaster PA
         m 1 Mar 1787
         d 18 Sep 1837 Sullivan Co TN
         father Edward King of Sullivan Co TN
     *(1) Mary McKinley  (2) Sarah White
Served NC-PA Pvt-six years service. --DAR Pat Ind

#158) John King
         b 1765
         d 2 Nov 1855
Served MA-mus-enlisted Ashfield MA 1782 as fifer, 1st MA reg. --DAR Pat Ind.
1840 Pension Index Washington Co NY. See Lou Pero doc 461.

#159) John King
         b 1730
         d 14 May 1806 Northampton MA
Served MA-Pvt. Lived Hampshire Co MA during revolution. --DAR Pat Ind. DAR Grand
Parent File LDS#886120.

#160) John King
         b guess 1760
Served RI-Capt. --DAR Pat Ind

#161) John King
         b 1740 Palmer MA
         m 1764
         d 1812
         father John King b 1715
      *Betty McElwain
Served MA-Capt-MM-Lexington Alarm Cat Dvid Speer's C Col Pynchon's Reg. --SAR PA
Ann Report 1955. History of Palmer MA. Lou Pero Line 25.

#162) John King
         b 1738
         d 1816
Served MD-PS. --DAr Pat Ind

#163) John King
         b 1754- Augusta Co? VA
         m 17 May 1792
         d 22 Jun 1840 Jackson Co GA
      *Eleanor Karr dau of David Kerr
Served VA-Pvt. --DAr Pat Ind. Pension Index W 7986. 1835 & 1840 Jackson Co GA.
John enlisted at Augusta Co VA, lived with his father. Applied 6 Nov 1832
Jackson Co Ga for pension. Widow applied Sep 1843 (W7986, BLW# 26694-160-55).
Soldier's sister was Jane McCutchen, lived Hall co GA 1832. Children: Jenny
McDowell King b 13 Feb 1793, John b 5 Feb 1795, Peggy b 30 Sep 1799, David Kerr
King b 20 Dec 1801, Abigail b 7 Mar 1804, James b 19 Mar 1806, Dovey b 24 May
1808, Eleanor Elizah b 20 Dec 1811.

#164) John King
         b 11 Sep 1730-No Bolton Vernon CT
         m 15 Dec 1752
         d 1 May 1808 Mt Washington MA
         father Hezekiah King b 1714
      *Elizabeth Fenner     she m (2) ---- Smith.
           she was b 1727 Saybrook CT   d 29 Oct 1808 Mt Washington
Served MA-Capt PS 14 co 1st Reg Berkshire Co MA Mil 1776. His son Hezekiah 1755
# 111 also served. --DAR Pat Ind-Lin Vol 166 p 262. Doc 117. Lou Pero line 21.
DAR Grand Parent Papers (LDS#893580)

#165) John King
         b 19 Jan 1737-Sutton MA
         *Elizabeth Town
Served MA-Capt-Sgt from Worcester Co. Lieut in Asa Danforths reg 1776. --DAr Pat
Ind- Lin Vol 14 p 102. His son Jonathan 1761 also served (#193).

#166) John King
         b 1731-Antrim Co Ire
         d 4 Jul 1809 Paterson NJ
      *Isabel Hunter
Served PA-Capt-2nd an 3rd Batt phil PA Mil. --DAR Pat Ind. DAR Lin V 143 p 256.

#167) John King
         b 1722
         d 3 Sep 1798
Served VA-Pvt. --DAR Pat Ind

#168) John King
         b 26 May 1762 Norwich, New London, CT
         m 22 Nov 1787 Lisbon, New London, CT
         d 27 Oct 1836 Mansfield, Tolland, CT
         father John King 1704
      *Jane Knight
Served CT-Pvt.   --DAR pat Ind. W20349.

#169) John King
Served MA-Lt-1st Co 2nd Reg of Hampshire Co MA. --DAR Lin Vol 131 p 228

#170) John King
         b 22 Sep 1753 Adams Co PA
         d 18 Oct 1805
         father Victor 1710
      *Jean Dickson
Served Pa-Ens. --DAR Pat Ind-Lou pero Line 8.

#171) John King
         d 19 Oct 1777
      * Johanna Hamilton
Served PA-PS. --DAR Pat Ind

#172) John King
         b 26 Aug 1730-Raynham MA
         d 6 Mar 1814 Taunton MA
         father Phillip 1701
      *Katherine Leonard
Served MA-Capt-Col Timothy Walker's Reg mA Mil. His son John is #156. --DAR Pat
Ind -Lin Vol 184 p 123.

#173) John King
Served NC-Pay Voucher #1005 Wilmington Dist NC. --NC Rost Rev Sol

#174) John King
         d 15 Jul 1806
Served DE-Cpl. --DAR Pat Ind

#175) John King
         b 3 Dec 1759-Sussex Co DE
         m 1780
         d 25 Feb 1832  Sussex Co DE
Served DE-Pvt-Cont Line. --A Descendant in DAR (AR) Report. DAR Pat Ind- Lin Vol
96 p 101. Lived Sussex Co Del at enlistment. Three children: Hugh of sussex Co,
mary wife of Wm Waller, Samuel H, and a grandson James holland. BLW#1951-199.

#176) John King
         b 1726
         d 9 Dec 1801
         *Margaret Lois Miller
Served PA-Lt. DAR Pat Ind.

#177) John King
         b Northampton Eng
         d aft 1809
Served MA-Pvt Capt Solomon Allen's Co From Northampton MA. --prob copied from
DAR Lin Books.

#178) John King  same as #141

#179) John King --same as #142

#180) John King --same as #143

#181) John King --same as #144

#182) John King --same as #145

#183) John King --same as #146

#184) John King --same as #147

#185) John King
         b 12 Jan 1758-Louisa Co VA
         m 2 Mar 1790 Spartanburg Dist SC
         d 25 Mar 1842 Spartanburg SC
         father Thomas king 1714
      *Sarah Lemaster b 17 Sep 1774 Amherst Co VA
Served VA-Life Guard for Col Washington. --DAR Pat Ind -Lin V 125 p 88. DAR
Grand parent Papers (LDS#887998)

#186) John King
         m 1761
         d 1807 Newton MA
      *Sarah Wiswall
Served MA-Pvt-MM-Lex Alarm. Constitutional Convention 1779. His son henry 1763
also served. See LDS Archives FGS.

#187) John King
         b 1733-Ireland
         m 1788
         d 25 Feb 1832 Lewes DE
      *Sinia E Atkins
Served DE-Cpl Capt James Moore's Co DAvid Hall's Reg Del Troops. --DAR Pat Ind
-Lin Vol 141 p 256.

#188) John Edwards King
         b 21 Dec 1757 Stafford Co VA
         d 1828 Cumberland Co ky
         father William King    mother Judith Peyton
      *Sally Clifton
Served VA-Pvt Stafford Co VA Mil. lived Burksville KY. --Descendant DAR (AR)
Report. DAR Pat Ind. Lin Vol 122 p 288.

#321) John King
         b Eng
         Served DE-Pvt Capt Thomas Holland's Co from Kent Co DE. See Lou Pero
Doc 517.

#322) John King
         b 1744
         m 19 Dec 1779
         4 Dec 1843
       *Mary Underwood
Served NC -Cont line- Pvt enrolled for pension 1825. On 1835 Pension Report
Franklin Co Nc. Could be one of the others but not enough information to tell.
Must be pension R5962. Applied 9 Oct 1822 Franklin Co nC age 78. Children named
were: Martha Ann b 1813, Evalin b 1817, and Miles.  Affadavit from a John King b
1752 d 1839 at Leighton AL.

#324) John King
         1765 Craven Dist SC
Served SC- Camden- Wagoner under Col Kershaw. Broke arm twic. later under Capt
Watts as a guard at Laurens Ferry. Moved to NC. --Roster of SC Patriots.

#325) John King
         b 1765 Warren Co Nc
Served 1781 Lancaster Co SC under Col Kimball. Batte of Eutaw Spgs. In 1806
moved to KY and IL. --Roster of SC Patriots.

#368) John King
         b 1759
Served MD Line. Applied for pension 15 Sep 1829 Montgomery Co VA aged nearly 70.
Had two single daughters and a m daughter with her husband & child living with

#369)John King
         m 20 Nov 1778 Portsmouth NH
         d 30 or 13 Apr 1781
      *Susannah Stevens
Served NH Line. R8417.

#370) John King
         m 27 Apr 1786 Fayette Co KY
         d 8 Apr 1835 Bracken Co KY
      *Catherine Craig d/o Lewis Craig who moved to Fayette Co KY 1781
         She had m (1) Philemon Hawkins
Served VA Line. R5936. Soldier received a disability pension from 18 Oct 1806
through the Philadelphia Agency. By 1820 had moved to Bracken Co KY.Children
         Philip b 13 Feb 1787, 1839 living at August, Bracken Co KY
John b 15 Aug 1790
Elizabeth b 5 Mar 1793
Mary b 5 Jun 1796
William b 26 Jan 1798
Anne b 2 Aug 1800
Lucinda b 15 jan 1802

#371) John G King
         b 1761
         m 14 Jun 1790 Westmoreland Co PA
         d 24 Oct 1830 Seneca Co OH
      *Jane McAfee
erved PA line. R5953. Soldier applied for pension 22 jun 1818 Fairfield Co OH.
          John b 16 Jun 1792
Jacob b 7 Nov 1794
Rachael b 4 Jul 1797
Peter T b 3 Mar 1799
b 23 May 1801
Henry b 4 aug 1803
Mary Ann Meria b 12 Apr 1806
David B b 2 Jan 1809
Nancy Jane b 18 Sep 1813

John King (note)
There were four who served in these units-- not further iformation: under Col
Marion. In 3rd Reg-Under Col Roebucj in miliitia -In 1st Reg. --Roster of SC

#189) Jonah King
         b 3 Mar 1752-Enfield CT
         m 18 May 1775
         d 11 Mar 1833 Enfield CT
       *Susannah Hale
Served MA-CT-Pvt ARFR? Son of Benjamin 1717 of Suffield CT line. Pension 1832
Hartford CT. --DAR Pat Ind, Pens App S16908

#190) Jonas King
         b 13 Feb 1754-Brimfield MA (Now Munson)
         m 30 Jan 1787 Franklin Co MA
         d 20 Sep 1832 Hawley Franklin MA
      *Abigail Leonard
Served MA-Cpl. Son of Thomas 1729 of Lou Pero Line 5 (Thomas and Ann Collins).
--Dar Pat Ind. Pension App W 14998, Abigail (1835 Pension report)

#191) Jonathan King
         b 17 Jan 1736-Palmer MA
         d 1800-Brookfield MA
         Son of John 1681
      *Abigail Manning
Served MA-Surgeon-Col William Shepard's Co. Son of John 1681 (Lou Pero Line 25).
--DAr Pat Ind-Lin Vol 108 p 51

#192) Jonathan King
         b 28 Feb 1742-Suffield CT
         m 22 Sep 1762
         d 18 Sep 1776 Suffield CT
      *Bethia Austin
Served CtpPvt-Lexington Alarm. Son of Joseph 1709. --DAR Pat Ind

#193) Jonathan King
         b 1761
         d 1 Apr 1827
         Son of John 1737, also served (#165)
      *Lucy Blanchard
Served MA-Pvt. Pension in Worcester MA 1824 for one year's service MA line.
--DAR Pat Ind. Lin Vol 81 or 31 p 205. When he applied for pension in 1824 had a
wife Elizabeth and daughter Elvesta age 10.

#194) Jonathan King
         b 22 Oct 1748-Rochester NY
         m 26 Nov 1777    "
         d 28 Jan 1822 Rochester NY
      *Mary Clark
Served MA-Sgt-Capt Edw Hammond's Co-Col T Cotton's Reg. Son of George 1722, Lou
Pero line 18. --DAR Pat Ind- Lin Vol 117 p 164.

#323) Jonathan King
         b 1757 Northampton Co PA
         d 14 Jun 1837
Served PA-Lt-Flying Camp. Also under Peter Roup in 1780 protecting frontiers.
Applied for pension Armstrong Co PA 1816. (Lou Pero Doc 169). Jonathan lived
Westmoreland Co PA 1794-1799, then to Armstrong PA, where he applied for a
pension 1832. S13645.

#195) Joseph King
         est 1750
         d 1820 Wilcox Co AL
Served SC-Chaplain. Marched from Edgefield Dist to Sheldon Hill under Col John
Carter. --Rev Sol in AL Vol I. Quotes "Advocate" of Huntsville AL 30 Jun 182-.

#196) Joseph King
         b 1752
         d 25 Sep 1807
      *Mary Church
Served MA-Pvt --DAR Pat Ind

#197) Joseph King
         b 1759
         d 1821
Served VA-Pvt. --DAR Pat Ind

#198) Joseph King
Served NC-Pay voucher #971 Newbern Dist NC. --NC Roster Rev Sol

#199) Joseph King
         b 1732-NC
         d 1813
      *Sarah Grady
Served NC-pvt under Col Thomas Clark 1 Batt NC Troops. --DAR Lin Vol 156 p 157

#200) Joseph King
Served NC-Musc-Goodman's Co 4th Reg Col Edw Buncombe. --NC Roster Rev Sol

#201) Joseph King
         15 Apr 1741-Suffield CT
         d 19 Mar 1814-Suffield CT
      *Tryphena (Kendall) Bowker
Served Ct-Pvt. --DAr Pat Ind

#326) Joseph King
         b 1751
         m 6 Feb 1827 Crawford Co PA
         d 15 Jul 1828 Crawford Co PA
      *Sarah Hays
Served PA? Pvt. See Doc 471. BLW#108973-160-55. Children: Joseph Titus, Margaret
and Sarah Ann.

#327) Joseph King
          b 1757
         d 4 Feb 1835
Served MA-Pvt-Line. 1835 Pension Roll Plymouth Co MA.

#328) Joseph King
Served SC-Mil. With Thomas King and Josiah Sessions. Battle of Wambaw Bridge.
Roster of SC Patriots.

#372) Joseph King
         b 1756
Served Hartford Co CT. Applied for pension 11 Jun 1818 at Edinburg, Saratoga,

#373) Joseph King
         b Lower Canada
Served NY?. Came out of Lower Canada with the army after the seige of Quebec and
enrolled soon after. Applied 11 Apr 1818 Saratoga Co NY.

#374) Joseph King
Served as an Adj in NJ Line. BLW#1186-200 issued in 1789. Also recorded under
2535. There is also a Land Warrant for a Joseph who served as a private in NJ
Line. (BLW #8461-100-16 Jun 1792.

#375) Joseph King
         b 1751
Served NJ Line. Enlisted at Morristown NJ. Applied for pension 11 May 1818
Lycomig Co PA. Could he be one of the above Joseph's who received land warrants?

#376) Joseph King
Served NJ Line. Soldier's son Reuben King applied for land 17 Apr 1834 Hunterdon
Co NJ. Joseph had lived in Morris Co NJ for 20 to 30 years and had served as a
drum major.

#202) Joshua King
         b 24 Nov 1758-Braintree MA
         d 13 Aug 1839 Ridgefield CT
      *Anne Ingersoll
Served CT-MA-Fif Reg QM. Lin Vol 22 says Lt in Continental Troops. -1790 census
of Ridgefield CT. Genealogy and Family hist of Southern NY. --DAr Pat Ind Vol 22
p262. LDS FGS Archives.

#203) Joshua King
         b 13 Jun 1748-Providence RI
         d 1814
      *Martha Pearl or Place
Served RI-Pvt-Capt Pick's Co, Col Mathewson's Regt Militia. --DAR Pat Ind Lin
Vol 155 p 146. Old Pat Sec #4. DAR Grand Parent Papers 886120. (Doc 831) Not
much information.

#204) Joshua King
         b 1757
         d 1802
      *Rachel Kennedy
Served VA-Sol. --DAr Pat Ind

#377) Joshua King
         d 13 Aug 1839 Fairfield Co CT
Served Cont Line. Soldier applied for pension 11 Jun 1828. S13632. his son Rufus
H applied (for final payment) 21 May 1850 at Albany NY.

#205) Josiah King
         b 2 Oct 1739
         d 1 Apr 1807
      *Ruth Basset
Served MA-Capt. Son of John 1715 --DAR Pat Ind. Was he the father of #333? BLW
#1952-100. Children: Josiah, Hannah Holmes, peggy Prior, John King, Betsy Bates.
Son Josiah signed p o a in 1833 Bristol MA

#206) Josiah King
         b 5 Aug 1731-Suffield CT
      *Sarah Kellogg
Served CT-Capt MM-Lexington Alarm. --DAR Pat Ind-Lin Vol 157 p 31

#331) Josiah King
Served SC-20 day in militia. #Roster of SC Patriots.

#333) Josiah King
         b 22 Apr 1762
         m 29 May 1787 Norton, Bristol, MA
         d Apr 1845
      *Miriam Cobb
Served MA line-Sgt. Transferred pension from Chittenden Co Vt to Bristol Co MA.
Widow applied for pension 1 Jul 1845 Norton MA. Soldier served uder his father,
Capt Josiah King, Sr.

#332) Julian King
         b 1756
Served VA-Cont line-Cav. #Pens App#38120 Rev War Rec of VA. Applied fr pension
17 Apr 1818 Orange Co VA.

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