Sector Update 3.0 In Progress
You are ordered to excuse the mess as the glorious reconstruction of TIR continues.

The Alpha Complex Reclamation Project (ACRP) has achieved wonderful results in the name of The Computer and the citizenry of Alpha Complex. TIR sector now serves as the front line for eliminating the Commie Mutant Presence in all areas between Sector RED and sector MRX. For sectors outside of this range, see your local ACRP command leader or contact the ACRP central command.

Specific improvements to TIR include easier transport thanks to centralized MENU (Motorway Entry Navigation Unit), a redesign of the floorplan using structured code and conversion to CSS (Central Specific Site) information for overall luster and cleanliness. All hail the computer!
New Sector Map
Several areas had been secretly removed from sector maps in order to provide a haven for treasonous activities. These areas have been expunged, cleansed and brought up to code by crack teams of resource reclamation troubleshooters. All citizens should use the following map to locate areas within TIR sector.

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