Woodworking with

Cub Scouts


Cradle of Liberty PowWow

January 2008 




Age and rank-appropriate guidelines have been developed based on the mental, physical, emotional, and social maturity of Boy Scouts of America youth members in the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting. These guidelines apply to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.
Guidelines for Cub Scouts Tool usage, woodworking


  • The course outline is here, and updates are available at : http://www.troop51hatfield.org/Powwow
  • Remember to have some fun! Here are a few “woodworking songs to sing, and a puzzle to do.
  • As you go thru this document, we listed the requirements for each rank and included plans you can use.
  •   Appendix A is a reference of all the plans. 
  • Where to get ideas? Google “free kid woodworking plans”
    There are a few we’ve found to be good in Appendix B.
  • This year’s take home project is the Button Puzzle.

WOLF Requirements


a.   Point out and name seven tools.

Do this at home, or go to a hardware store with an adult. Tell what each tool does.
Cover tools used for woodworking such as saws, hammers, planes, screwdrivers, etc.

b.   Show how to use pliers.

c.   Identify a Philips head and a standard screw.

Then use the right tool to drive and then remove one from a board

d.   Show how to use a hammer.

e.   Make a birdhouse, a set of bookends, or something else useful.

Birdhouses:  The basic birdhouse plan works for many species.  What changes is the size of the house and the size of the opening.  Birdhouse Plans. Plan #1, Plan #2, BlueBird #1, BlueBird #2, Robin, Duck Nest, WrenNesting box plans, dimensions and opening sizes.

BookEnds:  The bookend consists of two pieces of wood connected at right angles.  Then any pattern can be made and cut out for the “decorative part”.
Bookends , Teddy Bear Bookends , One board bookends


a.   Make something useful for your home or school.

Start with a recipe card holder, or
Make and use a bench fork.

d.   Make a door stop.
Door Stop

e.   Or make something else.
Here is a suggestion, make a Bench Hook.
The purpose of the bench hook is to provide a stop against which a piece of wood being worked can be placed to hold it steady.


f.   Make a model boat with a rubber-band propeller.

Paddle Boat Plan, Rubber Band Powered Boat

Make a Kite String Reel 


e. Feed wild birds and tell which birds you fed.

Bird Feeder Plans: Tips, Basic Page 1, Page 2, Suet Feeder, Suet Feeder 2, Tray Feeder, Open Feeder

f. Put out a birdhouse and tell which birds use it.

Birdhouse Plans:  The basic birdhouse plan works for many species.  What changes is the size of the house and the size of the opening.  Birdhouse Plans. Plan #1, Plan #2, BlueBird #1, BlueBird #2, Robin, Duck Nest, WrenNesting box plans, dimensions and opening sizes.


Bear Requirements


a.   Show how to use and take care of four of these tools.

Hammer, Hand saw, Hand drill, C-clamp, Wood plane, Pliers, Crescent wrench, Screwdriver, Bench vise, Coping saw, Drill bit

b.   Build your own toolbox.


b.   Build a display for one of your models.


Build a weather vane. Record wind direction every day at the same hour for two weeks. Keep a record of the weather for each day.

b.   Make a rain gauge.


a.   With an adult's help, make a scooter or a Cubmobile. Know the safety rules.

b.  With an adult's help, make a windmill.

c.   With an adult's help, make a waterwheel.


a.   Make and play a homemade musical instrument - cigar-box banjo, washtub bull fiddle, a drum or rhythm set, tambourine. etc.


Build and use a bird caller, or maybe a Flower Press


a.    Build and use an outdoor gym with at least three items from this list.

Balance board, Trapeze

b.    Build three outdoor toss games.


Weblos Requirements


Do these:

  1. Explain how to safely handle the tools that you will use for this activity badge safely.
  2. With adult supervision and using hand tools, construct two different wooden objects you and your Webelos den leader agree on, such as the items listed below.
    Use a coping saw or jigsaw for these projects.
    Put them together with glue, nails, or screws.
    Paint or stain them.

    Book rack, Napkin holder, Shelf , Animal cutouts, Bulletin board, Garden tool rack, Weather vane, Lid holder, Tie rack, Mailbox, Letter holder, Birdhouse, Notepad holder, Desk nameplate, Toolbox, Letter, Bill, and Pencil holder, Towel rack, Bread box, Recipe holder, Key holder , Nailing Jig, Lamp stand, Measuring cup rack, Kitchen knife rack, Measuring spoon rack, Kitchen utensil rack.
  3. Make a display stand, or box to be used to display a model or an award. Or make a frame for a photo or painting. Use suitable material.


And do four of these:

7.      Make drawings of three kinds of bridges and explain their differences. Construct a model bridge of your choice.

8.      Make a simple crane using a block and tackle and explain how the block and tackle is used in everyday life.

9.      Build a catapult and show how it works.


and do six of these:

12.  Build a sawhorse or stool to be used around your home.
Sawhorse #1, Sawhorse #2, Foot Stool

Appendix A – Plans and Projects

Projects – complete with instructions

Bookends , One board bookends

Climbing Cub Scout , Climbing Bear

CD Rack

Door Stop

Falling Raindrop

Foot Racers

Rubber Band Powered Boat

Plans  - diagrams and notes
Bat Houses:     

Plan #1, Plan #2

Bird Houses:    

Plan #1, Plan #2, Plan #3, Blue Bird #1, Blue Bird #2, Robin, Waterfowl, Wren

Other Houses:

Barn Owl Nest box, Butterfly House, Lady Bug house, Squirrel den
Nestbox Dimensions & Hole Sizes


General Info, Feeder Page 1 Page 2, Open Feeder, Suet #1, Suet #2, Tray


Teddy Bear , One board bookends


Bench Hook , Drill Guide , Nail Puller

Pinewood Derby Car Stands:

Stand 1 , Stand 2


Ball and Bat Shelf,
Birdhouse key holder
, Jig to make Nailing easier,
CD holder

Flower Press, Foot Stool,
Jacob’s Ladder
Napkin Holder
Sawhorse #1, Sawhorse #2, Scooter,
Table Hockey #1, Table Hockey #2,
Toolbox, Tie Rack

Appendix B – Links

General Woodworking Sites


Plans that kids can build