SOME DESCENDANTS OF MATTHIAS HITCHCOCK, OF EAST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, Concentrating on the Cleveland, Ohio Branch. Also extended lineage of Helena Townsend Bradley, Mary Ann Canfield, Susanna Frisbie, Sarah Marshall, Eliza Jane Morley, Jemima Sill, Mary Sterling, and Sarah Jane Wilcox.

Taken from The Genealogy of the Hitchcock Family who are descended from Matthias Hitchcock of East Haven, Conn. and Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, Conn., published 1894 by Mrs. Edward Hitchcock, Sr. of Amherst., Mass., and published and unpublished sources; compiled in 1966 by Elizabeth G. Hitchcock, "The Homestead," Berkshire Farm, Mentor, Ohio.

[NOTE:  In this transcribed edition of the Hitchcock Genealogy, the appendices containing descriptions of weddings have been omitted.  A number of photographs have been added to those included in the original.  Hyperlink features have been added.   -- Thomas M. Stuart, August, 2000.]

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(The first fourteen pages [of the original document] are taken from The Genealogy of the Hitchcock Family who are descended from Matthias Hilchcnek of East Haven, Conn., and Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, Conn.)

MATTHIAS HITCHCOCK, at twenty-five years of age in the spring of 1635, came from London to Boston on the bark "Susan and Ellen." He received 25 acres in the "Great Dividends", lands he later sold. (Bond's History of Watertown) He was one of the five purchasers of South End Neck, now East Haven, Conn., where the five dwelt after 1651. He married Elizabeth ---- probably before 1643. He died Nov. 16, 1669 and Elizabeth, his widow, in 1676.

In his will he left half of two farms to his wife; "all cartes and ploughs and tackling for ye improvement of ye farm." 4 children:

 1. ELIAKIM or ELIASER, born ---- ; m. 1666-7 Sarah Merrick, dau. of Thomas Merrick of Springfield, Mass., who came from Wales in 1630, settled in Roxbury and came from there to Springfield in 1636.

2. NATHANIEL, born ---- ; m. 1670 Elizabeth, dau. of John Moss.

3. JOHN HITCHCOCK, born ---- ; m. 1670 to Abigail Merriman. (See biography below)

4. ELIZABETH, born 1651 in New Haven; m. 1672 Anthony Howd of Branford. He died and she m. 2 John Nash.


JOHN HITCHCOCK, was probably born in New Haven. He was one of the original proprietors of Wallingford, Conn., founded 1670. He m. 1 in 1670 Abigail Merriman 1654 - ----, dau. of Capt. Nathaniel Merriman, one of the first settlers of Wallingford. Their first three children were born in New Haven 1671-1674, and he removed to Wallingford in 1676. He calls himself "landowner, yeoman or planter." He m. 2 Mary -----. John Hitchcock died July 6, 1716. His widow Mary m. 2 April 18, 1717, Samuel Clark. 12 children:

1. Daughter, b. 1671 at New Haven.

2. SAMUEL, b. 1672 at New Haven; died young.

3. ABIGAIL, b. 1674; M. Jacob Johnson, son of William. She was the mother of his 12 children and died 1726. He m. 2 Dorcas as seen in his will dated June 3, 1749. By its terms his property was divided among: "daughter Sarah, wife of Daniel Bartholomew; granddaughters Lydia and Prudence Holt, daughters of Capt. Benjamin Holt, late of Wallingford; eldest son Reuben "for Reuben's son who had not the use of his right reason)" etc. 12 children.

4. MARY, b. in Wallingford 1676; m. Benjamin Beach of Wallingford. They probably settled in West Jersey after the births of several children. 8 children.

5. NATHANIEL, b. Wallingford 1679; m. 1704 Sarah Lewis Jennings, 3 children. He d. 1710 and his widow m. John Johnson.

6. MARGERY, b Wallingford 1681; m. 1699 Ensign Joseph Munson (Joseph) b. 1677. 9 children. He d. 1725. Before 1727-8 Margery m. 2 Stephen Peck.

7. ELIZABETH, b. 1684; probably m. Daniel Lines.

8. JOHN HITCHCOCK, b. 1685; m. Marlow Munson (See biography below).

9. MATTHIAS, b. Wallingford 1688; m. 1 1710 Thankful Andrews; 2 Deborah, widow of Josiah Tuttle, dau. of Thomas and Abigail Barnes. She b. 1698. 3 1754 Widow Sarah Hough. He had 13 children.

10. HANNAH, b. 1690-1; probably m. John Lines.

11. DAMARIS, b. 1693 at Wallingford; m. 1717 Sylvanus Clark b. 1692. He d. 1740. 2 children.

12. CAPT. BENJAMIN, b. Wallingford 1696. He lived in Cheshire and also bought land of Josiah Lewis in Southington Parish. He m. 1718 Elizabeth Ives, b. 1700, dau. of Joseph and Esther Ives. She d. 1762. Capt. Benjamin d. 1767. The following quit claim is interesting because it shows where the children of Benjamin settled. Farmington records show that on March 15, 1767, the children of Capt. Benjamin Hitchcock, Nathaniel, Elnathan Andrews and Hannah his wife of New Haven town, and Samuel Hitchcock and David Hitchcock of Farmington, quit claim to their brother Bela Hitchcock of Wallingford their interest in land which their father bought of Josiah Lewis in Southington Parish. 12 children.

JOHN HITCHCOCK, was born in Wallingford Oct. 16, 1685. He m. 1 1712 Marlow Munson who became the mother of ten of his fourteen children. In New Haven probate records he is sometimes called John Hitchcock of Wallingford and sometimes of New Haven. Legal documents also call him John Hitchcock of Cheshire where three of Marlow Munson Hitchcock's children were born. She died July 1, 1739. He m. 2 1739 Elizabeth Chatterton. He died May 22, 1760. By his will he left a part of his property to his "wife Elizabeth so long as she remains my widow." She remained his widow almost 28 years and died in 1788. Most of the sons of John Hitchcock settled in the south part of Cheshire where their father owned land. His children by Marlow Munson Hitchcock:

1. PETER HITCHCOCK, b. 1713; m. Hannah Smith (See biography below).

2. MARTHA, b. 1715; m, 1735 Joshua Doolittle who d. childless in 1780.

3. JOHN, b. 1717; m. Widow Elizabeth Munroe and lived in Cheshire. He d. 1771. His widow apparently m. Amos Andrews as on March 19, 1776 Amos and Elizabeth Andrews of Wallingford relinquish "to Valentine and Asahel Hitchcock, both of Wallingford, all right of said Elizabeth Andrews to house and homestead of John Hitchcock deceased which she had as her dower during her natural life. The house and land lyeth in New Cheshire Parish about one mile east of meeting house where said John Hitchcock dwelt." 4 children.

4. ELIAKIM, 1719-1723

5. JOTHAM, b. 1722; m. 1745 Mary Hull. He d. 1767 and his estate was divided among his 9 children.

6. DAN, b. 1724; m. 1743 Esther Miles of Cheshire; d. 1797. 13 children.

7. ELIAKIM, b. 1726; m. 1 1752 Betty Hill who d. 1754. He m. 2 Esther ------. He lived for a short time in New Haven on the lot bordered north on George Street. He bought this place in 1786. He d. 1788 age 61. 10 children. (Editor's note - Eliakim Hitchcock was a silversmith. His hallmark: "E H".

8. TITUS, b. 1729; m. 1759 Hannah Munson. He was "killed by a tree" in 1781. 9 children.

9. KATHERINE, b. 1731 in Cheshire; m. 1751 Shurben Johnson of Wallingford. 10 children.

10. BENJAMIN, baptised 1733 in Cheshire; probably d. 1737. His children by Elizabeth Chatterton Hitchcock:

11. AMOS, b. 1740; m. 1764 Sibyl Tuttle 1747 - ----, dau. of Moses and Sibyl Thomas Tuttle of Cheshire. 7 children. The eldest, Ira, born 1765 m. Hannah Hotchkiss.

12. DAVID, b. 1742.

13. ELIZABETH, b. 1743.

14. ELISHA, b. 1743.


PETER HITCHCOCK, born Oct. 14, 1713. He married Hannah Smith, June 18, 1737. He lived one mile south of Cheshire Center in a house built by him in 1737 and afterward occupied by Capt. David Hitchcock and still standing. (Editor's note: 1894) The timbers and rafters were removed from the old first church of Cheshire which was torn down that year. He was a carpenter. He died Sept. 15, 1774, and his wife twelve days later. 8 children:

1. REUBEN, b. 1738; d. unmarried 1759, lost as a scout under Major Rogers, returning from St. Francois. Tradition says he was eaten by his starving companions.

2. AMASA., b. 1739 in Cheshire; m. 1765 Sarah Bradley of Mt. Carmel, Conn., born 1745. He was a farmer. Died in 1827 at 87. Grandfather of Horace Gaylord Hitchcock of Cleveland, Ohio. Hair as white as snow fell down his back in curls. 11 children. Mary, the sixth, b. 1775, m. 1797 Amasa Doolittle, son of Titus Doolittle of Wallingford.

3. VALENTINE HITCHCOCK, b. 1741; m. Sarah Hotchkiss (See biography below).

4. PETER, 1743-1744.

5. HANNAH, b. 1746; m. 1764 Dr. John Hulls b. 1739, son of John and Sarah Ives Hulls. 6 children.

6. ABNER, b. 1748-9; m. 1773 Esther Hull; died childless 1773.

7. CAPTAIN DAVID, b. 1751 at Cheshire but lived at Southington. He m. 1771 Lois Cook. Capt. in Revolutionary Army. Died 1829. Widow d. 1832 age 78. 8 children, some of whom M. Andrews, Cooks, Tuttles and Gaylords.


VALENTINE HITCHCOCK, was born April 5, 1741 in Cheshire where he lived and died. In his boyhood he ran away from home to enter the army in the old French War. He was a short man with black eyes, quick in his movements and of a fiery temperament. He was a tailor by trade. He married 1762 Sarah Hotchkiss, dau. of Henry and Sarah Hotchkiss of Wallingford, Samuel Hotchkiss, great-grandfather of Henry, came from Essex, England and was at New Haven as early as 1641. Sarah died in 1802 and Valentine in 1809, both in Cheshire. 8 children:

1. REUBEN, b. 1764, was graduated from Yale College 1786; was pastor of the church in Sunbury, Ga. and president of the acadeny several years; was settled in Prospect, Conn. in 1790; d. 1794; no children.

2. REV. ROGER, b. 1766; m. 1808 Sophia Hickox of Waterbury, Conn. He was a stone mason, but later in life studied for the ministry and was licensed to preach in Oct. 1819. In 1820 he was pastor of the church in Cheshire. He had been a deacon of that church. He died 1823. His widow died 1850. 7 children. Their first child, Reuben, b. 1809, became a sailor, was shipwrecked, and d. at Rio de Janeiro Oct.10, 1828 of ship fever.

3. CYNTHIA, b. 1769; d. 1800

4. SARAH, b. 1773; m. 1795 Deacon Jared(5) Moss (or Morse) son of Nathaniel(4) and Keziah Royse Moss, Israel(3), John(2) and Martha Lothrop Moss, John(1) Moss, who was born in England in 1650. He was born 1770; d. 1845 age 75. Sarah, his wife, d. 1817. They resided in Cheshire. 8 children.

5. PATIENCE BENHAM, b. 1775; m. 1794 Jared Moss 2nd, born 1771, son of Capt. Joseph(4) and Esther Lewis Moss, grandson of Benjamin(3), great-grandson of John(2) and Martha Lothrop Moss, great-great-grandson of John(1) Moss, born 1650 in England. He removed to Oneida County, N.Y. about 1803 and later to Sandusky, Ohio. He d. in 1839. His wife d. 1820. 5 children. Youngest child, Emily, m. 1829 Rev. Dexter Witter b. 1803, son of Deacon Septimas Witter of Hinsdale, Mass. He was pastor of the Congregational Church in Burton, Ohio 1828-1848 and again as health permitted 1857-1867. No children.

6. HENRY LAWRENCE, b. 1778; m. 1809 Abagail Hitchcock dau. of Asahel, son of Dan. He was a doctor and practiced in Waterbury, Conn. He d. childless in 1812.

7. PETER HITCHCOCK, (Judge & Chief Justice), b. 1781; m. Nabby Cook. (See biography below).

8. MELISSA, b. 1786; d. aged 8 in 1794.


JUDGE AND CHIEF JUSTICE PETER HITCHCOCK (See Photo), was born in Cheshire Oct. 19, 1781. He was graduated from Yale College in 1801 and was admitted to the bar in 1804. He m. in Cheshire Dec. 12, 1805 Nabby Cook, born July 10, 1784, youngest child of Elam and Abigail Hall Cook, son of Ephriam and Lydia Doolittle Cook, son of Samuel Cook who came to New Haven in 1663 and removed to Wallingford in 1670. He was a son of Henry Cook who was at Plymouth, Mass. before 1640. He was from Kent, England.

In 1806 Peter and Nabby Hitchcock emigrated to Burton, Ohio, the fourth or fifth family to settle in the township.

He was a member of the Ohio Legislature 1810-1812; state senator 1812-1816; in 1814 commissioned Lieut. Col., 1st Reg., 4th Brigade, 4th Division, Ohio Militia. In 1815 by Gov. Thomas Worthington he was tendered a commission as Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio, a position he declined. In 1816 he was commissioned Major General, 4th Division, Ohio Militia. He was a member of the U. S. Congress 1817-1819; Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio 1819-1833, and from 1835-1842, and from 1845-1852, and for twenty-one years, was Chief Justice.

He was the embodiment of common sense, and in "The Reports" his decisions are regarded with high respect. Judge Hitchcock exhibited in his judicial course a breadth far beyond the too technical learning of the times. On many subjects, as for instance: corporate powers, ultra vires, usury and technical objections to legal rights, his opinions have a force and spirit much more in accord with the present (Editor's note: 1894) than with that day, and much in advance of the general jurisprudence of the states at that time. His decisions have had a strong and happy influence upon the future law of Ohio, and reading them convinces one that he was not only an able lawyer, but an able jurist.

In 1850 he was chosen a member of the convention to form the new constitution of the State of Ohio.

He died March 4, 1854 at the home of his son Reuben in Painesville, Ohio on his way to his own home in Burton. His widow died July 26, 1867 at Burton. 10 children:

1. REUBEN HITCHCOCK, b. Sept. 2, 1806; m. Sarah Marshall (See biography below).

2. ABIGAIL SARAH, b. 1808; d. 1810.

3. SAMUEL COOK, b. 1810 and lived six months.

4. SAMUEL COOK, b. 1811; d. in Burton 1825.

5. REV. HENRY LAWRENCE, was b. at Burton 1813; m. 1837 Clarissa Mary Sophia Ford, eldest dau. of Stephen and Eunice Brooks Ford. Stephen Ford was the second child of John and Easter Cook Ford, early settlers of Burton from Cheshire. Easter Cook was dau. of Elam and Abigail Hall Cook and sister to Nabby Cook Hitchcock, wife of Peter.

Henry Lawrence prepared for college at Burton Academy, was graduated from Yale in 1832, taught at the Academy two years, partially taught and partially studied theology a third year, entered Lane Seminary at Cincinnati in 1835. He studied two years with Dr. Lyman Beecher, was licensed to preach at Burton 1837, and ordained and installed that year as pastor of the Congregational Church in Morgan, Ohio.

In 1840 he was called to the recently organized Second Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Ohio. He helped in building a church and became known as the leading minister of central Ohio for that period.

May 31, 1855 he was elected President of Western Reserve College at Hudson, Ohio; he accepted July 10 and was inaugurated at Commencement, July 10. It was a difficult time in the history of the college but with energy and patience he met with success. He maintained the high standard, added largely to the endowment, and for fifteen years labored as president, professor, pastor and financial agent. He was often called to serve surrounding towns. (Editor's note: President Henry Lawrence, called from Hudson to Hiram, officiated in 1858 at the marriage of Lucretia Rudolph to James Abram Garfield.)

Worn out, he was obliged to lay aside work and Oct. 8, 1867, with Mrs. Hitchcock he started for Europe. They spent the winter in the South of France and in touring in Italy and England. Returning in June of 1868, he resumed work, but the old vigor was with difficulty maintained and in 1871, he resigned the presidency, remaining on the faculty as instructor and pastor. On a Sabbath afternoon, July 6, 1873, after a short illness he died and was buried in Hudson on July 8.

Soon after his death Mrs. Hitchcock went to Michigan City, Indiana and lived with her eldest son until her death in 1878. She was buried in Hudson. 11 children:

1. HENRY VALENTINE, b. Morgan, Ohio 1838; m. 1867 Susan Ermina Delano of Hudson, b. Stowe, Vt., 1843. He graduated at Western Reserve College in 1859, at Lane Theological Seminary in 1864, was chaplain of the 177th O.V.I. in 1865, preached in 1865-6, was Principal of the Western Reserve Preparatory School '68 to '69, and then, his health failing, engaged in farming and finally in business at Michigan City, Indiana. 3 children.

2. JOHN FORD, b. 1840 Columbus, Ohio; graduated Western Reserve College 1859; enlisted in 18th Infantry 1861; was killed at Murfreesboro, Tenn. while a 2nd Lieut.

3. MARY CLARISSA, b. Columbus 1842; d. there 1853.

4. WILLIAM WITTER, b. Columbus 1844; d. 1845.

5. SARAH MELISSA, b. Columbus 1846; m. at Michigan City 1874, Thomas Day Seymour, b. 1848, son of Thomas Perkins and Elizabeth Day Seymour, who graduated WRC 1870; studied in Germany '70-'72, was professor of Greek WRC 1872 to 1880 and became professor of Greek at Yale 1880. 3 children.

6. EUNICE FORD, b. Columbus 1849; d. there 1851.

7. ALBERT LEE, b. Columbus 1850; resides (Editor's note: 1894) at Michigan City.

8. CLARA MARIA, b. Columbus 1853; resides (Editor's note: 1894) at Michigan City.

9. CARRIE BROTHERLIN, b. Columbus 1855; d. Hudson 1859.

10. CHARLES EDWARD, b. Hudson 1859; graduated Western Reserve University 1883; graduated Yale Divinity School; m. Helen P. Sill.

11. HERBERT ALLAN., b. Hudson 1862; graduated Western Reserve University 1884; resided at Hudson, m. Mary Dunham Hillman.

6. ABIGAIL SARAH, b. 1815; m. Robert Hotchkiss, b. Cheshire 1808, son of Oliver and Patty Brooks Hotchkiss. His parentc; settled at Burton in 1821. He owned a farm in Burton and d. 1877.

7. PETER, b. 1818 at Burton; m. there 1841 Eliza Am Cook, b. 1818 at Burton, dau. of Hiram and Lydia Lurenda Hitchcock Cook who had removed from Cheshire to Ohio in 1815. Lydia was a dau. of Capt. Ichabod Hitchcock. Peter did not attend Yale. He occupied the homestead farm and became prominent in political and legislative life. He became Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. (Editor's note: He was known in Burton as Peter Hitchcock, Junior.) Death came Nov. 29, 1886. 4 children.

8. MELISSA, b. 1821; m. 1850 William R. Tolles, son of Ransom and Am Stoddard Tolles of Conn. Melissa d. 1855. He m. 2 Nettie Fish and removed to San Bernardino, Calif. Melissa and William Tolles had 3 children:

1. WILLIE~ b. Burton 1851; d. 1858

2. HELEN, b. 1853; after her mother's death in 1855 was adopted as a daughter by Reuben and Sarah Marshall Hitchcock of Painesville. (Editor's note: Helen Tolles Hitchcock m. Frederick Healy Morley, b. 1853, son of Jesse Healy Morley and Maria Beckwith Morley, and a grandson of Albert Morley and Esther Healy Morley (see pg-13). Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Healy Morley removed to Colorado where she died in 1943. She was known to her relatives as Aunt Helen Fred.)

3. MELISSA ANN., b. at Burton 1855.

9. ESTHER ELIZABETH, b. 1823; m. in Burton Andrew Lee, b. at Lisbon, New London County, Conn., son of William and Nancy Lee. They resided in Columbus until 1856 when they removed to La Grosse, Wis. and in 1862 to Nelsonville, Athens County., Ohio and finally to Northfield, Minn. in 1867.

10. CYNTHIA, b. 1825; m, 1851 Henry Tolles, b. 1822 at Woodbury, Conn., son of Sheldon and Abby Tolles. She d. 1864. 4 children:

1. HATTIE TOLLES, 1855-1856.

2. EMILY WITTER TOLLES, b. 1856; d. ----.

3. SHELDON HITCHCOCK TOLLES, b. 1858; m. at Painesville 1887 Jessie King of Painesville, b. at Titusville, Pa. 1886. 3 children:

1. KING TOLLES, b. 1888; d. ----.

2. KING TOLLES, b. 1891; d. ---- Member of the law firm Kline, Henderson & Tolles.

3. ADDIE OSBORNE TOLLES, b. 1861; d ----.

*  *  *  *  *


REUBEN HITCHCOCK, 1806-1883 (See photo), was born at Burton, Sept. 2, 1806. He prepared for college at Burton Academy, and in 1823 at seventeen rode a horse to New Haven and entered the sophomore class of Yale College, graduating in Sept. 1826. He retruned to Burton and for three years following graduation had charge of Burton Academy and studied law with his father. After a time he was made Judge of the Lake County Circuit.

In 1846 he removed from Painesville to Cleveland and formed the co-partnership of Hitchcock, Wilson & Wade. He was chosen as one of the Ohio Convention which formed the new state constitution in 1850. A year later he returned to Painesville hoping to restore enfeebled health. He was made Judge of Common Pleas Court, which position he resigned in 1855 to give time to the Mahoning Valley Railroad running from Youngstown to Cleveland, until its completion. At completion of the road he renewed the practice of law in Cleveland with the firm of Hitchcock, Mason & Estep. In 1869 he was appointed Receiver of the Atlantic & Great Western Railway, and in 1875 Special Master in closing up the reorganized company under sale made by him as Receiver.

He joined the Free Soil Party at the Buffalo Convention in 1848 and the Republican on its formation. In 1861 he was a member of the peace congress that tried to avert civil war. He was an original trustee and early president of the Cleveland Society for Savings, and for many years trustee of Western Reserve College, now Western Reserve University. He was one of the founders of Lake Erie Female Seminary, now Lake Erie College, and was its greatest benefactor and its first president of the board of trustees. He had a deeply religious nature and for more than fifty years was a devoted member of the Presbyterian or Congregational Church. The last months of his life he laid aside the cares of business for rest at Clifton Springs, N.Y., where he died at seventy-seven.

Sept. 18, 1834 at Colebrook, Conn. he married Sarah Marshall 1811-1884 (See Photo), daughter of Seth and Susanna Frisbie Marshall of Colebrook.


Who married Reuben Hitchcock at Colebrook., Conn. in 1834



(Reference: History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Conn. by Stiles. Also a manuscript genealogy at Lake County Historical Society, Mentor, Ohio, written in the 1950's by Robert Davies Marshall of 357 Bank St., Painesville, Ohio)

THOMAS MARSHALL, was born in England and died in Boston, Mass. before Dec. 8, 1664. He married I Margaret Adrian; 2 Alice ---- who died in 1664. He probably came from Alford (24 miles from Boston, England), County Lincoln, England. He was mayor of Boston, England, so wrote Robert D. Marshall.

He was made a freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony March 4, 1634-5. In 1638 he was allotted land at Rumley Marsh, now part of Chelsea, Mass. In 1652 he gave a highway through his lands which was the origin of Marshall Street. He was selectman for eleven years, and was in later life the oldest member of the board of selectmen. He was for thirteen years a deacon of the oldest church in Boston. He wrote an extremely legible hand. 3 children, probably by his first wife Margaret Adrian Marshall.

CAPTAIN SAMUEL MARSHALL, was probably baptised May 7, 1630 in Alford, County Lincoln, England. In 1637 he settled in Windsor, Conn., from whence the family spread to Torrington, Conn. He had a lot in the Palizado (fortified section) of Windsor as early as 1637. He married in 1652 Mary Wilton of Windsor, daughter of David Wilton of Windsor.

In 1663 he was licensed to sell liquor which was not to be drunk in his house (not licensed to operate a tavern). He commanded the Windsor Company in Gen. Josiah Winslow's campaign against the Indian conspirator King Philip December, 1675, the campaign known as The Great Swamp Fight. He was killed "as he ascended the tree before the log-house," also called the Narragansett fort, when he was at the head of his force in storming King Philip's fort, December of 1675. (Quotation from Stiles) He was called "brave Captain Samuel." His widow outlived him by eight years and died in 1683. 10 children.

THOMAS MARSHALL, 1663-1735; married 1685-6 Mary Drake 1663-1728, of the family of Sir Francis Drake, so wrote Robert D. Marshall. Mary Drake's mother was a daughter of the distinguished Henry Wolcott, also from Robert D. Marshall. He received a grant of land at Torrington for his father's services in King Philip's War, but he lived at Windsor. 11 children.

THOMAS MARSHALL, 1693-1772; born in Windsor; died in Torrington. He married in 1725 Elizabeth Tudor, born in East Windsor in 1700, the daughter of either Owen Tudor who emigrated from Wales in 1649, or of Samuel and Abigail Filley Bissell Tudor. She was divorced from Thomas Marshall in 1766 and several times sued him for non-support. She died at Torrington in 1790. 4 children.

THOMAS MARSHALL, 1738-1810; born and died in Torrington. He married 1 in 1764 Desire Tuttle born 1743-1808, daughter of Eliphalet and Desire Bradley Tuttle of New Haven, Conn. He married 2 Widow Sarah Butler of Harwinton.

He served as a private ten half-days in Capt. Amos Wilson's 5th. Co., l7th. Reg't, Colony of Conn. troops and received pay thereof. Stiles states this service is acceptable for membership in the National Society of the Daughters of the Revolution. In 1799 he made 78 barrels of cider. 9 children, all born in Torrington.

SETH MARSHALL, 1775-1841; married Susanna Frisbie 1783-1878 at Burlington, Conn. in 1802. He was a representative from Colebrook, Conn. in the Conn. General Assembly.

In the early 1830's their daughter Helen married Timothy Rockwell and emigrated with him to Painesville, Ohio. In 1834 their daughter Sarah married Reuben Hitchcock and also emigrated to Painesville. In 1835 Seth and Susanna Frisbie Marshall at sixty and fifty-two years respectively moved to Painesville, probably in company with their son Raphael, daughter Julia Abigail and elderly Anna Frisbie Marshall, widow of Harvey Marshall. Seth Marshall died six years after settling in Painesville. His widow resided with her daughter Helen Marshall Hitchcock outliving Seth Marshall by thirty-seven years. 9 children, all born in Colebrook:

1. HELEN, 1803-1903; married Timothy Rockwell 1798-1881. She lived in Painesville and died in Chicago., Ill.., aged 100 years.

2. JULIA ABIGAIL, 1806-1882; married 1837 Dr. David Mathews of Painesville 1803-1880.

3. RAPHAEL, 1807-1888; married 1 Mary Ann Ayrault who died 1833; married 2 Roxanna Cowles 1810-1904. Raphael and Roxanna Cowles Marshall died in Painesville.

4. STEPHEN, 1809-1821. He was trepaned and died as a result of the operation.

5. SARAH, 1811-1884; married Reuben Hitchcock at Colebrook, 1834.

6. HORACE, 1813-1816. He fell backwards into a kettle of boiling water and died.

7. SETH, 1815-1881. He married 1 in 1642 at Painesville Esther Philena Morley 1818-1863; he married 2 in 1864 Widow Catherine Tracy Morley, 1825-1897. He lived at 357 Bank St.,, Painesville.

8. ANNA, 1817-1904; married 1 John Titus Doolittle who died in 1871; married 2 in 1872 Earl Theodore Frisbie.

9. EDWARD, 1820 - -----.

LINEAGE OF SARAH MARSHALL 1811-1884(continued)


Who married Seth Marshall at Burlington, Conn. 1802



(Reference: History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Conn., by Stiles)


BENONI FRISBIE, born and died in Branford, Conn. married Hannah Rose.

BENJAMIN FRISBIE; married Elizabeth Herberry of Branford.

ZEBULON FRISBIE; married Lucy Lewis. 10 children, all b. Farmington.

ZEBULON FRISBIE, 1752-1836; b. Farmington, Conn.; d. Burlington, Conn.; married Susanna Hotchkiss. He kept a public house in Bristol, Conn. for forty years.

SUSANNA FRISBIE, 1783-1878; born in Farmington, died in Painesville, Ohio. She married Seth Marshall at Burlington, Conn. in 1802, lived in Colebrook where they had 9 children., and emigrated with him to Painesville.

(End of Lineage of Sarah Marshall 1811-1884)


Reuben Hitchcock and Sarah Marshall Hitchcock had 5 children, all born at Painesville:

1. SARAH AMELIA, 1836-1837; lived eleven months.

2. PETER MARSHALL, 1839-1906; married Sarah Jane Wilcox (See biography below).

3. HENRY LAWRENCE, 1841-1841; lived sixteen days.

4. ELIZA MELISSA, born 1842 (Ed. note: She died at Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N.J. in 1897.) In 1875 at the home of her parents on South State Street, Painesville, she married (second wife) her cousin George Walter Morley, (See pg-13), son of Albert and Esther Healy Morley of Painesville. She was thirty-three and he was forty-one.) They lived in East Saginaw, Mich. 3 children:

1. REUBEN HITCHCOCK MORLEY, born 1876. (Ed. note: He had asthma. He died in China, perhaps murdered by brigands. Did not marry.)


3. GEORGE WALTER MORLEY, 1881 - ----

5. EDWARD MARSHALL, born 1845; married at Painesville in 1867 Emma Julia Webster, who was born at Lockport, N.Y. in 1845, dau. of Rev. Silas Barnes and Harriet Lucinda Morse Webster. (Ed. note: The brid's father, as minister of the Baptist Church, Painesville, performed the ceremony.) They lived in Northfield, Minn. 3 children:

1. Infant son, 1875-1875.

2. REUBEN, (Ed. note: He died in Florida in the 1950's.)

3. HEL EN MARSHALL, 1853-1854; lived six months.

*  *  *  *  *


PETER MARSHALL HITCHCOCK (See Photo), was born at Painesville April 27, 1839. (Ed. note: He died in his home " 3421 Prospect St., Cleveland, June 9, 1906 at sixty-five.) He was educated in Painesville, at Western Reserve College and at a business college in Cleveland. At nineteen in 1858 he began his business life at the Buckhorn Furnace, Ironton, Ohio, and in 1859 was in the Youngstown rolling mills.

At twenty-one in 1861 he enlisted for three months at Youngstown. Shortly he was made 1st. Lieut. and Quartermaster of the 20th, O.V.I. and was mustered into three years' service. He saw service at Fort Donaldson and Shiloh, and was with the Army of the Tennessee from its organization, and through its campaigns as Regimental Brigade Division Quartermaster until mustered out Aug. 29, 1864.

On the 28th of September he married Sarah Jane Wilcox (See Photo) 1840-1920, daughter of Aaron and Eliza Jane Morley Wilcox of Painesville. (Ed. note: The wedding was performed at Wilcox Place, Painesville, home of the bride's parents. For obituary see Appendix p. vi)




Who married Peter Marshall Hitchcock at Painesville in 1864


(Reference: Wilcoxson-Wilcox, Webb and Meigs Families, by Reynolds Webb Wilcox; 1938)

WILLIAM WILCOXSON, born at St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, England 1601. He married in England Margaret. They had a son John in England and nine more children in the New World. He may have been a linen weaver in England. William, Margaret and John, age two, sailed from London on the ship "Planter" in April of 1635 and arrived at Concord,

Mass. Bay Colony, on May 26th. They settled at Stratford, Conn. where he died in 1652. His widow married William Hayden of Windsor, Conn.

JOSEPH WILCOX, born about 1635. Removed to Killingworth, Conn. He married Am, or Anna, ---- , and probably died by 1684. 8 children

JOSEPH WILCOX, 1659-1747. Lived at Killingworth. In 1728 he married 1 Hannah Kelsey, who died 1729. 7 children.

ABEL WILCOX, 1702-1784. Lived at Killingworth. Married Martha Stevens 1706-1776. 8 children.

ABEL WILCOX, 1731-1801. Lived at Killingworth. In 1756 he married his second cousin Mary Hull 1733-1801. Served in the Revolution 1779.

MOSES WILCOX, 1772-1827, twin, born at Killingworth; died at Twinsburg, Ohio. In 1800 he married Huldah Lord.9 dau. of Martin and Concurrence Lord. (His twin Aaron married a sister of Huldah Lord.) In 1812 at forty the twins and their families settled in the Ohio village that became Twinsburg, having purchased 4,000 acres in the township. Moses and Aaron died within a few hours of each other at fifty-five. 9 children.

AARON WILCOX, 1814-1881, (See Photo) was born at Twinsburg and died at Painesville. At twenty-three in 1837 at Weedsport, N.Y. he married Eliza Jane Morley, (See Photo), dau. of Thomas and Nelly Remington Morley. (Ed. note: Immediately following the 9 AM wedding the newlyweds jumped on an Erie Canal boat and headed for Ohio.) At Painesville Aaron Wilcox clerked in the store of his wife's brother-in-law Isaac Gillet and later owned a banking firm. He was one of the founders of the Lake Erie Female Seminary where his five daughters were educated. 7 children:

1. ELIZA HULDAH, 1838-1925 (See Frontpiece - farthest left-rear-sitting woman); did not marry

2. SARAH JANE, 1840-1920 (See Frontpiece - left of right post); married Peter Marshall Hitchcock

3. AARON MORLEY, 1842-1906 (See Photo); married (divorced) Helen Cleveland.

4. JULIETTE, 1844-1906 [correction: actually died 1930] (See Frontpiece - second from left, rear); married Charles E. Doolittle (See Frontpiece - center, middle row, sitting)

5. MARY EMILY, 1847-1910; did not marry.

6. CAROLINE, 1851-1940; (See Frontpiece - leftmost, rear) m. Charles C. Paige.

7. CHARLES SEWARD, 1856-1938 (See Frontpiece - rightmost, rear); married his cousin Margaretta M. Morley of Painesville (See Frontpiece - next right of 3 small children, front).



Who married Aaron Wilcox at Weedsport., NY. in 1837

(References: An unpublished typescript., undated genealogy by Herbert S. Morley, Newton Center, Mass., at the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio. A family tree in the possession of the compiler. Manuscript genealogies, Lake Co. Historical Society, Mentor, Ohio)

ABEL MORLEY, emigrated from England in 1650.

THOMAS MORLEY, married 1681 in Westfield Mass. Martha Wright 1662-1741, dau. of Lieut. Abel Wright of Springfield, Mass. The mother of Martha Wright was scalped by the Indians July 26, 1708 and died three months later. Martha Wright Morley died at Glastonbury.

ABEL MORLEY, 1689-1771. He sold his father's farm at Westfield in 1717. He married Susannah ---- at Glastonbury in which town he owned land. They had seven children, and then moved back to Westfield to a section known as Afawan and Feeding Hills. He died there.

THOMAS MORLEY, 1724-1795; married Sarah Phelps 1730-1779.

THOMAS MORLEY, 1763 - ---- ; married 1793 Nelly Remington 1775-1863. 7 children:

1. JULIA, 1793-1886; died in Painesville. Married at Auburn, N.Y. Isaac Gillet 1791-1850 who died in Painesville.

2. ALBERT, 1797-1883; died in Painesville. Married 1818 Esther Healy of Charlestown, N.H., dau. of Jesse Healy and a descendant of Thomas Wight of the Isle of Wight, England, and removed from New York State to Painesville in the 1830's. 10 children; several married Marshalls, etc.:

1. ESTHER PHILENA, 1818-1863; m. Seth Marshall 1815-1881, in 1842 (See page 10).

2. JESSE HEALY; 1820 - ---- ; m. 1 1843 Elizabeth Mygatt; 2 1850 Maria Beckwith; 3 1859 Helen Rockwell, dau. of Timothy and Helen Marshall Rockwell (See page 10).

3. ALBERT NIXON, 1822-1823.

4. THOMAS HIRAM, 1824-1863; m. 1847 Catherine Tracy. He died in 1863 and in 1864 his widow married widowed Seth Marshall 1815-1881 (See #1)

5. ALBERT LEWIS, 1826-1855; m. 1851 Olive Freeman.

6. JOHN RUFUS, 1829-1912; m. 1853 Catherine B. McVay.

7. GEORGE WALTER, 1831-1914; m. 1 Letetia Salome Johnson of Newbury, Ohio; 2 1875 Eliza Melissa Hitchcock (p. 11).

8. CHARLES HENRY, 1835-1889; m. Mary Lee Perkins.

9. EMMA CAROLINE, 1837-1867.

10. EDWARD WILCOX, 1839-1918; born in Painesville; m. 1 Sally Carter; 2 Helen Kelley

3. LEWIS, born Brutus, N.Y. 1804; died Painesville 1838.

4. RUFUS, born Brutus 1806; died 1847.

5. WALTER, born Brutus 1809; died 1841.

6. SARAH, 1811 - ---- ; m. Lewis? [Sam] Warn.

7. ELIZA JANE, 1813-1886; married Aaron Wilcox in 1837.

"Years ago when your father Peter M. Hitchcock contemplated a trip to California, he asked my father J. H. Morley for an introduction to a distant relative who was a professor in a California college. This is what Father wrote:

'J. H. Morley and Peter Hitchcock are related as follows: Peter Hitchcock married my cousin; I married Peter's cousin; Peter's uncle married my sister. My brother married Peter's sister; Peter's sister married my son; my cousin married Peter's cousin. My grandson is Peter's nephew; Peter Hitchcock's aunt is my wife's mother!'"

(Letter, Charles Rockwell Morley to Charles Wilcox Hitchcock, 1952).



Peter Marshall Hitchcock and Sarah Jane Wilcox Hitchcock made their home in Cleveland. For nearly thirty years he was a member of the firm Cleveland, Brown & Co., besides being engaged in the coal and iron business in Ohio, Pa., and Illinois. He was a founding partner of the Lincoln Motor Works, Cleveland, now the Reliance Electric & Engineering Co. He was a trustee of Lakeside Hospital, the Society for Savings and the Lake Erie Seminary, the last being his greatest charity. (Ed. note: He purchased a farm at Little Mountain, Ohio in 1899, which he named "Berkshire Farm.") 6 children, all sons, all born in Cleveland:

1. PETER WILCOX, 1867-1876. (Ed. note: "Little Peter" died of diptheria at home, 497 Case Ave., Cleveland).

2. HENRY BONNELL, 1869-1871. (Ed. note: "Harry" died at the home of his grandparents, Wilcox Place, Painesville).

3. CHARLES WILCOX, 1871-1955 (See biography and descendants below); married Mary Sterling (See lineage below).

4. REUBEN, 1874-1931 (See biography & descendants below); married Edith Frances Meacham.

5. LAWRENCE, 1876-1935 (See biography & descendants below); married Helen Chapin.

6. HAROLD MORLEY, 1878-1961 (See biography & descendants below); married Elizabeth Britton Newberry.

*  *  *  *  *


(Reference: The majority of what follows is unpublished and was given to the compiler by the subjects themselves.)

3. CHARLES WILCOX HITCHCOCK  (See 1928 Family Photo) , was born at Cleveland Dec.1, 1871, and died there Sept. 12, 1955 at eighty-four. He was graduated in 1893 from the Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, and soon engaged in the mining engineering profession. Upon the death of his father in 1906 he served as president of Reliance Electric & Engineering Co., and later returned to the mining profession. The death of his brother Reuben required him to assume the presidency of the Cleveland Stoker Co. in 1931, and he headed the firm until it was dissolved several years later. From 1908 he was also manager of the family's farm interests, and of the family's real estate which at various times lay in Cleveland and in Florida and in coal properties in southern Ohio. These interests were incorporated as Berkshire Farm, Inc., Mentor, Ohio in 1930. He served as president of the corporation from 1930 until his retirement in 1953. He was instrumental in organizing the Little Mountain Fruit Growers Association in 1923, served as its president and remained influential in its operation until its liquidation in 1945. (Dictionary of American Biography).

Charles Wilcox Hitchcock served as a trustee of Lake Erie College for many years, thus continuing the interest of his father and grandfather. He held memberships in: the University Club of Cleveland; the Kirtland Country Club, Willoughby, Ohio; and the Ottowa Shooting Club, Fremont, Ohio. Duck hunting, fishing and golf were his favorite recreations. His religious affiliation was with the Presbyterian Church. He was a Republican. (Dictionary of American Biography).

He married in Redlands, Calif., Dec. 10, 1908 Mary Sterling, dau. of Alfred Elisha and Helena Bradley Sterling of Redlands. (See Appendix, pgs. i, ii, for newspaper account of the wedding). She died at Mentor, Ohio Nov. 5, 1957.



Who married Charles Wilcox Hitchcock at Redlands, Calif., 1908



(References: The Sterling Genealogy, compiled 1909 by Albert Mack Sterling; The Grafton Press., N.Y.; 2 volumes

Manuscript notes by Mary Sterling Hitchcock using various published sources).

WILLIAM STERLING, appears to have been born in 1632; probably died in 1719 at 87. He was a mariner., ship carpenter and also a miller. He was a man of unusual height and strength. He bought land at Haverhill, Mass. in 1662 and settled probably on the bank of the Merrimac River. Then he built a house which later served as an inn and which stood on what is now the site of the city hall of Haverhill.

He married four times. He married 1 Elizabeth ----, who became the mother of his twelve children and who died in Haverhill in 1675. He married 2 in Haverhill in 1676 Mrs. Mary Blaisdell Stowers, born in Haverhill in 1641-2, widow of Joseph Stowers, who died in Haverhill in 1681. He married 3 in 1683 Mrs. Ann Nichols Neale of Salem, widow of John Neale. She died. He married 4 Widow Mary Sawyer, who was a daughter of Hugh Hubbard of New London. William Sterling was fined in 1652 "for suffering five Indians to be druncken in his house."

CAPT. DANIEL STERLING, was born in Haverhill in 1673; died in Sterling City, Conn. in 1747 and buried near the "Mill Stream." He married twice. He married 1 a widow seven years his senior, Widow Mary Ely 1666-1699, relict of Richard Ely of Lyme. He married 2 Widow Mary Beckwith, who was probably Mary Lamb, widow of James Beckwith.

He and his younger brother Jacob left Haverhill the autumn of 1687. He was at that time twenty-four and, because his father had passed more than sixty years, he was beginning to assume some family burdens. The next year he married for the first time. In 1709 he and three others acquired the water right at what later became Sterling City, also the right to waterpower from the "Mill Stream" or "Falls Brook" where there has been a mill of some kind for two centuries. Here the Sterling family controlled the mills for one hundred years. He also bought much land, served many town offices and was a deacon in the church. He kept a negro slave who was doubtless a body servant.

His will stated his widow was to have the dwelling house and the cow. A long appraisal of his effects included such items as "night wastcoats, striped tow cloth breeches, one pare of wosted stockings, lining shirts., two old silk handkerchiefs, an old felt hat, one sute of curtains, one bedstead cord and iron rods, three large puter platters, one fire peal, four old lickels., sundry glass bottles, a cedar wash tub, four old trays and a boal, one pair of fetters, etc.."

JOSEPH STARLING, was born in Old Lyme in 1707; married Sarah Mack in 1730, she was born 1704, daughter of John and Love Bennett Mack of Lyme. He probably died suddenly as died intestate at forty-two. His widow bought 100 acres which increased her holdings to 400 acres. She also owned her husband's gristmill and rights to the stream. 9 children.

CAPT. WILLIAM STERLING, born Sterling City in 1743, died in 1807. He married in 1763 Jemima Sill, 1743-1817, daughter of Thomas and Jemima Dudley Sill. (For lineage of Jemima Sill., see pg. 17) He was shot to death by his son-in-law. 12 children.

GEN. ELISHA STERLING, born at Sterling City in 1765; married 1 in 1791 Alma Canfield, 1774-1830, daughter of the Hon. John and Dorcas Buell Canfield of Salisbury, Conn. He married 2 in 1830 Mrs. Sarah Norton, a widow.

He was graduated at Yale College in 1787, then took charge of an academy in Sharon, Conn. for two years. While heading the academy he studied law with his father-in-law Hon. John Canfield of Sharon, and was admitted to the bar in 1789. He opened a law office in Salisbury in 1789, was a member of the Conn. House of Representatives and later of the Senate, and in 1814 was state's attorney, which office he held for six years. He acquired great wealth for those times. He admired money. He died at seventy-two in 1836.

FREDERICK AUGUSTINE STERLING, was born at Salisbury in 1796; died in Cleveland, Ohio in 1859. For some years he acted as clerk in his father's law office in Salisbury. Then he engaged in the manufacture of iron at Salisbury in association with his brother William and his brother-in-law Abiel Chapin, making a product used by the U.S. Govt. for ordnance. He removed to Geneva, N.Y. in 1840. In 1849 he and his family removed to Cleveland, Ohio where he engaged in manufacture and in operating a sawmill in connection with a lumber business. In 1824 he married Caroline Mary Dutcher, born 1806 in New Canaan, Conn., daughter of Ruluff and Lucinda Howe Dutcher. 6 children.

ALFRED ELISHA STERLING, 1843-1924; born Geneva, N.Y., died in Calif. Married at New Haven, Conn. 1872 Helena Townsend Bradley 1842-1917, who died in California. They lived for a time in Cleveland and later removed to Redlands, Calif. Their only daughter:

MARY STERLING, 1878-1957; married Charles Wilcox Hitchcock at Redlands in 1908.


LINEAGE OF JEMIMA SILL 1743-18l7, who married Capt. Wm. Sterling

and who was a great-great-grandmother of Mary Sterling

(Reference: Bodge, pp. 266-275)

JOHN SILL., emigrated 1637.

CAPT. JOHN SILL (SYLL), 1636-1696; was born in England; married Sarah Clark Marbin. He commanded a company in King Philip's War.

JOSEPH SILL, 1673 - born at Lyme, Conn.; married 1705 Phoebe Lord who was born 1686.

THOMAS SILL, 1717 - ----, born and died at Lyme, married Jemima Dudley in 1742.

JEMIMA SILL, 1743-1817; married Capt. William Sterling in 1763.



who married Alfred Elisha Sterling and who was the mother of Mary Sterling.


(Reference: The Sterling Genealogy, by Albert Mack Sterling)

ISAAC BRADLEY, 1651-1713, the ancestor of the New Haven Branch, appears on Branford, Conn. records in 1674 as a sojourner at New Haven. He was granted a home lot at Canoe Brook. He moved to East Haven in 1683. He married Elizabeth ----.

SAMUEL BRADLEY, 1686-1758, married Sarah Robinson, daughter of Jacob.

ZEBULON BRADLEY, 1715-1760, died in New York. In 1740 he married Elizabeth Hemingway, daughter of Abraham. 9 children; three died on a British prison ship in 1777, while a fourth, Elijah, survived the experience.

JARED BRADLEY, 1749-1834. He was known as "Leftenant" in East Haven, in which town he owned the "Saltonstall Farm." He resided in Beauford. In 1768 he married Sarah Smith, daughter of Patterson.

ASA BRADLEY, 1781-1859, died in New Haven. In 1807 he married Hannah Townsend, dau. of Capt. Robert Townsend of New Haven. (See pg. 19 for lineage of Hannah Townsend).

WILLIAM TOWNSEND BRADLEY, 1816-1881. In 1839 he married Mary Ann Canfield, 1822-1879, dau. of Josiah and Bessie Fanton Canfield of Derby. (See below for lineage of Mary Ann Canfield).

HELENA TOWNSEND BRADLEY, 1842 - ----- She married Alfred Elisha Sterling of Geneva, N. Y. at New Haven in 1872.



Who married William Townsend Bradley and was grandmother of Mary Sterling


(Reference: Manuscript notes by Mary Sterling Hitchcock using church and town records of Milford, Conn.)

The family name was once De Philo. In 1350 the De Philo family lived on a grant of land on the River Cam in England. The name was changed to Cam Philo for services to the king, then to CamphiIle, then to Campfield, and finally to Canfield.

THOMAS CANFIEID (CAMPFIEID), 1646-1689, settled in Milford (or was born at Milford) as early as 1646. He was made sergeant of a Train Band in 1669, represented Milford in general court in 1674. He married Phoebe Crane. Inventory at his death showed 482 pounds. 10 children.

ABIRAM (called ABIEL) CANFIEM, 1690-1772; married Ruth Washburn in 1717. He removed from Milford to Derby (Milford and Derby records).

DR. JOSIAH CANFIED, 1739-1775; married 1 Anna Nichols, married 2 Naomi Davies.

ABIJAH CANFIELD, 1769-1830; married Charity Smith 1772-1839. He lived and died in Derby.

JOSIAH CANFIELD, 1794-1834; m. Bessie Fanton, dau. of Moses Fanton of Derby.

MARY ANN CANFIELD, 1822-1879; m. William Townsend Bradley 1839.



Who married Asa Bradley and was a great-great-grandmother of Mary Sterling


(Reference: Boston Vital Records 1630-1698, p. 158; 1700-1760, p.16; 1700-1800, p. 117; 1700-1751, p. 208).

THOMAS TOWNSEND, 1594-1677, a third son, born Bracon Ash, England, moved to London. Emigrated to Lynn, Mass. Called "husbandman". He married Mary who died in 1692.

SAMUEL TOWNSEND, 1638-1704, was born in Lynn, settled at Chelsea. He was a constable and a surveyor. He married Abagail David.. 1641-1728, daughter of Samuel of Boston.

ISAAC TOWNSEND (twin of Abraham), 1682-1718, was born at Chelsea, settled at Boston where he died in a fire. He married Anna Ranger, who died in Boston in 1728, a daughter of Capt. Edmund Ranger.

EBENEZER TOWNSEND, 1716-1775. He removed to New Haven in 1739 with his brother Jeremiah. He was a builder and built the courthouse on New Haven Green in 1763. He married Elizabeth Larmon 1715-1784.

CAPT. ROBERT TOWNSEND, 1784?-1806, was born at New Haven. He owned ships which he sent to the West Indies. He was taken prisoner by the British when they invaded New Haven. He was buried in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven. He married perhaps in 1771 Hannah White, 1749-1803, daughter of John and Mary Dickerman White.

HANNAH TWSEND, 1784-1873; married Asa Bradley at New Haven 1807.



3. CHARLES WILCOX HITCHCOCK - Cont'd (See 1928 Family Photo) .

Charles Wilcox Hitchcock and Mary Sterling Hitchcockmade their winter home at 10917 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland and their summer home at "The Homestead," Berkshire Farm, Mentor. 3 children:

1. MARY (changed to MARY ALEXANDRA), was born in Cleveland Aug. 11, 1909; was graduated from Mills College in 1931. She married at Mentor in 1933 Frederick Robbins Childs, only child of Frederick Robbins Childs, deceased, and Constance Crimmins Childs of New York City. He was born Jan. 27, 1909 and attended Harvard College, Class of 1930. He is an artist (painter). 4 children, all sons:

1. NICHOLAS HITCHCOCK CHILDS, b. April 7, 1934; was graduated from Harvard College in 1956. He m. Sept.14., 1963 at New York City Andromeda Thompson.

2. DANIEL ROBBINS CHILDS, b. April 7, 1934; graduated from Harvard College in 1957 and from Harvard Business School with Cum Laude honors in 1961. At Beverly Hills, Calif. 1955 he married Margaret Twombly Burden, only daughter of Shirley Carter and Flobelle Twombly Burden of Beverly Hills. 5 children:

1. FREDERICK CARTER CHILDS, b. July 2, 1956 at Beverly Hills.

2. NICHOLAS FAIRBANKS CHILDS, b. July 10, 1957 at New York.

3. FLORENCE TWOMBLY CHILDS, b. Sept. 6, 1958 at New York City.

4. CONSTANCE CRIMMINS CHILDS, b. Sept. 17, 1959 at Cambridge, Mass.

5. SHIRLEY BURDEN CHILDS, b. July 9.. 1961.

3. ALEXANDER CRIMMINS CHIIDS, b. June 8, 1940; graduated from Harvard College with Magna Cum Laude honors, 1961. He is a Benedictine monk at the Portsmouth Priory, Portsmouth, R.I.

4. JEFFREY STERLING CHILDS, b. May 7, 1946. He is a student at Whittier College.

2. HELENA, was born Dec. 14, 1911 in the family home at 8517 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland; was graduated from Erskine School, Boston, Mass. in 1932. She was married at the family summer home, "The Homestead", Berkshire Farm, Mentor, Ohio, on June 12, 1937 to Thomas Glendower Owen, only son of Maybelle Smith Cook Owen of Denver, Colo. and Thomas Griffin Owen, deceased. He was born June 8, 1909; graduated from the University of Colorado, 1932, and is Senior Research Engineer, The Remington Arms Co. Inc., Bridgeport, Conn. 2 children, both sons, born in Denver:

1. PETER HITCHCOCK OWEN, b. June 8, 1939; graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1964. He married at Hartford, Conn. June 20, 1964 Jean Hanselman, only daughter of Benjamin Beals and Eloise Kremer Hanselman of West Hartford.

2. THOMAS GERALD OWEN, b. May 4, 1941. He is serving with the Army Air Corps.

3. PETER STERLING, b. Jan. 12, 1918 at the Maternity Hospital, Cleveland; graduated from the University of North Carolina, 1941. He married at Hume, Va. on June 27, 1942 Elizabeth Porter Gaddis, second child of Houston Lowe Gaddis of Marshall, Va. and Mary Avery Gaddis. He is president of the Nettleton Steel Treating Co., Cleveland, and of Anne Fox & Associates, Shaker Heights, Ohio. 3 children:

1. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 7, 1944 at Doctor's Hospital, New York City. She married at Mentor, Ohio June 23, 1965 Ensign Richard Thomas Vacca, USNR, only child of Loretto and Martha Furmanski Vacca of Albion, N.Y. He was born May 1, 1942; was graduated from Hamilton College in 1964.

2. PETER STERLING,JR, b. at University Hospitals, Cleveland June 12, 1947 and is a student at the University of Denver, Class of 1969.

3. CHRISTOPHER PHILLIP, b. at Alexandria Hospital, Alexandria, Va. July 14, 1952 and is a student at the Hawken School, Gates Mills, Ohio.

4. REUBEN HITCHCOCK (See 1928 Family Photo), was born July 21, 1874, and died Aug. 29, 1931. He was graduated from Yale University and Harvard Law School. He founded the Cleveland Stoker Co., at Cleveland in 1925. In 1912 at the home of the bride's parents he married Edith Frances Meacham, second dau. of Daniel B. and ---Douglas Meacham of Cincinnati, Ohio. 4 children:

1. EDITH MEACHAM, b. 1916; died 1917 and buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville

2. SARAH MEACHAM, b. April 30, 1918 at Portlandj, Ore.; graduated from the Harvard School of Design in 1945. She married at Cleveland in 1941 Nicholas Satterlee, son of Hugh and Helen Curtis Taylor Satterlee. He is an architect with the firm of Nicholas Satterlee, Associates, Washington, D.C. 4 children:

1. NICHOLAS SATTERLEE, JR., b. Cleveland 1943; died 1948 in Washington.

2. SARAH SATTERLEE, b. Washington June 29, 1946.

3. CATHERINE TAYLOR SATTERIEE, b. at Washington June 9, 1949.

4. AMOS HITCHCOCK SATTERLEE, b. Washington, June 4, 1953.

3. REUBEN, JR., b. July 20, 1921; graduated from Yale University. He married in 1946 at "Cobble Court", Willoughby, Ohio, the home of the bride's parents, Daneen Augustus, dau. of Ellsworth Hunt and Elizabeth Good Augustus. 3 children:

1. DANIEL AUGUSTUS, b. Oct. 14, 1947, and is a student at the University of Calif., Berkeley.

2. ERIC AUGUSTUS, b. Feb. 27, 1952, and is a student at the Hawken School, Gates Mills, 0hio.

3. DARCY ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 18, 1955.

4. MEACHAM, b. June 8, 1927 at Cleveland; graduated from Yale University in 1950 and from Harvard Business School in 1952. He is Executive Vice President, Industrial Leasing Corp., Cleveland. He was married at Cleveland in 1952 to Jean Robinson Hyde, dau. of Hazard Robinson and Jean McBain Hyde of Cleveland. She was born Sept. 19., 1930; graduated from Pine Manor Junior College in 1951.   3 children:

1. DOUGLAS ROBINSON, b. Sept. 28, 1954 and is a student at the Hawken School, Cleveland.

2. ANDREW MEACHAM, b. Jan. 29, 1957 and is a student at the same school.

3. ELEANOR HYDE, b. Dec. 2, 1960.

5. LAWRENCE HITCHCOCK (See 1928 Family Photo), was born May 19, 1876 and died April 17, 1935.

(The following quotation is taken from an obituary published in a Cleveland newspaper.)

"Lawrence Hitchcock attended the University School. He was graduated from Yale University in 1898 and became associated with Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., and later was associated for many years with the Kelley Island Lime & Transportation Co. In 1915 he organized the Federal Lime & Stone Co., which he sold three years before his death. He was President of the Distillata Co. at the time of death. He was a member of the first polo team to play in Cleveland and was a member of Troop A."

He married at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Oct. 6, 1923 Helen Chapin., dau. of Nathaniel D. and Annie Toppan Spalding Chapin, deceased, of Cleveland. She was born at Willoughby, Ohio March 18, 1899. 4 children:

1. Infant; died as an infant.

2. ANN SPALDING, b. Feb. 17, 1927 at Cleveland; graduated from Smith College in 1948. She married at Kirtland Hills, Ohio in 1954, Frederick Stevens McConnell, Jr., son of Frederick Stevens and Grace Jenner McConnell of Cleveland. He was born Oct. 8, 1917; graduated from Yale University in 1939, and is a Trust Officer, the Cleveland Trust Co. 4 children, all born in Cleveland:

1. FREDERICK STEVENS McCONNELL,,III., b. Apr.26.. 1955 and is a student at the Hawken Schcal,, Cleveland.

2. ELIZABETH CHAPIN McCONNELL, b. June 28, 1957.

3. DAVID HITCHCOCK McCONNELL, b. Aug. 31, 1959.

4. JAMES JENNER McCONNELL, b. Aug. 6, 1964.

3. LAWRENCE, JR., b. May 4, 1928; graduated from Western Reserve University in 1951. He is a member of the faculty of the Johnson & Wales Junior College, Providence, R.I. He married in 1955 at Attleboro, Mass., Margaret Woneoa Willsey of Middletown, Ohio, daughter of William Arthur and Woneoa Ellis Willsey. She was graduated from Massachusetts General Hospital as a nurse in 1953. 4 children:

1. ANNIE TOPPAN, b. Oct. 11, 1956.

2. SARAH JANE, b. Feb. 12, 1958.

3. LAWRENCE, III, b. May 24, 1959.

4. CICELY PENNY, b. Nov. 1, 1961.

4. BARBARA, b. July 9., 1932 at Cleveland, graduated from Smith College in 1954. She married at Kirtland Hills, Ohio in 1957 Henry Reynolds Hatch III, son of Henry Reynolds Hatch II and Eleanor Cottrell Hatch of Cleveland. He was graduated from Yale University in 1949 and from Harvard Business School in 1951. He is Secretary of the Cleveland Twist Drill Co. 4 children:



3. JONATHAN CHAPIN HATCH, b. Oct. 20, 1965.


6. HAROLD MORLEY HITCHCOCK (See 1928 Family Photo), was born Nov. 10, 1878 and died in Cleveland, Dec. 27, 1961.

(The following quotation is taken from The Plain Dealer, Dec. 28, 1961.) "Mr. Hitchcock was graduated from the University School in 1898 and from Yale University in 1903. In 1904 he became employed by the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., Youngstown. He joined Reliance Electric & Engineering Co. as its first salesman the year of its founding, 1905. He held a succession of offices with Reliance, among them director from 1907 when the company was incorporated, vice president from 1910, sales manager and vice president in charge of sales, vice president and treasurer in 1940, and senior vice president and treasurer until 1944. He retired in 1944 but continued as a director until 1955. He was buried in Lake View Cemetery."

At Cleveland in 1909 he married Elizabeth Britton Newberry, daughter of Henry Strong and Elizabeth Schuyler Newberry of Cleveland. (See Frontispiece [I don't think she's there]) She was born.Oct. 3, 1881.  2 children:

1. ELIZABETH NEWBERRY, b. Oct. 1. 1915 at Cleveland; was graduated from Wellesley College in 1937. She married at the family summer home, "Hickory Hill," in Mentor, in 1941 Nelson Peabody Rose, son of Henry Nelson and Grace Chapman Rose of Lancaster, Ohio. He was born Oct. 26, 1909 at Columbus, Ohio; was graduated from Princeton University in 1931 and from Harvard Law School in 1935. He is an attorney with the firm of Jones, Day, Cockley & Reavis. 2 children, both sons:

1. NELSON PEABODY ROSE,JR., born Aug. 11, 1945 at Washington, D.C., and is a student at Princeton University, Class of 1967.

2. MARSHALL HITCHCOCK ROSE, b. Oct. 14, 1949 in Cleveland and is a student at the Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N.J.

2. MORLEY, b. Aug. 29, 1918; was graduated from Brown University in 1941 and is President of Hitchcock Associates, Mentor. He married in 1945 at Racine, Wis. Elizabeth L. Nelson, dau. of Peter S. and Edith Hollenbeck Nelson of Racine. She was born Sept. 20, 1923 and was graduated from the University of Illinois in 1945.   2 children:

1. NANCY MARSHALL, b. July 14, 1948; is a student at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. Class of 1970.

2. MARGARET NEWBERRY, b. July 9, 1951; and is a student at the Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland.


Appendix - p. vi.


(From Cleveland Town Topics, April 24, 1920)


The first home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Hitchcock was on Superior Street where the Arcade now stands, later on St. Clair Street, for many years on Case Avenue until they built at 3421 Prospect Street in 1884.

They were identified for many years with the Old Stone Church, though since 1906 Mrs. Hitchcock has attended Trinity Cathedral. She was connected with Lakeside Hospital from its earliest years, and for a long time was chairman of the board of lady managers. She was much interested in the Art School and in the Benjamin Rose Institute. She was president of the Cleveland branch of the Ohio Chapter of Colonial Dames.

For the last fifteen years she has spent the summers at her much beloved farm at Little Mountain, surrounded by her children and grandchildren.