First International Workshop on

Data Mining Lessons Learned


Held in conjunction with ICML-2002


Journal, conference and workshop papers seldom report on failures, yet reported failures are crucial for increasing awareness of which approach to use in which situations. At conferences we often hear of successful applications, but we rarely hear of steps leading to success, steps that failed, and representation choices that were critical to success. In addition, papers rarely include expert evaluations of results. The purpose of this workshop is to assemble data mining practitioners and to gather experience from successful and unsuccessful data mining endeavors. We seek to learn from successes (evaluated by domain experts) and, most importantly, from failed data mining endeavors (why was an approach not successful, what can dataminers learn from this experience). The main aim is to start gathering the lessons learned.


Call for Papers

Proceedings (all papers on-line)


Important Dates

22 AprilPaper submission deadline
10 MayNotification to participants
31 MayCamera ready copies
5 JuneWorking notes due
9 JulyWorkshop held


Nada Lavrac Hiroshi Motoda Tom Fawcett
J. Stefan Institute Osaka University HP Laboratories
Slovenia Japan USA

Program committee

Marko BohanecAndrea Danyluk
Charles ElkanDragan Gamberger
Christophe Giraud-Carrier Ross King
Huan LiuDunja Mladenic
Foster ProvostPatricia Riddle
Maarten van Someren  Ashwin Srinivasan
Einoshin SuzukiShusaku Tsumoto

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