Breast Cancer Ribbon Geocoin

Cacher's For The Cure


No more o wait list

These Coins have been produced.

A Cacher (not me) has purchased a large amount

including Coin in Black Nickel, Gold, Silver and Bronze!

Look for them to be offered on a Auction site soon!

Scroll down for the pictures of the actual coin!


Those Coin Guys, GA Cacher and Madhattersneverland offer to you  the Breast Cancer Awareness Trackable Geocoin.

  A way to get a beautiful coin for your collection, with a icon and support finding a cure for this disease. A disease that will be diagnosed in 211,240 women and 1690 men this year. 40,000 women and 460 men will pass away this year!

Now let's get the basics out of the way:

Now what is different!


 Looking at the front of the coin the area where you see < YOUR MESSAGE HERE>  is the personalization area.

 Here YOU can have 22 character and spaces to personalize every coin. Each coin you order can have a totally different personalization! Some will have there caching name, team name or club name.

Many will have the name of a loved one who was a victim or a survivor engraved here. I lost my favorite cousin to breast cancer last July. You can bet I will have some coins with her name to pass out to family. Another cacher friend of mine, Team PEZs mother is a survivor and he will be placing her name on a few. Some will purchase the coin as is with no personalization. The cost of the engraving will be in the price of the coin.


The major thing is that this coin is NOT for profit.


So what's the bottom line?



Soon we will have the pictures of the proof coins to post.








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