A simple Wiki server.

Recently, Canis and I decided we needed to start up a Wiki server at Muckyfoot for internal documentation. We had one before, and Wikis are great, but this implementation had problems, and we didn't want to re-use that old (very hacky) one. Problem was - we couldn't find one that was quick and easy to set up. We wanted a small webserver, and a simple Wiki, but they all seemed to be written in PHP. Which is all fine and dandy if you have a handy PHP server. But we didn't. We just wanted to run it on one of our machines that would also be used for normal development, so it really had to be small, unobtrustive and stay the hell off the CPU. The other problem is that I don't know PHP, and Canis is only passingly familiar with it.

Anyway, after a search, we found TinyWeb, which seemed to fit the bill for a little lightweight web host, and Wiki++, which was a Wiki server written in C. Excellent. Installation was a little bit of a trial-and-error hassle for us web-morons, but it's probably trivial for anybody who has anything to do with the net (we just code games - I wouldn't know a TCP/IP stack if it fingered me). But they've been hassle-free ever since.

We found modifying Wiki++ quite easy. There's a bit of cruft, but it's nothing compared to some of the game code we've had to wade through. First priority was to reduce the garishness of the design a bit. Then introduce some very very simple security (a password and a session cookie). And then some more simple formatting rules, and since we're using it to document code, we make it easy to cut'n'paste C++ code into the Wiki (which normally gets horribly mangled), and then to allow C++ member syntax to easily point to other Wikis. The whole point is to make it really simple to document C++ code as you write it, without having to muck around with HTML or links or any of that stuff, which Wiki does very well.

So anyway, since we got all this software for free, it's only right we should redistribute the modified version, which we're going to call "WikiCPP", since it is actually specially modded to like having C++ thrown into it. Of course, we found it easy to mod for C++, so it should be similarly easy to mod for other languages. Enjoy! Any questions - er... don't ask me - I've long ago forgotten what little tricks we used to get it up and running. God help us if we need to move it to another machine or something.


Download WikiCPP - 395kb. Dated 4th Feb 2002. Probably needs a version number. Let's call it 1.0. Please read both README files.

TinyWeb - we just used this unmodified, so it's not in the WikiCPP zip above.
The original Wiki++ - almost all of the kudos goes to these guys - RobRepMan Productions - we just hacked a few minor mods on the end.

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