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Carnation Cemetery
Carnation, King County, Washington

Transcribed and compiled by Bob Stallman 1999.

Carnation Cemetery
(formally Tolt,)
Carnation, Washington
King County, WA

Carncem2.jpg (53060 bytes)

Lat: N47 38.151'
Lon: W121 54.678'

The cemetery is located on the east side of State Route 203, just north of the center of town. The City assumed active management of the municipal cemetery in December '99, and all inquiries should be directed to Mary Otness, City Clerk, after 1:00pm M-F:

City of Carnation
P. O. Box 1238
Carnation, WA 98014-1238
(425) 333-4192 phone (425) 333-4336 fax

I received the following information from Isabel Jones, a life long resident of Carnation, Washington. She was very helpful with the cemetery history.

In 1905 the Northern section was started on land donated by Frederick B. Bagwell. He was the president of the cemetery association and the first burial in the cemetery. The members of the association were all Masons, they held no jurisdiction over it and the cemetery was open to "all citizenry". The following year the I.O.O.F. formed a Cemetery association, their cemetery was just south of the first cemetery with a roadway between.

In 1957 the north half was turned over to the Odd Fellows making it one cemetery and a new Tolt (now Carnation) I.O.O.F. Cemetery association was formed. The City of Carnation officially took over the cemetery in 1994. The cemetery has approximately 800 plots on about 2 acres of land. Any of the death dates before 1906, were relocated to this cemetery from Pleasant Hill Cemetery, located between Carnation and Fall City. Cemetery was walked and recorded July 1999 by Bob Stallman, anyone wishing additional cemetery history may e-mail me at, r.stallman@worldnet.att.net

b=birth date
d.=death date
Marr=Marriage date
d=days, when preceded by death date
WWI=World War One
WWII=World War Two
SpAm=Spanish American War
****=Unreadable letters/numerals
??=blank space

Tombstones with no last names
(Grandpa John)
(Ole and Bertha Lee-8 May 1922-13 May 1922)
(William ****)


ALBEE, Mae Ann, b.3 Jan 1934, d.19 Mar 1989
ALBRECHT, Martha L., d.23 May 1941
ALLPRESS, Bert, b.1891, d.1971
ALLPRESS, Isabelle Long, b.22 Aug 1906, d.30 Jun 2000
AMOS, Norman Jay, b.16 Dec 1938, 15 Jul 1999
AMSLER, Carrie, b.1861, d.1941
AMSLER, John, b.1860, d.19??
ANDERSEN, Anton, b.11 Mar 1883, d.8 Mar 1968
ANDERSEN, Mathilda, b.1892, d.1945
ANDERSEN, Susan M., b.22 May 1897, d.27 Apr 1969
ANDERSEN, Dewey E., b.18 Aug 1898, d.29 Dec 1973, Cpl Army WWI
ANDERSEN, Ethel Ava, b.12 Nov 1903, d.31 Oct 1982
ANDERSON, Evelyn May, b.1915, d.1970
ANDERSEN, Gust, b.1864, d.1944
ANDERSEN, Herbert Leon, b.18 Nov 1895, d.27 Jan 1971
ANDERSEN, Herbert, b.24 Nov 1934, d.2 Apr 1953
ANDERSEN, Nellie, b.1873, d.1934
ANDERSEN, Joseph, b.16 Mar 1901, d.15 Apr 1956
ANDERSEN, Norman, b.31 Mar 1903, d.16 Mar 1944
ANDERSEN, Swan, b.26 Sep 1886, d.9 Sep 1968, Pfc Army WWI
ANDERSON, Daniel Smith, b.1907, d.1956
ANDERSON, Mildred Norris, b.11 Aug 1905, d.16 Feb 2002
ANGEHRN, James W., b.1944, d.1997
ANGEHRN, Vera K., b.29 Mar 1920, d.20 Jan 1969
ANGEHRN, Walter A., b.5 Jun 1913, d.21 Nov 1959
ANGERER, Leonhart, b.1899, d.1945
ANGERER, Peter, b.1895, d.1981
ANGERER, Rose, b.1906, d.1997
ARMSTEAD, Edward Carson, b.31 Mar 1866, d.4 Nov 1950
ARMSTEAD, Elizabeth Deborah, b.3 Jan 1885, d.6 Aug 1959
ARMSTRONG, John C., b.d.10 Nov 1942, Cpl QM Corps.
ARNOLD, Carl H., b.1906, d.1995
ARNOLD, Urania, b.16 Jun 1907, d.4 Jan 1990
ARNOLD, William, d.5 Feb 2002
ASPMAN, Anna Paar, b.1918, d.1997
BABCOCK, Andrew D., b.1882, d.1962
BABCOCK, Ethel M., b.1885, d.1978
BABCOCK, Hazel V. (Larson), b.2 Jan 1913, d.4 Jul 1999
BABCOCK, Howard A., b.20 Aug 1913, d.1 Mar 1998
BABCOCK, Richard Bruce, b.1941, d.1942
BACKLIN, A.L., b.1861, d.1942
BACKLIN, Anna F., b.1885, d.1969
BAER, Baby Girl, d.29 Mar 1973
BAGWELL, Byron Edward, b.24 Feb 1913, d.28 Feb 1993, BM2 Navy WWII
BAGWELL, David Van, b.27 Jul 1960, d.29 Jul 1960
BAGWELL, Edna Edith, b.8 Jun 1880, d.14 Apr 1906
BAGWELL, Ethel B., b.1891, d.1984
BAGWELL, Flora F., b.3 Jul 1885, d.12 Feb 1971
BAGWELL, Frederick B., b.27 Sep 1878, d.22 Oct 1952
BAGWELL, Frederick W., b.1851, d.1901, (First to be buried in cemetery)
BAGWELL, Lucy E., b.1880, d.1947
BAGWELL, Margaret B., b.1851, d.1927
BEAGLE, Thomas R., b.30 May 1923, d.11 Feb 1974, S/sgt Army WWII
BELL, Neil W., b.1885, d.1923
BENNETT, Francis, b.1862, d.1944
BENNETT, William, b.1898, d.1934
BENSON, John, b.1865, d.1933
BERENTSON, Lillian Marie, b.1904, d.1970
BERG, Carol V., b.1939, d.1985
BIDON, James L.P. Sr., b.21 Sep 1920, d.21 Mar 1983, Cpl Army WWII
BIDON, Ruth A., b.12 Aug 1921, d.??
BIRD, Hilda Gehrken, b.5 Mar 1882, d.14 Feb 1945
BIRD, Joseph Vincent, b.3 Apr 1877, d.31 Jan 1918
BIRD, Michael Joseph, b.29 Nov 1841, d.2 Nov 1926
BIRD, Sarah MacNamara, b.14 Mar 1849, d.15 Feb 1932
BIRD, Thomas Patrick, b.15 Feb 1873, d.12 Feb 1955, Pvt SpAm War
BJORKLUND, John  No dates available
BOERSMA, Doede, b.1856, d.1943
BLOOM, Clarence, b.1906, d.1985
BLOOM, Irma K., b.20 May 1910, d.10 Aug 2005
BONLIE, Nils, b.1858, d.1936
BONLIE, Rena, b.1879, d.1951
BOWSER, Rachel Renae, b.18 Aug 1990, d.22 Aug 1990
BRADY, Kathleen (Kay) Hester, b.1916, d.1988
BRATTEN, Jewel L., b.17 Jul 1881, d.15 Jan 1957
BRATTEN, Melvin L., b.29 Sep 1924, d.7 Jul 1950
BRILL, Arlene Hazel, b.2 Dec 1933, d.11 Sep 1990
BRILL, Edith Hazel, b.23 Apr 1908, d.10 Mar 1978
BROOKS, David A.
BROWN, Albert J., b.10 Jul 1915, d.19 Aug 1969
BROWN, Cecil C., b.4 Sep 1901, d.28 Aug 1956
BROWN, Jacob M., b.1844, d.1932
BROWN, John G., b.1862, d.1933
BROWN, Josephine F., b.1855, d.1938
BROWN, Margaret, b.1 Dec 1878, d.19 Jun 1958
BRUMBAUGH, Arthur D., b.1902, d.1980
BRUMBAUGH, Carrie F., b.16 Mar 1882, d.30 Nov 1946
BRUMBAUGH, Fred, b.1871, d.1926
BRUMBAUGH, Isac A., b.1880, d.1960
BRUMBAUGH, Lillie A., b.1885, d.1949
BRUMBAUGH, Millie, b.1910, d.1973
BRUNBERG, Ellen Matilda (Nelson), b.26 Aug 1911, d.1 Sep 2001
BRUNBERG, Hjalmar, b.1906, d.1988
BUESSER, Beath A., b.1902, d.1978
BURDEN, David L., b.9 Oct 1941, d.18 Feb 1992, Pfc USMC Vietnam
BURDEN, Maxine E., b.1915, d.1989
BURGLUND, Frank, b.1872, d.1934
BURNS, Betty Lea, b.d.22 Jul 1929
BURNS, Henry W., b.12 Jun 1891, d.3 Dec 1958, Pvt Air Serv WWI
BURNS, Hazel L., b.19 Dec 1906, d.25 Mar 1989
BURNS, Marie, b.1857, d.1935
BURNS, Paul Jr., b.29 Jan 1923, d.15 Jan 1990
BURNS, Robert, b.10 Mar 1899, d.9 Jan 1982
BURNS, Velma M., b.14 Jul 1937, d.1 Apr 1953
BURNS, Joseph Frank, b.1891, d.1952
BURNS, Sidney M., b.26 Dec 1920, d.6 Apr 1992
BUSE, Marguerite, d.9 Aug 2005
BURNSIDE, Leon Donald, b.7 Jun 1920, d.17 May 2012
BURNSIDE, Ina A. Orme, b.25 Jan 1925, d.28 Aug 2012
BUSSER, Elsie Marie, b.1891, d.1969
CADBEAU, Fannie, b.1889, d.1926
CAIN, Joseph Eastman, b.7 Feb 2000, d.21 Nov 2000
CANNON, Eileen, b.1916, d.1936
CARAWAY, John A., b.****
CARLE, Nellie, b.1870, d.1947
CARLSON, Torsten, b.1876, d.1922
CASE, Floyd Halsey, b.1 Jan 1891, d.15 Jun 1960, WWI
CHAMBERS, Anna M., b.1899, d.1974
CHAMBERS, Isaac K., b.1893, d.1971
CHAMPION, Jeffrey David, b.26 May 1971, d.10 Dec 1987
CHIELENS, Benny, b.1895, d.1960
CHIELENS, Cesarine T., b.1899, d.1987
CHIELENS, Henry, b.1891, d.1972
CHIELENS, Henri, b.8 Dec 1930, d.13 Dec 1930
CHIELENS, Marcel, b.15 Apr 1925, d.21 Apr 1925
CHIELENS, Margaret H., b.1892, d.1969
CHIELENS, Sylvia, b.1867, d.1948
CHRISTENSEN, Niels H., b.1875, d.1954
CLARK, Archie Willard, b.1894, d.1958
CLINTON, Harve B., b.1 Jul 1907, d.25 Jul 1984
COBAIN, Glenn A., b.11 Nov 1942, d.21 Sep 1985
COBY, Walter A., b.1904, d.1986
CONNELL, Gary F., b.1952, d.1976
CONNORS, Laurena May, b.1873, d.1962
COOLEY, Elizabeth, b.10 Oct 1858, d.9 Sep 1917
COOLEY, John D., b.4 Jun 1858, d.11 Jun 1938
COURT, Ellen Mae, b.1876, d.1940
COURT, Herman John, b.1868, d.1943
COWLES, Beulah E., b.1910, d.1988
COWLES, Corbin, b.17 Mar 1903, d.30 Jul 1970, CSK USNR WWII
COWLES, Eri,B. b.1865, d.1932
COWLES, Hiram G., b.1905, d.1967
COWLES, Mae L., b.1869, d.1954
COX, Anna, b.1891, d.1969
COX, Frank W., b.1889, d.1981
CRUM, Fannie A., b.1892, d.1976
CRUM, Oliver B., b.1880, d.1938
CUNNINGHAM, Caryl D."Mike", b.1901, d.1998
CUNNINGHAM, Claude M., b.1907, d.1951
CUNNINGHAM, Eva S., b.1876, d.1968
CUNNINGHAM, Michael H., b.1876, d.1928
CUSTER, Walter H., b.1908, d.1935
DAHL, Augusta, b.1896, d.1925
DAHL, Colin, b.1862, d.1950
DAHL, George, b.d.19 Oct 1940, Pvt Engrs.
DAHL, Holger, b.1906, d.1928
DAHL, John, b.1854, d.1933
DAHL, P. Nicklas, d.1922 26 y
DAHL, Walter E., b.1921, d.1980, USCG WWII
DALTON, Bessie Walker, b.Oct 1908, d.Jan 1988
DALTON, Dewey Duane, b.23 Jul 1925, d.20 Sep 1972, T/sgt USAF WWII Korea
DALTON, Donald Henry, b.1901, d.1956
DALTON, William J., b.6 Dec 1930, d.12 Feb 1950, Pfc AF WWII
DARNELL, Joseph H., b.1936, d.1984
DARNELL, Kelli Jo, b.18 May 1968, d.17 Dec 1982
DARNELL, Shirley C., b.1935,
DAVIS, Carl A., b.1882, d.1977
DAVIS, Kenneth M., b.1911, d.1925
DAVIS, James W., b.19 Jan 1859, d.22 May 1904
DAVIS, Leonard A., b.1887, d.1947
DAVIS, Mary Evelyn, b.1920, d.1990, Marr 2 Dec 1939
DAVIS, Mary Helen (Ford), b.25 Nov 1915, d.24 Sep 2001
DAVIS, Phoeba I., b.1883, d.1956
DAVIS, Ralph Leslie, b.24 Jun 1907, d.27 Jan 2001
DAVIS, Reginald J., b.1911, d.1932
DAVIS, Robert H., b.1885, d.1955
DAVIS, Robert M., b.10 Jan 1867, d.23 Nov 1941
DAVIS, Rubie Edna, b.1889, d.1971
DAVIS, Sarah Elizabeth, b.1856, d.1945
DAVIS, Vera Irene, d.19 Oct 1890, 20m dau of RM & J
DAVIS, Whittemore E., b.9 Oct 1895, d.12 Jul 1945, Pvt Army WWI
DeBOER, Fannie, b.1892, d.1979
DeBOER, Harold, d.2006
DeBOER, Hatti, b.(No Dates)
DeBOER, Jacob, b.1866, d.1954
DeBOER, Lawrence J., b.1918, d.1994
DeBOER, Mary A., b.1931, d.??
DeBOER, Michael Lawrence, b.1949, d.1995
DeLONG, Dick No Dates
DeLONG, Mrs. No Dates
DelPLAIN, Robert Clifford, b.6 Aug 1943, d.14 Nov 1995
DeQUERICO, George W., b.1905, d.1949
DeQUERICO, Lucy Williams, b.1910, d.1998
DERIEKO, Florence Mary, b.1925, d.1941
DERIEKO, Laura, b.9 Sep 1886, d.19 Jun 1959
DERIEKO, Peter, b.15 Jan 1881, d.13 Sep 1937
DICK, Charles Fred, b.1908, d.1931
DICKIE, Augusta G., b.1885, d.19??
DICKIE, Joseph P., b.1852, d.1917
DICKIE, Rebecca J., b.1855, d.1937
DICKIE, Ruth H., b.1889, d.1948
DICKIE, Sarah, b.1829, d.1916
DILLEY, Linda Grace, b.1918, d.1965
DILLEY, Paul D., b.21 Sep 1915, d.7 Jan 1994, S/sgt Army WWII
DOLAN, Frank, d.24 Nov 1901, 72y
DONALDSON, Dora, b.1861, d.1945
DRINNON, Marie K., b.1912, d.1991
DRINNON, Maurice D., b.1910, d.1974
DUCKEN, Arthur H., b.1929, d.1988
DUCKEN, Earl E., b.28 Feb 1925, d.9 Aug 1970, T/sgt WWII
DUCKEN, F.L., b.24 Nov 1887, d.10 Nov 1958
DUCKEN, Glen F., b.24 Nov 1921, d.13 Apr 1984, USMC
DUCKEN, Kathryn, b.9 Sep 1889, d.15 Oct 1971
DUCKEN, Leroy S., b.25 May 1917, d.15 Jul 1949, Tec5 Inf WWII
DULL, Helen Irene, b.1903, d.1970
EGLI, Anton A., b.1898, d.1989
EGLI, Maria Martha, b.1899, d.1997
EHRLER, Carl, b.1874, d.1946
EHRLER, Rosa, b.1867, d.1950
ELLIOTT, Benjaman Porter, b.1870, d.1945
ELLIOTT, Hattie B., b.1872, d.1957
ENGLE, Arthur R., d.6 Jun 1940
ENGLE,Florence Guy, b.1895, d.1936
ENTWISTLE, Celia, b.1881, d.1946
ENTWISTLE, David, b.1879, d.1960
ENTWISTLE, James, b.1869, d.1951
ENTWISTLE, Martha K., b.1895, d.1928
ENTWISTLE, Sarah, b.1842, d.1912
ENTWISTLE, Sarah, b.1882, d.1902
ERICKSON, Per O., b.15 Aug 1877, d.14 Mar 1949
EST, Lynna Ann, b.20 Oct 1963, d.8 Oct 1977
EST, Victor, d.2006
ETU, Harriet, b.1881, d.1958
ETU, Henry, b.1884, d.1949
EVERTS, Charlotte Marie, b.Jun 1934, d.Dec 1985
EVERTS, Walter Clyde, b.3 Jan 1933, d.20 Jan 2002
FALKENBERG, Elizabeth, b.1855, d.1923
FALKENBERG, Gustav, b.1857, d.??
FAUL, George, b.1885, d.1967
FAULDS, Claude A., b.1878, d.1959
FAULDS, Eunice, b.d.12 Aug 1903, 13y 2d
FAULDS, Hope, d.12 Aug 1903, 15y 7m 4d
FAULDS, John A., b.1843, d.1928
FAULDS, Kate R., b.1879, d.1945
FAULDS, Rhoda D., b.1854, d.1950
FAULDS, Richard B., b.1856, d.1920
FAULDS, William A., b.1848, d.1934
FAULDS, William Rock, b.26 Jul 1902, d.3 Jan 1973
FAY, C.C., b.1879, d.1950
FAY, Cecil D.L., b.15 Sep 1908, d.17 Mar 1959, S/sgt Army WWII
FAY, Clara B., b.1886, d.1966
FAY, Donna Rae, b.4 May 1931, d.10 Apr 1984
FAY, Elva H., b.1915, d.1993
FAY, Hubert C., b.25 Jul 1916, d.28 Mar 1994
FAY, Jesse W. Jr. "Buzzie", b.1933, d.1936
FAY, Vernon L., b.1905, d.1987
FEHRENBACH, Francis Leo, b.17 Apr 1916, d.27 Jul 1988, Pfc USMC WWII
FEHRENBACH, Margaret A., b.8 Nov 1923, d.4 May 1977
FELDEGER, Mary E., b.1912, d.1951
FERGUSON, Charles G., b.1885, d.1966
FERGUSON, Ida J., b.15 Dec 1862, d.6 Apr 1919
FINLEY, Charles "Ed", b.14Jan 1904, d.13 Jul 1978
FINLEY, Hester E., b.27 Jul 1911, d.??
FIRTH, C.H., b.1874, d.1964
FIRTH, Claude W., b.7 Feb 1905, d.10 Jun 1980
FIRTH, Mary A., b.31 Jul 1910, d.4 Jan 1998
FIRTH, Sarah E., b.1887, d.1961
FOOTE, Martha Berniece, b.5 Dec 1919, d.11 May 2005
FOOTE, Maynard E., b.1904, d.1991
FORSBERG, Gary Glenn, b.1943, d.1949
FORSBERG, Gustaf E., b.1882, d.1947
FORSBERG, Julia N., b.1881, d.1968
FOSTER, John W., b.1873, d.1948
FOWLER, James J., b.6 Dec 1881, d.6 Sep 1961
FRANCIS, Edwin Allen, b.19 Mar 1918, d.14 Apr
FRANCIS, Iris, b.31 Aug 1892, d.16 Feb 1985
FRANCIS, William, b.15 Oct 1876, d.23 Jun 1957
FRAZIER, Mazie "Lady Worm", b.9 Jul 1925, d.19 Oct 1976, Sno, King Radio Watch
FRYER, Ellen Jane, b.1866, d.1950
FRYER, Ethel Irene, b.6 Nov 1888, d.11 Feb 1971
FRYER, Harry A., b.1868, d.1952
FRYER, Herbert, b.28 Oct 1889, d.9 Dec 1967
GALVIN, Nellie, b.1890, d.1917
GATES, Harriett Hesse, b.1864, d.1937
GEERAERT, Alphonse, b.1885, d.1968
GERBER, Frank A., Marr 28 Jun 1942, d.2006
GERBER, Jessie M., b.1923, d.1990, Marr 28 Jun 1942
GILBERT, Eileen Mina, b.1916, d.1999
GILBERTSON, Frances M., b.1923, d.1991
GILES, Jennie Crosley, b.31 Jan 1863, d.9 Jun 1945
GILES, Nettie, b.10 Apr 1890, d.1 Feb 1971
GILLETTE, Chester, No Dates GILLETTE, Mary Katherine, b.13 Feb 1913, d.21 Apr 1961
GILMORE, Arlie B., b.23Jul 1915, d.5 Jan 1981
GILMORE, Patrick Ross, b.10 Dec 1931, d.11 Mar 1979
GILMORE, Verniel F. "Vernie", b.27 Apr 1923, d.3 Sep 1992
GOIN, Norma V., b.1900, d.1980
GOIN, Norman "Bud", b.1922, d.1944
GOODMAN, L.C., b.29 Aug 1919, d.29 Sep 1994, Army
GOODNOW, Jason Ducken, b.d.1973, Baby
GOODWIN, Winifred, b.17 Feb 1890, d.20 Jul 1949
GORSKY, Adolph, b.1902, d.1985
GORSKY, Iva E., b.18 Jul 1894, d.15 Jan 1983
GOULD, Earl, b.1905, d.1966
GOULD, Ethel E., b.2 Dec 1910, d.13 Aug 2000
GOULD, Marguerite, b.1879, d.1955
GOULD, Raymond, b.1869, d.1955
GLENN, Doris Rosyln, b.4 Jul 1928, d.10 Dec 1972
GRANTIER, Anne M., b.1899, d.1974
GRATZER, David Charles, b.30 Mar 1981, d.2 Dec 2003
GREEN, Dale, d.1911
GREEN, Elizabeth M., b.1907, d.1974
GREEN, Ethel B., b.25 Aug 1891, d.10 Sep 1902, dau of SB & Hattie
GREEN, Floyd C., b.1900, d.1985
GREEN, Mary H., b.1872, d.1951
GREEN, Merton G., d.16 Aug 1901, infant son of SB & Hattie
GREEN, Robert M., b.1861, d.1981
GREEN, Silas B., b.1869, d.1944
GREEN, Susan A., b.1866, d.1945
GREGG, Charles C., b.??
GRISHAM, Mary, b.1881, d.1972
GRISHAM, William, b.1882, d.1966
GUPTILL, Howard Cecil, b.27 Jan 1919, d.30 Jan 1995, Army WWII
HACKEL, Frank J., b.1880, d.1955
HALLSON, Mabel, b.18 Dec 1909, d.25 Apr 1932, dau of W.Soderlund
HALVERSON, Beatrix K., b.1882, d.1958
HALVERSON, Godfrey E., b.1867, d.1937
HAMILTON, James R., b.16 Jan 1857, d.19 Oct 1906
HAMILTON, Lucia J., b.6 Mar 1852, d.15 Oct 1898
HAMILTON, William, b.1862, d.1929
HANSEN, Peter, b.13 Jun 1890, d.11 Oct 1972, Chaplain Capt Army
HARDING, Robert, b.Jun 1948, d.31 Dec 1999
HARRINGTON, Everett F., b.1904, d.1964
HARRIS, Fairlan L., b.7 Jul 1924, d.6 Jan 1993, Army WWII
HARRIS, James, b.1845, d.1905
HARTLEY, Charles A., b.1866, d.1938
HARTLEY, Robert Leroy, b.mar 1936, d.Aug 1937
HAUGAN, Helen M., b.2 Feb 1928, d.25 Jul 1974
HAUGAN, Michael L."Mick", b.8 Aug 1953, d.6 May 1991
HAULRIG, Carl P., b.29 Dec 1906, d.23 Jul 1999
HAULRIG, Vivian R., b.27 May 1909, d.22 Apr 2005
HAYMAN, John L., b.1900, d.1968
HENRY, Harold D., b.3 Dec 1916, d.30 Oct 1992, Navy WWII
HERMANSON, Herman, b.1913, d.1933
HERMANSON, Peter A., b.1886, d.1933
HESTER, Alice T., b.1894, d.1942
HESTER, Clifford Frances, d.2006
HESTER, Thomas D., b.1881, d.1975
HEUGMAN, Nettie E., b.1883, d.1929, dau of John & Ann Suits
HJERTOOS, Andrew, b.1863, d.1933
HJERTOOS, Arthur, b.1893, d.1914
HJERTOOS, Bergette, b.1858, d.1939
HJERTOOS, Gurina, b.1898, d.1987
HOCKERT, Amy K., b.23 Aug 1903, d.30 Jul 1989
HOCKERT, Fred R., b.6 Aug 1896, d.22 Dec 1979, 2ndLt Army WWI
HOGAN, Douglas E., b.1929, d.1929
HOGAN, Jasper O., b.1880, d.1922
HOPKINS, Judith Ione, d.1/2 Feb 1943
HORNBECK, O.R., b.1885, d.1935
HOS, Marcel, b.17 Mar 1923, d.25 Dec 1958, Eng3 USNR WWII
HOUSTON, Adeline E. Ogilvie, b.1865, d.1944
HOUSTON, William, b.1856, d.1935
HOWE, George E.,15 Jul 1912, d.6 Sep 1912
HULL, Clara M., b.8 Oct 1893, d.1 Apr 1989
HULL, John A., b.16 Dec 1905, d.8 Nov 1967
HUTCHINGS, William Nason, b.29 Aug 1869, 10 Jan 1907, b.Yosmite CA
HUTCHINSON, Cecil, b.24 Sep 1895, d.28 Mar 1961, Pfc WWI
Irelan, Tamara, d.2006
ISAKSON, Albin, b.1895, d.1951
ISBELL, Laura May, b.1902, d.1969
JACKSON, Timothy Vernon, b. 14 Jun 1950, d.21 Feb 2004
JAY, Ida May, b.12 Oct 1876, d.4 Jun 1961
JERSTAD, Elizabeth O., b.1897, d.1975
JERSTAD, Hannah Moi, b.1872, d.1945
JERSTAD, Herman, b.1901, d.1972
JERSTAD, Oliver T.E., b.1916, d.1962
JERSTAD, Tonnes Andreas, b.1865, d.1942
JEWELL, Robert M., b.1958, d.1995
JEWELL, Robert R.,1935, d.1979
JOHNSON, Anna, b.1882, d.1962
JOHNSON, Anna B., b.1879, d.1960
JOHNSON, Chris, b.1881, d.1942
JOHNSON, Lena Naslund, b.13 Oct 1892, d.20 Dec 1928
JOHNSON, Henry, b.1869, d.1947
JOHNSON, Hilma B., b.1882, d.1956
JOHNSON, John E., b.1907, d.1932
JOHNSON, Martha G., b.1884, d.1930
JOHNSON, Paul H., b.1915, d.1988
JOHNSON, Sophia A., b.1870, d.1949
JOHNSTON, Elizabeth, b.1866, d.1944
JOHNSTON, George, b.1872, d.1968
JONES, Hattie M., b.26 Sep 1878, d.19 Oct 1940
JONES, Robert C., b.1876, d.1943
JONES, Samantha Ann, b.d.23 Mar 1983
JONES, Sarah Chloe, b.30 Aug 1982, d.4 Oct 1986
JONES, William R., b.27 May 1911, d.21 Aug 1988
JORDAN, Thomas, b.27 Jun 1930, d.23 Apr 1974, Pfc Army
JOUANNT, John B., b.13 Jun 1827, d.2 Feb 1901, b.Brest,France
KATZER, Fred, d.23 Feb 1908, 35y
KATZER, Minnie, d.1 May 1912, 32y
KEESLING, Seigle F., b.1868, d.1924
KELLY, David, b.1822, d.1900
KELSKO, June, b.1888, d.1953
KENNEDY, Patrick, b.1860, d.1920
KERR, William, b.1888, d.1936
KINDRED, Ada,, b.1859, d.1918
KLECKNER, Edna C., b.1916, d.1950
KNUDTSEN, Knudt, b.1859, d.1928
KOOISTRA, Mary E., b.1885, d.1971
KOOISTRA, Robert, b.1884, d.1942
KOONTZ, Walter Dean, b.7 Aug 1932, d.17 Jul 1986
KORAK, Kost, b.1886, d.1958
KOSTER, Marie Freda, b.1913, d.1973, dau of Robt/Mary Kooistra
KOSTER, Nicholas R., b.1913, d.1974, Husb of Marie
KRSAK, Dolores, b.1915, d.1982
KRSAK, Henry N., b.6 Jun 1913, d.7 Dec 1994, Army WWII
KRSAK, Joseph, b.1911, d.??
LANE, Frederick James, b.1951, d.1980
LANE, Lawrence L., b.15 Jan 1935, d.31 Jan 2013
LANE, Ronald Eugene Jr., b.1950, d.1977
LANE, Ronald E., b.18 Sep 1928, d.17 Mar 1993, Army WWII
LANGLOIS, Doris I., b.1907, d.1971
LANGLOIS, Mary Jane, b.6 Jan 1871, d.30 May, 1944
LARRIGAN, Marietta, b.d.1931
LARSEN, Julia, b.1855, d.1941
LARSEN, Richard, b.1866, d.1918
LARSON, Charles J., b.1881, d.1965
LARSON, Helen Siegenthaler, b.31 Jan 1918, d.16 Nov 2012
LARSON, Ida, b.1890, d.1984
LARSON, Ida C., b.5 Feb 1859, d.13 Sep 1939
LARSON, John T., b.11 mar 1860, d.12 Aug 1915
LARSON, Wesley Kenneth, b.6 Nov 1914, d.27 Jun 2012
LARSON, Mary L., b.15 Aug 1890, d.19 Sep 1974
LARSON, Per, b.1844, d.1925
LARSON, Rachael, b.1920, d.1921
LARSON, William H., b.6 Jul 1888, d.9 Jan 1966
LAWSON, Robert C., b.23 Apr 1913, d.4 Mar 1970, Pfc Inf WWII
LEE, Elta Mae, b.1899, d.1933
LEEMING, D.W., b.1890, d.1918
LELAND, Alfred E., b.21 Sep 1921, d.4 Aug 1995
LEMON, A.H., b.12 Oct 1863, d.14 Oct 1953
LEMON, M.E., b.10 Jun 1869, d.1 May 1927
LEWIN, Francis M., b.1860, d.1924
LEWIN, Grace C., b.1887, d.1971
LEWIN, Hattie M., b.1864, d.1926
LEWIN, Jessie M., b.1893, d.1936
LEWIN, Joseph J., b.1890, d.1971
LEWIN, Robert Warner, b.1885, d.1955
LINK, Curtis F. "Corky" Jr., b.6 May 1955, d.29 Oct 1978
LOID, Orrin L., b.1877, d.1957
LOID, Rosa H., b.1884, d.1968
LONG, Clarence E., b.1910, d.1954
LONG, Evva, F., b.1889, d.1974
LONG, Julia, b.1884, d.1979
LONG, Willi M., b.1848, d.1926
LONG, William T., Creamation, No Dates
LONGLEY, Joseph L., b.1835, d.1914
LORD, Eugenie R., b.1860, d.1953
LORD, Gene, (no dates)
LORD, Leon W., b.1883, d.1959
LORD, Roy F., b.19 Sep 1891, d.28 Sep 1956, Pfc Army WWI
LORD, William Henry, b.1835, d.1908
LOUTSIS, Antonia M., b.1898, d.1956
LOUTSIS, Ellen, d.1931
LOUTSIS, Laura T., b.24 Sep 1924, d.7 Mar 2004
LOUTSIS, Louis, b.1884, d.1965
LOUTSIS, Louise, b.1939, d.1940
LUNDQUIST, Pearl, b.1910, d.1996
LUNDQUIST, Rudolph, b.1906, d.1990
MacDONALD, Elva M., b.1918, d.1998
MacDONALD, Hazel I., b.1922, d.1933
MacDONALD, James W., b.1892, d.1942
MacDONALD, Mary E., b.1897, d.1941
MacDONALD, Wm. "Bill", b.1865, d.1942
MADCHE, Henry J., b.20 Oct 1910, d.2 Feb 1958
MADCHE, Melita, burial date 9 Aug 2000
MAGNOCHI, Clelia M., b.7 Nov 1885, d.24 Nov 1978
MAGNOCHI, Dominic, b.d.25 Jul 1906, 46y
MAGNOCHI, Eugene G. Sr., b.1874, d.1942
MAGNOCHI, Infant Son, d.27 Mar 1915
MALLONEE, Amy Lydia, b.27 Jan 1894, d.14 Mar 1968
MALLONEE, Benjamin, b.28 Jun 1886, d.16 Jul 1961
MANDERVILLE, Abram, b.22 Feb 1838, d.27 Jun 1905
MANDERVILLE, Rachel E., d.1896, 52y
MANN, Jerry Lee, b.12 Nov 1940, d.15 Jan 1956
MARCUM, Marion E., b.1899, d.1976
MARIHART, Anna, b.1870, d.1949
MARIHART, Augusta E., b.1892, d.1993
MARIHART, John, b.1869, d.1960
MARSHALL, Frank W., b.1864, d.1941
MARSHALL, Jeannie, d.6 Jul 2001
MARTIN, Charles R., b.1883, d.1966
MARTIN, Marie V., b.1884, d.1968
MARTIN, Robert H., b.1911, d.1922
MATT, Mathilda, b.1895, d.1937
MATTHEWSON, Beverly A., b.1932, d.1993
MAUHL, Victor G., b.30 Dec 1920, d.18 Nov 1992, Army WWII
MAXWELL, Alice Jean, b.17 Mar 1924, d.25 Jan 2000
McCABE, Clara, b.1890, d.1913
McCABE, Mabel B., b.1892, d.1913
McCRACKEN, Ollie B., b.1 Jun 1896, d.20 Jan 1972=Pvt Army WWI
McCRACKEN, Violet., Creamation, No Dates
McCRADY, Harry, d.29 Dec 1941, Pvt Inf
McCREADY, Eulale M., b.1906, d.1945
McCREERY, James G., b.1882, d.1960
McCULLOUCH, Mary, b.1848, d.1920
McDEVITT, Ann E., b.1 Aug 1843, d.May 1914
McDEVITT, Edward, b.18 Jan 1888, d.19 Aug 1903
McDEVITT, James, b.17 May 1842, d.30 Aug 1893, b.Donegal, Cnty,Ireland
McDEVITT, James "Jim", b.1880, d.1956
McDEVITT, Maggie, b.19 Nov 1877, d.10 Jul 1905
McDONALD, James P., b.3Feb 1896, d.29 Jun 1974, Pvt Army
McDOWELL, Jennifer Stuart, b.1960, d.1979
McELHOE, Charles J., b.30 Sep 1879, d.14 Jul 1955
McELHOE, Elizabeth Boring, b.20 Mar 1839, d.21 Feb 1935
McELHOE, Forrest, b.1892, d.1990
McELHOE, George White, b.6 Aug 1847, d.10 Dec 1942
McELHOE, Naomi, b.1896, d.1987
McELHOE, Wm. C., b.9 Feb 1910, d.9 Jun 1988
McGRATH, Lorene V., b.1920, d.1988
McMILLIAN, Glenister P., b.16 Dec 1911, d.11 Nov 1928
McMURDO, Mary K., b.8 Jan 1897, d.2 Sep 1993
MEHNER, Jewel Ruth, b.3 Apr 1918, d.3 Oct 2001
MEHNER, Robert David, b.1918, d.1991, Navy WWII
MEYERS, Joe E., b.6 Aug 1942, d.16 Oct 1984, Navy
MIDDLEBROOK, Henry, b.2 Jan 1876, d.7 Aug 1925
MIDDLETON, Laura "Jackie", burial date 21 Oct 2000
MILLER, A. John, b.26 Feb 1872, d.10 Jul 1917
MILLER, Emma J., b.23 Jul 1876, d.2 May 1938
MILLER, Martha K., b.1838, d.1922
MILLER, Stanley C., b.22 Dec 1882, d.28 Apr 1982
MILLS, Henry Arthur, b.22 Jan 1862, d.31 Dec 1960
MILLS, John Henry, b.16 Jan 1889, d.19 Oct 1985
MILLS, Mary Jane, b.15 Mar 1861, d.10 Aug 1951
MILLS, Mary Mildred, b.14 Mar 1896, d.6 Jan 1951
MITCHELL, Henry David, d.1927 baby
MIX, Francis E., b.27 Jun 1895, d.11 Apr 1970, 1st Lt WWI
MOORE, Alvin C., b.1916, d.1985
MOORE, Bernice "Bee", b.1908, d.1993
MORELAND, Anna E., b.11 Sep 1877, d.4 Jan 1955
MORFORD, Ida, b.1880, d.1939
MORFORD, Ottwell, b.1879, d.1930
MORFORD, Wilbur, b.1910, d.1923
MORRIS, Chase G., b.28 Jun 1879, d.10 Apr 1955
MORRIS, Nellie M., b.8 Jan 1885, d.5 Feb 1973
MORRIS, Shamgar, b.5 Aug 1842, d.11 Oct 1914
MORRIS, Vilinda T., b.17 Sep 1850, d.22 Jan 1914
MORSE, Walter, b.Aug 1885, d.May 1948
MOSER, Anna, b.1845, d.1921
MOSER, Anna, b.1879, d.1893
MOSER, Anton, b.1840, d.1892
MOSER, Anton, b.1873, d.1908
MOSER, Gertrude, b.May 1886, d.1911, wife of Walter
MOSER, Gladys, b.1903, d.1903, dau of Walter
MOSER, Otto, b.1882, d.1910
MOULTON, N.F., b.26 Feb 1838, d.23 Jul 1917
MOULTON, Sarah P., b.15 Apr 1838, d.25 Apr 1922
MULETTA, Chase, b.2 Oct 1889, d.11 Sep 1981, Pvt Army WWI
MULETTA, Dewey, b.14 Nov 1886, d.19 Jul 1971, Pvt Army WWI
NAIRN, Burdette, b.10 Jan 1907, d.22 May 1992
NAIRN, Josephine McElhoe, b.21 Feb 1907, d.2 May 1997
NASLUND, Conrad, b.30 Oct 1887, d.14 Dec 1968, Pvt Army WWI
NASLUND, Jennie, b.8 Dec 1894, d.24 Feb 1920, Wife of Randolf Brown
NASLUND, John, b.24 May 1860, d.11 Sep 1909
NASLUND, Sophia, b.22 Jul 1865, d.29 Jan 1910
NELSON, Anders O., b.1857, d.1925
NELSON, Charles H., b.2 Dec 1888, d.5 Jul 1943, Pvt Inf
NELSON, Charlie Hamilton, b.6 Oct 1856, d.21 Nov 1938
NELSON, Chris, b.1886, d.1966
NELSON, Doris, b.12 Feb 1908, d.5 Sep 1944
NELSON, George A., b.8 Apr 1925, d.3 Dec 1944, Navy WWII
NELSON, John, b.1865, d.1927
NELSON, John Charles, d.21 Nov 1958, 4d
NELSON, Karin, b.1856, d.1931
NELSON, Martha, b.1889, d.1920
NELSON, Nancy L., b.1875, d.1941
NELSON, Oscar, b.1909, d.1925
NELSON, Peter, b.1883, d.1927
NEWMAN, Ora, b.1905, d.1990, Mother of Elinor & Mazie
NOBLE, Cynthia M., d.28 Jul 1893, 76y
NORRIS, George C., b.1903, d.1944
OBERHOLTZER, Joseph F., b.1848, d.1929
OBERHOLTZER, Mable Agnes, b.1889, d.1942
O'BRIEN, Lucy, b.8 Oct 1894, d.5 Mar 1932
OGILVIE, John, b.1862, d.1949
OGILVIE, Lester M., b.9 Nov 1895, d.2 Aug 1914
O'LEARY, Daniel, b.1851, d.16 Feb 1897, 46y
O'LEARY, James, b.1852, d.14 Feb 1933, 81y
OLSON, Anders, b.1856, d.1937
OLSON, Brita, b.1862, d.1934
OLSON, Evelyn, b.3 Feb 1930, d.16 Feb 1989
O'MALLEY, Thelma, b.1908, d.1970
ORME, Blanche, b.17 Mar 1890, d.6 Mar 1970
ORME, Boyce C., b.17 Aug 1920, d.12 Feb 1981, Navy WWII
ORME, Cleve A., b.27 Jul 1919, d.6 Nov 1947
ORME, David R., b.1918, d.1977
ORME, Earl, b.7 Dec 1881, d.2 Dec 1958
ORVIS, Elton G., b.1909, d.1976
ORVIS, Vina, b.1906, d.1994
OSTROM, John P., b.12 Feb 1856, d.7 Nov 1929
OWENS, Eleanor Yvonne, b.2 Aug 1939, d.22 Feb 1953
PAAR, Barbara, b.1884, d.1977
PAAR, Michael, b.1885, d.1942
PAAR, Michael M., b.27 Apr 1912, d.28 Apr 1999
PAGE, Charles Leo, b.25 Aug 1893, d.27 May 1965, Pvt Inf WWI
PALMER, Laurena B., b.24 Jul 1904, d.12 Aug 1972
PALMER, Raymond A., b.19 Sep 1897, d.28 Jul 1958
PALMER, Susan Rae, b.3 Jun 1963, d.13 Mar 1982
PARKS, Dorothy S., b.1922, d.1980
PARKS, Lowell F. "Sonny", b.21 Feb 1940, d.7 May 1992
PARSONS, Edward, b.1866, d.1955
PARSONS, Elinor L., b.1929, d.1956
PARR, Nancy Mary, d.1922, 82y
PATRICK, Bernice Elizabeth (Watson), b.4 Mar 1921, d.7 Mar 2004
PATRICK, Donald, b.1926, d.1944
PATRICK, Jesse R., b.1893, d.1978, Pvt Army WWI
PATRICK, Ray J., b.1921, d.1986, Pfc Army WWII
PATRICK, Vera B., b.1894, d.1985
PATTERSON, Bertha E., b.1909, d.1994
PATTERSON, Carrie A., b.1883, d.1965
PATTERSON, Charles F., b.1900, d.1957
PATTERSON, George E., b.1870, d.1923
PATTERSON, Margaret F., b.1908, d.1972
PATTERSON, Marie A., d.1906
PATTERSON, William, b.23 Aug 1862, d.21 Feb 1937
PAULSEN, Glen (Jr) Frank, b.27 Aug 1929, d.25 Dec 2012
PEARSON, Norma B., b.1914, d.??
PEARSON, Willard R., b.1913, d.1996
PEBBLES, (No other info)
PERRIGOUE, Ben, b.1848, d.1902
PETERSEN, Harry T., b.1915, d.1996
PETERSEN, Lewis, No Dates
PETERSEN, Mary, b.1896, d.??
PETERSEN, Peter S., b.1887, d.1964
PETERSEN, Roberta L., b.1918, d.1980
PETERSON, Victor Vania, b.1889, d.1944
PETERSON, Brian Zane, b.10 Feb 1994, d.7 Apr 1994
PETTIJOHN, Porter, b.1901, d.1958
PFLUEGER, Ruth E., b.1926, d.1984
PHILLIPS, William G., b.11 Feb 1921, d.16 Feb 1965, Pfc AAF WWII
PIATT, James Roy, b.1908, d.1959
PIERCE, Dale, b.1903, d.1984
PIERCE, David S., b.1864, d.1925
PIERCE, Elva, b.1907, d.1976
PLATT, Blanche G., b.1885, d.1975
PLATT, Clarence B., b.1876, d.1955
PLATT, Effie L., b.1873, d.1957
PLATT, George H., b.11 Mar 1913, d.22 Mar 1913
PLATT, John W., b.1859, d.1940
PLATT, Stephen A., b.23 Apr 1914, d.7 Jun 1922
PORTWOOD, Lonnie, b.16 Oct 1903, d.21 Nov 1956
POTTER, Lindus, No Dates
POWELL, Susan M., b.1 Jan 1953, d.15 Aug 1971
PRATT, Joe A., b.15 Feb 1927, d.22 Aug 1983, Navy WWII
PRATT, Russell E., No Dates
PRENTICE, Ann R., b.1867, d.1927
PRENTICE, John, b.1868, d.1945
PUGH, Archie Lee, b.29 Apr 1932, d.28 Aug 1951
PUGH, Dora Edna, b.1909, d.1993, Marr 1927
PUGH, Donald L., b.13 Feb 1931, d.17 Nov 1970, Sgt Army Korea
PUGH, Orthie D., b.1907, d.1992, Marr 1927
PUGSLEY, Ernest Guy, b.3 Nov 1889, d.24 Apr 1962, Cpl Army WWI
PUGSLEY, Velma Mildred, b.24 Oct 1895, d.1 Dec 1983
PYNCHEON, Mamie, b.1877, d.1968
QUALLEY, Andrew, b.1880, d.1953
QUALLEY, Cornelius, b.9 Oct 1876, d.13 Apr 1968
QUALLEY, Doris, b.1918, d.1953
QUALLEY, Emma, b.1889, d.1918
QUALLEY, Loris (Johnson), b.28 Aug 1977, d.29 Dec 2001
QUALLEY, Minnie A., b.16 Sep 1875, d.22 Oct 1960
QUALLEY, Ole, b.1826, d.1904
QUALLEY, Osa, b.1840, d.1926
RAGAN, Darrell W., b.1910, d.1975
RAGAN, Winston A., b.1918, d.1994
RAYMOND, Carl, b.1881, d.1969
REARDEN, Cynthia Lorraine, b.17 Apr 1968, d.Jun 1999
REHM, Chas.F., b.1855, d.1925
REID, Colin, b.1875, d.1939
REID, Isabella, b.1881, d.1935
REID, William L., b.14 Jan 1907, d.17 Jul 1972, Bm2 Navy WWII
REMLINGER, Floyd C., b.25 May 1917, d.4 Feb 1997, Marr 24 May 1941
RICHARDSON, Rachel F., (No dates)
RICHARDSON, William O., (No Dates)
RICHTER, Irving Victor, b.17 Jun 1906, d.29 Dec 1973
RINNELL, Arthur A., b.1901, d.1977
RINNELL, Mildred, b.1905, d.1950
RITCHIE, Clare L., b.18 Feb 1925, d.7 Aug 1987, Army WWII
RITCHIE, Ilia Fay, b.26 Jul 1899, d.16 Apr 1969
RITCHIE, Leroy S., b.7 Apr 1910, d.19 Feb 1987, AAC WWII
RITCHIE, Myrtle Violet, 11 Aug 1909, d.29 Oct 2003
ROBERTSON, Elsi Viola (Mills), b.14 Oct 1918, d.31 Jan 2004
ROBERTSON, Raymond, b.29 Nov 1913, d.1 Mar 1999
ROE, Samuel Douglas, b.1900, d.1944
ROGERS, Kenneth D., b.13 Jan 1911, d.9 Nov 1999
ROGERS, Mildred R., b.1912, d.1990
RONNIE, Baby, b.1899
RONNIE, Carrie, b.1867, d.1932
RONNIE, John P., b.1859, d.1914
RONNIE, Peder, b.1891, d.1894
ROSE, H.M., b.27 Mar 1889, d.14 Mar 1943
RUSH, Jennifer Lee Ann, b.&d.7 Jun 1998, Baby
RUSH, Steven Allen, b.11 Mar 1954, d.21 Jul 1971
RUSH, Winifred "Rocky", b.1921, d.1997
SANDERBRINK, Charles F., d.2006
SANDERBRINK, Eileen Mae "Giggi", b.30 Oct 1933, d.15 Dec 1995
SASI, David, b.1875, d.1945
SCHEFER, Alfred, b.1913, d.1918
SCHEFER, Conrad, b.6 Jun 1885, d.15 Sep 1959
SCHEFER, Frieda, b.21 Oct 1894, d.18 Jul 1952
SCHEFER, Margaret, b.1919, d.1938
SCHROEDER, Charles "Chuck" Eugene, b.13 Apr 1932, d.20 Apr 2002
SHAW, Albert,
SHAW, Blanche F., b.20 Jul 1877, d.4 Jun 1958
SHAW, Chauncey O., b.1872, d.1940
SHAW, Edward,
SHAW, Fannie, ****
SHAW, George W., ****
SHAW, Maude A., b.21 Jul 1876, d.28 Feb 1896, dau of Geo/Fannie
SHAW, Robert, Baby
SHARP, John D., b.20 Mar 1918, d.28 Oct 1988, Army WWII
SHERIN, Edward, b.24 Apr 1906, d.8 Feb 1988
SHERIN, Minnie, b.7 Feb 1913, d.21 Apr 1994
SHERWOOD, Ada M., b.1912, d.1995
SHERWOOD, Asa, b.1907, d.1992
SHOCKLEY, Wallace, b.22 May 1952, d.29 Jul 1969
SHULTZ, Edward, b.d.4 May 1949
SIEGENTHALER, Peter, b.13 Jan 1887, d.18 Dec 1925
SILENIUS, Hilda, b.1889, d.1966
SILENIUS, Oscar, b.1875, d.1950
SIMMS, George E., b.1862, d.1940
SIMMS, Jean R., b.1904, d.1986
SIMMS, J.Warren, b.1897, d.1964
SIMMS, Mabelle A., b.1868, d.1932
SIMPSON, Calvin, b.2 Mar, d.5 Aug 1928
SIMPSON, Harry L., b.1881, d.1964
SIMPSON, Nancy Elizabeth, b.1863, d.1940
SIMPSON, Nellie A., b.1884, d.1961
SIMPSON, Vivian I., b.1911, d.1978
SIMPSON, Washington Green, b.1856, d.1931
SMEDSRUD, Jessie Maude, b.1892, d.1984
SMITH, Echo R., b.11 Mar 1896, d.5 Mar 1953
SMITH, Jack E., b.12 Feb 1926, d.11 Aug 1988, M/sgt Army
SMITH, Mary P., b.11 Mar 1862, d.31 Jan 1947
SODERLUND, Anna M., b.15 Apr 1895, d.6 Nov 1984
SODERLUND, Eric H., b.1933, d.1976
SODERLUND, Hilma Dahlgren, b.13 1886, d.1 Jan 1962
SODERLUND, Ludwig, b.9 Oct 1981, d.8 Jan 1966
SODERLUND, WIlhelm, b.13 Dec 1876, d.27 Feb 1951
SODERLUND, William, b.20 Jul 1928, d.29 Apr 1968, Pvt Army Korea
SPECK, Eugene F., b.Apr 1884, d.Sep 1950
SPECK, Jennie M., b.1890, d.1962
STEERE, Edna H., b.1867, d.1956
STEERE, Fred S., b.1861, d.1936
STEERE, Harry A., b.d.16 Jul 1939, Sgt
STICKNEY, Frank H., b.1867, d.1957
STICKNEY, Norma E., b.1879, d.1933
STOBER, George Amel, b.1933, d.1995, Creamation
STOBER, George Emil, b.16 Feb 1885, d.20 Jul 1957, Sgt WWI
STOBER, Lettie I., b.5 Feb 1896, d.2 Dec 1975
STROM, Beda M., b.8 Feb 1885, d.21 Dec 1919
STUART, George L., b.1900, d.1967
STUART, James L., b.1857, d.1939
STUART, Tina, b.1877, d.1943
STURGIS, William, d.8 Nov 1945
SUITS, Chester P., b.31 Aug 1891, d.17 Sep 1957, Sgt WWI
SUITS, Claude E., b.26 Mar 1887, d.17 Oct 1952, Pvt WWI
SUITS, Henry, b.1880, d.1957
SUITS, Ida B., b.1876, d.1922, dau of John and Anna
SUITS, John A., d. c.1910, US Civil War Co G Indiana Inf
SUITS, Joseph S., b.2 Nov 1895, d.16 Jul 1951, Pfc Inf WWI
SWITZLER, Charles P., b.1866, d.1945
SWITZLER, Mabel C., b.1881, d.1958
SYMOUR, Burt, d.3 Nov 2003
SYMOUR, Theresa, d.3 Nov 2003
TAIT, James M., b.1879, d.1971
TAIT, Lida, b.1879, d.1939
TALLMAN, Avabelle Marie, 6 Jul 1928, d.3 May 1999
TALLMAN, Robert, b.14 Dec 1925, d.6 Jun 2001
TAYLOR, Lawrence C., b.3 May 1901, d.4 Aug 1980
TAYLOR, Allene Lorraine b.11 Nov 1918, d.16 Jun 2012
TEMPLE, Ralph, d.8 Dec 1935
TEMPLETON, Bennie H., d.17 Mar 1893, 5y, son of C.M./C.A.
TEMPLETON, C.Armilla, b.27 Sep 1856, d.18 May 1908
TEMPLETON, Charles, b.4 Jul 1854, d.24 Sep 1933
TEMPLETON, Dulcena May, b.1870, d.1923
TEMPLETON, Henry A., b.1875, d.1930
TEMPLETON, Mary C., b.11 Aug 1881, d.6 Jul 1917, wife of H.A.
TEMPLETON, William A, b.1878, d.1965
TERRY, Antinina S., b.1932, d.1990
TERRY, Ira R., b.1879, d.1951
TERRY, Melvin C., b.1929, d.??
THARP, Fred M., b.17 Jul 1940, d.29 Jun 1997, Army
THOMPSON, Harold M., b.1920, d.1986
THOMPSON, Lena I., (no dates)
TINKER, Anna M., b.13 Apr 1899, d.18 Sep 1967
TINKER, Ralph, b.1868, d.1944
TOBLER, Albert, b.1879, d.1970, Creamation
TOBLER, Myrtle, b.1888, d.1967, Creamation
TONGE, John Albert, b.1906, d.1980
TONGE, Thomas Matthew, b.1900, d.1964
TONGE, Vada Margaret, b.1907, d.1979
TORREY, Mr., No other information
TORREY, Mrs., No other information
TOURANGEAU, Eugene A., b.2 Jan 1915, d.11 Aug 1961
TRACY, Burton Lee, b.1928, d.1993, USMC
TUCKER, George H., b.22 Jul 1855, d.18 Aug 1928
TUCKER, Jennie, b.10 Oct 1858, d.11 Nov 1938
TUINSTRA, Georgina, b.1888, d.1945
TUINSTRA, Irene, b.1926, d.1928
TUINSTRA, James W., b.21 Oct 1918, d.31 May 1945, Pfc Inf WWII
TUINSTRA, Pieter, b.1882, d.1944
TUTTLE, Enid A., b.1916, d.1994, wife of Harold
TUTTLE, Harold R. d.2006
UPTON, Rhett Bradley, b.3 Aug 1965, d.24 Oct 1981
UPTON, Zackary Arlynn, b.12 Apr 1964, d.24 Oct 1981
VanHORN, Dean Ayer, b.Son of JT/Marie (No dates)
VanHORN, Joe T., b.1892, d.1971
VanHORN, Joe T. Jr, (No dates)
VanHORN, Marie A., b.1895, d.1972
VAVRA, Joseph, b.1906, d.1985
VERCHAEVE, Maurice, b.1911, d.1967
VERCHAEVE, Philomena, b.1879, d.1966
VERCHAEVE, Victor, b.1882, d.1920
VICK, Virginia M., b.1878, d.1943
VICK, William F., b.1895, d.1946
VICK, William Reese, b.1860, d.1942
VODDER, Andy N., b.1900, d.1978
VODDER, Esther I., b.1898, d.1987
WALKER, Joie W., b.19 Jan 1913, d.11 Aug 1987, Army WWII
WALTER, William Howard, b.3 Feb 1916, d.13 may 1928
WARD, Betty, b.25 Jul 1937, d.21 Jun 2012
WARNER, Alice Lydia, b.1877, d.1944
WARNER, Hubert F., b.1867, d.1948
WARREN, Allen A., b.1 Aug 1899, d.25 Nov 1966, Pvt Army WWII
WEIR, John W., b.1878, d.1968
WELLMAN, Charlie V., (No dates)
WELLMAN, Elizabeth "Betty", (No dates)
WEST, Ashley Gordon, b.1870, d.1940
WEST, Olive Lealia, b.1879, d.1970
WHITE, Thomas E., d.12 Dec 1899, 33y, hus of Mae L.
WILLHITE, Rachel, b.16 Oct 1878, d.9 Nov 1958
WILLHITE, William P., b.15 Apr 1870, d.22 Apr 1948
WILLIAMS, Allen N., b.1856, d.1944
WILLIAMS, Charles H., b.1860, d.1947
WILLIAMS, Edward E., b.1854, d.1932
WILLIAMS, Frank H., b.1899, d.1993
WILLIAMS, Herbert, b.27 Aug 1897, d.12 Aug 1932
WILLIAMS, John Allan, b.7 Dec 1917, d.14 Jun 1950
WILLIAMS, Lelia G., b.1894, d.1951
WILLIAMS, Margaret, b.1870, d.1968
WILLIAMS, Marian F., b.1850, d.19??
WILLIAMS, Mary E., b.1869, d.1956
WILLIAMS, Mildred, b.20 Feb 1902, d.14 Oct 2000
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel B., b.1875, d.1934
WILLIAMS, Thomas J., b.1877, d.1934
WILSON, Baby, d.Oct 1947
WILSON, Mary, d.19 Feb 1979
WINGARD, Jennie, b.1880, d.1933
WISE, Archie B., b.20 Aug 1879, d.18 Jun 1962
WISE, Arthur B., b.1916, d.1993
WISE, Claude, b.1938, d.1953
WISE, Claude Henry, b.1939, d.1953
WISE, Darwin D., b.1914, d.1982
WISE, Elizabeth, b.1916, d.1998
WISE, Lulu F., b.8 May 1878, d.26 mar 1929
WISE, Malcom O., b.30 Dec 1906, d.27 Jul 1974, tec Army
WISE, Margaret J., b.22 Jan 1905, d.21 Jun 1922
WOODRUFF, Albert A., b.1884, d.1936
WRIGHT, Wm. Charles "Chuck", b.1959, d.1992

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