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Fall City Cemetery
Fall City, King County, WA

Lat:N47 33.665' Lon:W121 53.462'
The cemetery is located 1/2 mile south from intersection of SR 202, and the Fall City -Preston Road, follow signs.

I received the records from Thomas C Burnside tobur@juno.com   Tom holds the cemetery records and could possibly have more information.

Transcribed June 21, 2001 by Bob Stallman,  If you should notice something that needs a correction please notify me.


Abada, Lillian, b.8/12/1915, d.5/26/1991, age 75
Adair, Prudence, d.3/13/1951, age 71
Adair, A, L, d.5/5/1941, age 61
Adair, Walter, d.10/25/1928, age 26
Adams, Walter, R, d.3/8/1968, age 70
Adams, June, Pearl, d.1946, age 9
Adams, Leo, Vivian, b.3/16/1889, d.7/2/1973, age 84
Adams, Retha, M, d.5/6/1968, age 72
Adams, Minnie, Elsie, b.1913, d.1990
Adcox, Kimberly, Lynn, d.9/7/1959
Adcox, William, F, d.3/21/1961, age 78
Adcox, Tonnie, Belle, b.6/20/1889, d.12/31/1975, age 86
Aggenbach, Gerrit, b.11/16/1927, d.5/29/2000, age 72
Aggenbach, Marie, G, d.12/13/1968, age 9
Aleck, _baby, d.1967
Aleck, Henry, age 2
Aleck, _baby, d.1966
Aleck, _baby, d.1965
Aleck, Catherine, d.1955
Alexander, Deborah, b.1893, d.1964, age 71
Alexander, Charles, H, b.1895, d.1958, age 63
Allender, Cheri, Lleri, d.6/6/1968
Allison, Michael, John, b.2/6/1948, d.9/3/1994, age 46
Allpress, Bernice, Ellen, b.10/14/1938, d.5/25/1996, age 57
Alme, Theadore, O, d.4/27/1967, age 67
Alter, Emily, Virginia, age 93
Amato, Jose, Silvio, b.1/11/1924, d.2/3/1993, age 69
Amsler, John, H, d.12/15/1945, age 47
Amsler, Mary, d.1937, age 26
Amsler , ???, ???, d.1994
Andersen, Billie, d.1988
Andersen, Lars, b.1877, d.1941, age 64
Anderson, Lyle, E, b.10/22/1946, d.12/06/1990, age 44
Anderson, Leighton, R, b.4/12/1916, d.9/30/1978, age 62
Anderson, Vic, d.3/5/1947, age 68
Anderson, Joan, Constance, b.6/24/1928, d.1/13/1975, age 46
Anderson, Floyd, E, b.8/6/1910, d.3/26/1976, age 65
Anderson, Pearl, Lorraine, b.2/25/1918, d.5/9/1994, age 76
Anderson, John, Ragnar, b.1897, d.1978, age 81
Andrews, Anita, L_Ducken, b.5/3/1924, d.1/5/1993, age 68
Annis, Helen, M, d.1/6/1970, age 60
Arneson, Arne, b.1891, d.1929, age 38
Arrington, John, David, d.1991, age 26
Arrington, John, E, b.1905, d.1981, age 76
Arro, Peter, d.9/2/1968, age 83
Atkinson, Lawrence, Allen, b.9/4/1913, d.5/14/1989, age 75
Atkinson, Mina, Evadore, d.1/13/1969, age 88
Audycki, Alphons, b.1920, d.3//1989, age 69
August, Frank, d.3/25/1957, age 76
August, Nettie, d.7/24/1957, age 63
Avila, Paula, Ann, b.10/11/1963, d.4/12/1996, age 32
Aydt, Martin, d.4/29/1967, age 89
Aydt, Harriet, A, b.6/11/889, d.9/15/1976, age 87
Baan, Cornelius, d.8/25/1962, age 72
Babos, Martha, Minor, b.8/24/1939, d.1/20/1993, age 53
Baglion, Benjamin, C, b.4/3/1886, d.9/9/1970, age 84
Baglion, Gladys, O, b.5/21/1894, d.9/21/1977, age 83
Bailey, Ralph, Stephen, d.10/26/1964, age 18
Bailey, (Isaac ?), d.7/?/1995, age 0
Bailey, Felicia, Kunagunda, b.3/3/1923, d.4/24/2000, age 77
Bailey, Charles, Compton, d.7/7/1950, age 36
Bailey, Charles, L, b.1886, d.1952, age 66
Bailey, Anna, L, b.1884, d.1973, age 86
Bailey, Jessie, Maude, d.1902, age 3
Bailey, William, C, d.1907, age 6
Bailey, Laurilla, d.1890, age 4
Bailey, Carl, d.4/26/1958, age 50
Bailey, John, I, d.4/19/1950, age 72
Baker, Myrtle, Dorene, b.11/11/1907, d.7/28/1996, age 88
Baker, Albert, A, b.6/25/1904, d.3/21/1993, age 88
Baldasar, Anthony, d.1/19/1961, age 47
Baldasar, Matilda, d.4/2719/85
Baradas, Eufrocina, Maria D.L., d.1989
Barker, Champ, Tony, d.4/20/1961, age 52
Barnhart, Harold, L, b.1/31/1906, d.11/20/1988, age 82
Barnhart, __Twins
Barnhart, Rose, B, b.2/25/1908, d.7/8/1989, age 81
Barnhart, Clayburn, d.1948, age 87
Barnhart, Catherine, d.2/3/1948, age 87
Barnhill, Jennie, age 4
Barry, Sadie, d.9/20/1956, age 67
Bartlett, Raymond, Francis, b.3/31/1945, d.10/23/1995, age 50
Bates, Margaret, K, b.12/28/1907, d.1/19/1974, age 66
Bates, Joseph, (Joe), b.4/19/1905, d.12/26/1996, age 91
Batton, Doris, E, d.8/25/1962
Baxter, d.1936
Baxter, Orin, Duane, d.1991
Baxter, Annie, E, d.1/19/1960, age 79
Baxter, Benjamin, Frank, d.1936, age 68
Baxter, Hugh, b.1895, d.2/13/1972, age 77
Baxter, Orin, b.1868, d.2/23/1949, age 81
Baxter, Violet, b.1866, d.5/22/1946, age 80
Baxter, Devee, b.1905, d.1909, age 4
Baxter, Sarah, d.1910
Bayman, Kathryn, I, b.5/24/1905, d.1/6/1974, age 68
Beery, Jimi, b.1952, d.1989, age 37
Behrendt, Hannah, Bae, b.10/10/1933, d.2/1/1994, age 60
Belding, Zella, d.1/25/1929, age 53
Benedict, Donald, Gerald, b.4/16/1916, d.12/26/1996, age 80
Benham, Oliver,  age 0
Benham, Inez, d.1940, age 24
Bennett, Effie, b.15 Jan 1892, d.24 Aug 1988
Bennett, Ernest, d.5/16/1953, age 73
Bennett, Frank, d.1936, age 68
Bennett, George, Lee, b.1/24/1927, d.2/4/1980, age 53
Bennett, George, b.26 Apr 1885, d.24 May 1982
Bennett, James, G, d.8/14/1961, age 78
Bennett, Josephine, d.5/15/1980, age 87
Bennett, Lee, Andrealli, b.11/24/1921, d.6/6/1999, age 77
Bennett, Lulu, d.1942, age 78
Bennett, Lilly, Irma, b.10/30/1906, d.7/17/1994, age 87
Bennett, Maude, d.10/24/1984, age 98
Bennett, Sumner, Weymouth, d.11/-/1991
Benson, Hattie, d.1924, age 45
Benson, Jule, d.1946, age 84
Benson, Stanley, L, d.1/12/1988, age 84
Bentley, Kay, b.6/16/1948, d.10/19/2000, age 52
Berg, Beulah, d.12/15/1983, age 74
Berg, Vernon, D, b.1956, d.5/24/1968, age 12
Bergquist, Catherine, Elizabeth, b.2/3/1911, d.9/3/1997, age 86
Berry, Marion, A, d.11/24/1959, age 57
Best, Alsina, Johanna, b.1902, d.1/16/1903
Best, Geraldina, Christina, b.1/13/1899, d.1/4/1903, age 4
Best, Fred, b.2/9/1870, d.10/2/1910, age 40
Best, Herman, d.10/11/1906
Bettencourt, M, A, d.1/1/1960, age 74
Betts, Janet, Joanne, b.12/14/1940, d.8/17/1995, age 54
Beutel, Nellie, d.10/19/1960, age 81
Beutel, Douglas, R, b.9/27/1912, d.12/14/1964, age 52
Beutel, Lincoln, A, b.12/21/1909, d.11/22/1995, age 85
Bey, Howard, K, b.11/11/1886, d.2/27/1964, age 77
Bey, Gladys, d.2/28/1985
Biron, (infant), b.1997, d.1997, age 0
Bissett, Elmer, W, b.5/9/1926, d.8/14/1992, age 66
Blagg, Jodi, M, d.5/6/1964, age 5
Bliss, Louise, Catherine, d.1935, age 71
Bliss, Bessie, b.12/4/1910, d.12/15/1995, age 85
Blomquist, Gerald, Lee, b.8/4/1962, d.8/18/1991, age 29
Blomquist, Lillian, Beatrice, b.4/21/1908, d.1/17/1968, age 58
Bodine, Sarah, Elizabeth, b.11/20/1997, d.11/20/1997, age 0
Boman, Julia, Caroline (Moore), b.7/15/1908, d.3/8/1988
Bond, Marvin, d.1922, age 71
Bonell, James, H, b.1904, d.1984, age 80
Bonell, Helen, b.1909, d.1970, age 61
Bonell, Hannah, Elizabeth, b.5/25/1894, d.11/30/1991, age 97
Bonell, Helen, M, b.6/17/1902, d.3/31/1986, age 83
Bonell, Florence, b.1865, d.1941, age 76
Bonell, Charles, W, b.1864, d.1950, age 86
Borst, Jerimiah, W, b.1830, d.1890, age 60
Borst, Katie,  age 82
Bosham, Minnie, d.1941, age 69
Bosham, George, d.1/8/1947, age 77
Bouhey, Mourice, C, d.10/2/1947, age 25
Bouhey, Maurice, d.3/18/1981
Bower, Edna, L, b.1910, d.1997
Bower, James, , d.2000
Bowlsby, John, Franklin, b.1870, d.1942, age 72
Boyce, Nellie, d.6/22/1955
Boyce, Douglas, Charles, d.8/16/47, age 37
Boyle, d.1938
Boyle, Wilbert, S, d.2/8/1971, age 60
Boyle, Jeanne, Louise, d.1/15/1991, age 72
Bracken, John, A, d.10/23/1964
Bracken, James, W, d.6/25/1968, age 80
Bracken, Ruth, b.9/28/1897, d.12/9/1967, age 70
Bradshaw, Mark, d.2/13/1958, age 2
Bramlet, George, _Bud, d.1988
Bramlet, Charlotte, b.1/7/1906, d.3/15/1975, age 69
Bramlet, Charles, d.4/11/1985
Brewer, Viola, A, b.1908, d.1993, age 85
Brewer, Daniel, C, d.3/14/1965, age 59
Bricker, Jack, L, b.1/24/1908, d.12/25/1999, age 91
Bridger, Grace, S, b.11/15/1900, d.11/12/1986, age 86
Bridger, Norman, d.8/14/1961, age 67
Bridger, Sidney, F, d.9/8/1964, age 76
Briggs, d.12/23/1928
Briggs, David, M, b.1912, d.2000, age 88
Briggs, Helen, L, b.1907, d.1996, age 89
Briggs, Harry, d.2/23/1968, age 89
Briggs, Mary, Edith, b.2/25/1892, d.2/16/1993, age 100
Briggs, Harry, E, b.8/21/1922, d.3/23/1992, age 70
Brister, d.1939
Bronish, Mary, L, d.12/28/1961, age 58
Brown, Audrey, d.9/24/1918, age 30
Brown, William, Lewis, d.5/10/1941, age 53
Brown, Muriel, b.1126/1887, d.10/23/1973, age 86
Brown, William, W, d.3/11/1965, age 78
Brown, William, L, b.5/29/1917, d.3/28/1996, age 78
Brown, Oleta, Weehunt, b.12/31/1911, d.6/8/1992, age 80
Brown, Sean , Ryan, b.5/29/1966, d.5/19/1996, age 29
Brown, Leon, b.8/25/1911, d.5/28/1992, age 80
Brown, Leon, b.8/25/1911, d.5/28/1992
Browning, Annabel, b.3/2/1911, d.9/26/1999, age 88
Brumbaugh, Jack, Donald Jr., b.1960, d.11/14/1999, age 39
Brumbaugh, Jack, Donald Sr., b.12/30/1933, d.11/17/1987, age 53
Bruso, George, d.7/28/1955, age 84
Burns, Ernest, R, d.1964, age 75
Burns, Lester, L, d.7/28/1970, age 77
Burns, Minnie, d.1/9/1985
Burns, Robert, E, d.1938, age 72
Burns, Artie, Mecie, d.8/23/1939, age 72
Burr, Alfred, b.1908, d.1991, age 83
Burton, Victoria, b.11/4/1883, d.9/6/1979, age 95
Burton, Jacob, d.10/17/1958, age 80
Bush, Howard, Lee,  age 68
Bush, Andrew, Jackson, age 83
Bush, Amanda, age 82
Bush, Iva, d.1902, age 14
Busser, Gloria, d.11/3/1954, age 28
Butts, Earl, d.8/21/1963, age 57
Bystrom, John, b.1891, d.1919, age 28
Calhoun, Ernest, F, b.3/26/1924, d.8/21/1999, age 75
Calhoun, Mark, Stephen, d.9//1963, age 5
Campbell, Ella, M, b.1913, d.6/4/1969, age 56
Carbaugh, Jessie, d.1906
Carbaugh, Katie, d.12/31/1948, age 81
Carbaugh, Tom, d.1931, age 67
Carey, William, b.1/7/1906, d.9/10/1977, age 71
Carey, Maxine, Ethelyn, b.8/18/1909, d.10/13/1992, age 83
Carey, James, Edward, d.7/8/1956, age 11
Carey, Richard, Allen, d.1958, age 1
Carlson, Albin, d.11/25/1968, age 75
Carlson, Josephine, d.1953, age 61
Carlson, Hans, d.12/27/1960, age 72
Carlson, Elsie, H, b.7/8/1888, d.2/5/1973, age 84
Carlson, Michael, Edwin, b.8/17/1963, d.2/2/1976, age 13
Carlson, Myrtle, L, b.6/8/1917, d.7/16/1998, age 81
Carlson, Jessica, Joy, b.7/16/1971, d.5/22/1997, age 25
Carlson, Blanche, Leach, b.1911, d.1984, age 73
Carlson, Fred, b.6/30/1907, d.9/29/1992, age 85
Carlson, Louie, b.1909, d.1989, age 80
Carmichael, Orville, d.1926, age 20
Carmichael, Bessie, d.12/31/1970, age 89
Carmichael, Walter, b.5/23/1879, d.12/17/1967, age 88
Carmichael, Laura, R, b.10/22/1939, d.1/9/1967, age 27
Carmichael, Richard, Bennett, d.1991, age 83
Carmichael, E, Brooke, b.2/5/1881, d.7/6/1965, age 84
Carmichael, John, d.2/26/1951, age 79
Carmichael, Alice, age 5
Carmichael, Harriette, d.1916, age 78
Carmichael, William, d.1908, age 70
Carpenter, Charles, G, d.1951, age 87
Carter, Alma, b.9/29/1890, d.12/10/1973, age 83
Cassady, Homer, Andrew, b.1913, d.1991
Cassady, Anita, Margaret, b.9/27/1921, d.11/28/1994
Castle, _boy, d.5/20/1971, age 0
Castle, Phyllis, Elaine, b.5/26/1931, d.7/9/1987, age 56
Castle, Jack, Laroy, b.9/30/1926, d.8/25/1997, age 70
Champie, Ray, , b.2/28/1922, d.5/3/2001, age 79
Chase, Henery, L, d.(2|3)/1973, age 86
Cheney, Harriet, B, b.1874, d.1921, age 47
Cheney, Walter, B, b.1895, d.1933, age 37
Cheney, Evieth, E, d.9/4/1962, age 66
Cheney, William, W___(Dr.), d.2/18/1959, age 91
Childers, Roger, Joel, b.1/5/1937, d.6/27/1994, age 57
Childers, Lorene, b.8/17/1914, d.3/30/1996, age 81
Chisholm, Alexander, W, d.1936, age 60
Chisholm, Eva, R, b.10/24/1875, d.4/2/1978, age 102
Chisholm, Irene, Margery, b.6/27/1909, d.3/4/1991, age 81
Chisholm, Jack, b.6/24/1904, d.2/28/1988, age 83
Chisholm, Lulan, R, d.8/6/1971, age 90
Chisholm, John, J, d.4/7/1953, age 73
Chisholm, Bruce, b.5/1/1906, d.6/9/1973, age 67
Chris, Alberta, Marie, b.5/31/1927, d.6/22/1991, age 64
Chris, Robert, Donald, b.1/7/1925, d.6/18/2000, age 75
Christman, Emily, d.1955, age 87
Christman, James, d.1939, age 82
Christoferson, Harry, Leroy, d.9/22/1932
Claus, John, F, d.1914, age 34
Claus, Mary, A, d.1925, age 80
Claus, Carl, d.1925, age 84
Clippinger, Adam, Warner, b.12/25/1994, d.5/2/1995, age 0
Cockle, Lee, Grand, b.8/18/1885, d.7/3/1975, age 90
Cockle, Sidonia, Laura, d.11/1/1951, age 74
Cockle, Jesse, M, b.1862, d.1934, age 72
Cockle, Edna, d.1959, age 87
Coe, Emma, Belle, d.1950, age 61
Colvin, Marvin, Franklin, d.1997, age 90
Colvin, Helen, May, b.3/9/1906, d.6/13/1994, age 88
Conway, Elizabeth, J, d.4/25/1968, age 88
Cook, Albert, D, age 83
Cooper, Robert, Lee, b.12/10/1942, d.3/5/1995, age 52
Cooper, Iva, Elizabeth, b.3/8/1922, d.4/3/1973, age 51
Cooper, Jerry, Lewis, d.1/26/1989, age 41
Coppers, Aura, Mary, b.1879, d.1974, age 95
Coppers, Alfred, F, b.1879, d.1954, age 76
Cox, Walter, S, d.6/4/1957, age 70
Crable, William, d.1906
Crable, Maude, d.1957
Crable, William, N, d.5/29/1959, age 76
Craddick, David, A, d.1909, age 72
Craig, Donald, d.1/3/1958, age 18
Craig, Mrs. E., d.11/12/1981
Craig, Elmer, d.5/12/1954, age 71
Craig, Mary, Louise, d.9/19/1930
Craig, Allan, Lee, d.1926, age 1
Crawford, Richard, d.1927
Crew, Marie, Anna (Cox), b.1/12/2000, d.5/25/1988, age 88
Crew, Ralph, b.1/21/1890, d.11/23/1976, age 86
Crites, Ralph, David, d.1991
Crittenden, Robert, H, b.5/8/1895, d.1/5/1960, age 64
Cronin, Ellen, b.1123/1886, d.2/12/1988, age 102
Cronin, John, D, d.3/14/1963, age 73
Cropp, Louise, Headland, d.11/25/1978
Cross, Mary, Taylor, d.1935, age 64
Crowder, Mildred, b.1904, d.9/10/1980, age 75
Crowder, Howard, L, b.8/9/1905, d.3/27/1996
Crowder, Roy, d.6/5/1987
Crowder, Warren, d.10/31/1979
Curtice, Debra, L, d.1956, age 3
Cusick, Thomas, Edmond, b.10/23/1938, d.2/6/1991, age 52
Dafler, Hubert, Ghristopher, b.1/5/1912, d.9/17/1996
Dahl, Emma, d.1903, age 3
Dahl, Robert, H, d.8/12/1959, age 17
Dahl, Audrey, d.7/1/1985
Dalrymple, Dale, E, b.4/10/1924, d.4/10/1995, age 71
Dano, Louis, d.3/14/1929, age 77
Dashnea, Lynes, b.1918, d.2/14/1970, age 62
Dashnea, Lillian, May, b.6/15/1911, d.11/21/1999, age 88
Daum, D.M., Daughter, d.1903
Davenport, Earl, F, b.2/14/1900, d.7/12/1967, age 67
Davis, Margaret, b.1864, d.1896, age 32
Davis, Edward, b.1853, d.1937, age 83
Davis, , d.1938
Davis, Louise, d.1/10/1967, age 82
Davis, Henry, b.1876, d.1963, age 87
Davis, Ethel, Greenlund, d.12//1959, age 69
DeJong, Anna, d.1967
DeJong, Cornelius, b.1884, d.1956, age 72
Delaney, Ada, Margaret, b.8/29/1923, d.2/18/1988
Delaney, Howard, R. Sr., b.5/27/1918, d.9/26/1996, age 78
Demery, Mary, Alice, b.1/28/1922, d.7/15/1996, age 74
Demery, Ernest, d.1/17/1970, age 45
DerKaze, _Grandma, d.2/3/1946, age 88
DesRosier, Charles, O, b.1907, d.1986
DesRosier, Neava, Montana, b.4/10/1912, d.4/5/1997, age 85
DeZarn, Irene, Mae, b.1/8/1911, d.1/13/1997, age 86
DeZarn, Henry, Samuel, b.7/28/1917, d.7/5/1996, age 78
Dickenson, J, A, d.1917, age 64
Dietz, Alexander, Richard, b.7/26/1987, d.10/18/1990, age 3
Dikeos, John, Robert, b.8/18/1919, d.12/13/1994, age 75
Dimetroff, Tom, L, d.7/7/1969, age 81
Dingwall, James, b.1879, d.1956, age 77
Dingwall, Isabella, d.1/20/1953, age 75
Dingwall, James, M, d.8/30/1971, age 58
Dingwall, Dorothy, Henryetta, b.2/1/1913, d.10/9/1999, age 86
Dittemore, Lewis, d.1933, age 84
Divers, Barbara, J, b.6/6/1934, d.age
Divers, Ray, S, b.6/2/1897, d.2/21/1980
Divers, Lawrence, R, b.3/31/1923, d.1/2/1984
Divers, Millie, C, d.10/27/1951, age 57
Djarf, Gust, d.1931
Doiron, Peter, M, d., age 56
Dominick, Ralph, J, d.6/17/1970, age 17
Dominick, Mary, Rose, b.2/2/1914, d.5/5/1966, age 52
Donah, Floyd, Roswell, b.1/9/1938, d.10/10/1988, age 50
Donahue, Gregory, Bernard, b.1952, d.1981, age 29
Dooley, Frances, b.1854, d.1945, age 91
Dooley, Gideon, L, b.1846, d.1914, age 68
Dooley, Micager, S, b.1873, d.1898, age 25
Dotson, Charles, d.10/5/1953, age 79
Dotson, Marietta, d.4/9/1953, age 82
Doud, Austin, Robert Hale, b.10/15/1996, d.1/7/1997, age 0
Dovenberg, Esther, b.1898, d.1979
Dovenberg, Earl, b.1893, d.11/15/1967, age 74
Drake, George, A, d.1944, age 71
Drake, Odessa, d.4/8/1950, age 68
Drake, Howell, A, d., age 54
Drake, Herbert, A, b.1867, d.1906, age 39
Drier, Gracie, b.9/28/1885, d.2/11/1973, age 87
Drier, Melvin, Gifford, d.1988, age 69
Dubey, Molley, d.1970, age 71
Dubuis, Henry, C, b.8/29/1905, d.6/10/2000, age 94
Duffie, Allen, d.4/12/1928
Dunn, Russell, b.1951, d.1984, age 33
Duvall, Benton, Calvin, b.3/10/1904, d.1/14/1994, age 89
Eads, Victor, Arthor, b.11/6/1903, d.7/8/1945, age 42
Eddings, Benjamin, R, b.1904, d.1984, age 80
Eddy, John, d.1/25/1982, age 68
Eddy, Floyd, Edwin, b.3/3/1905, d.2/10/1990, age 84
Edland, Norman, b.1936, d.1995, age 59
Edmunds, Henry, J, b.1113/1899, d.2/17/1967, age 67
Edmunds, Nancy, Ann, b.3/3/1937, d.3/20/1992, age 55
Edwards, Sarah, Ann, d.2/13/1961, age 78
Edwards, John, b.1873, d.1955, age 82
Ekdahl, John, G, d.1924, age 84
Ekdahl, Lina, d.1916, age 70
Ekdahl, Emma, d.1958, age 73
Elden, Howard, Frank, b.7/11/1929, d.3/24/1995, age 65
Elksne, Elizabeth, d.1967, age 77
Elksne, Peter, d.4//1973, age 88
Elles, Josephine, Prescott, b.1886, d.1906, age 20
Ellsworth, Senia, J, b.7/6/1904, d.11/28/1965, age 61
Ellsworth, Lester, James, b.8/21/1902, d.2/21/1975, age 72
Ellsworth, James, K, d.2/4/1971, age 46
Emery, Elsie, Pearl, age 23
Emery, Albert, d.1917
Engelhardt, Alfred, d.10/17/1955, age 40
Engen, Anita, May, b.10/1/1909, d.2/10/1995, age 85
English, Delmer, M, d.11/20/1971, age 59
Erickson, Ethel, Anita, d.1/27/1970, age 83
Erickson, Hance, Andrew, d.1939, age 53
Evans, Lulu, d.9/28/1960, age 68
Evans, Guy, E, b.9/2/1889, d.8/18/1973, age 83
Evans, R, G, d.1919, age 72
Evans, W, R, b.1879, d.1911, age 32
Evans, M, G, d.1908, age 16
Evans, Oren, Dale, b.2/7/1925, d.2/5/1995, age 69
Ewing, Lonnie, E, d.1990, age 68
Ewing, Thresa, Irene, b.7/22/1917, d.1/14/1990, age 72
Ewing, Arthur, George, b.12/18/1913, d.4/26/1987, age 73
Ewing, A, H, d.5/23/1917, age 58
Ewing, Homer, b.1889, d.1965, age 69
Ewing, Edna, b.3/3/1897, d.9/21/1966, age 69
Ewing, W, E, b.9/16/1861, d.7/17/1919, age 58
Faulds, Marian, Hope, b.9/18/1904, d.11/5/1993, age 89
Faulds, Florence, Maude, d.5/10/1958, age 89
Faulds, Peter, d.1927
Faulds, Roy, d.1987
Felix, Olive, G, b.3/16/1911, d.10/3/1992, age 81
Felix, Ronald, L, b.3/16/1936, d.12/27/1994, age 58
Femling, Ralph, C, b.10/18/1908, d.10/26/1972, age 64
Fidler, Tina, Ann, b.2/5/1974, d.6/15/1992, age 18
Finder, Barbara, Ann, d.5//1990, age 66
Finder, William, Robert, b.4/2/1917, d.7/25/1974, age 57
Fischer, Adolph, age 77
Fischer, Robin, Lloyd, b.1952, d.5/26/70, age 18
Fischer, Max, b.1894, d.7/6/1971, age 77
Fischer, Joceal, b.3/16/1902, d.12/1/1987, age 85
Fisher, Henry, d.1952, age 65
Fisher, Bessie, Myrtle, d.7/8/1971, age 83
Fleming, Paul, d.1/23/1965, age 51
Fleming, Richard, b.2/19/1904, d.9/4/1973, age 69
Flynn, Helen, age 81
Flynn, Christmas, Joseph, b.12/25/1907, d.6/8/1967, age 59
Folsom, Harvey, b.1892, d.3/27/1978, age 86
Folsom, Cecilia, E. (Bobbie), b.7/20/1896, d.3/30/1988
Folsom, Ella, d.8/11/1941, age 47
Foster, Ethel, Leona, b.10/5/1893, d.11/6/1993, age 100
Foster, Stephen, Lee, d.6/21/1956, age 1
Fowler, Jessie Mrs.Jes, Trehune, b.1882, d.1901, age 19
Frampton, Allen, b.1938, d.1939, age 1
Frampton, Charles, W, b.1884, d.1961, age 76
Frampton, Louise, Jane, b.4/25/1884, d.3/22/1968, age 83
Frankovich, Charles, Edward, b.10/16/1914, d.5/7/1992, age 77
Fredericks, William, d.1931, age 70
Freeman, Robert, d.1992, age 80
Freeman, Lydia, Alice, d.3/4/1968, age 85
Freeman, Lucile, b.1917, d.6/1996, age 79
Fritts, Martha, I, d.5/27/1969, age 72
Fritts, William, Conley, d.2/27/1971, age 87
Fritts, June, B, b.5/26/1919, d.10/24/1974, age 55
Fritts, Edna, B, d.2//1987
Fritts, William, Claude, b.7/15/1911, d.5/31/1994, age 82
Frost, Lynda, Elizabeth, d.1939, age 82
Frost, Nicolas, d.3/24/1948, age 94
Fuller, Fred, Wesley, d.10/11/1971, age 53
Funk, Marion, d.4/27/1979
Funk, Georgia, B, b.1884, d.1955, age 71
Funk, Marion, _Fay_, d.4/27/1979
Funk, Leo, _George_, d.1/2/1958, age 61
Furstnow, Herman, Carl, b.1880, d.6/25/1957, age 77
Furstnow, Victoria, b.1882, d.5/17/1947, age 65
Furstnow, Herman, b.9/8/1911, d.5/31/1975, age 64
Furstnow, Hazel, d.9/13/1967, age 54
Gabel, Marvin, John, b.4/17/1927, d.1/27/1989
Gabel, Maxine, b.6/17/1964, d.6/2/1968
Gabel, Ronald, W, b.3/8/1960, d.1/1/1966
Gable, Robert, Lee, b.4/23/1975, d.7/22/1993, age 18
Gable, James, Robert, b.9/2/1954, d.12/12/1993, age 39
Gaines, Jerry, M, b.6/2/1913, d.12/14/2000, age 87
Gaines, Gwignon, b.2/22/1921, d.12/25/1975, age 54
Gallagher, John, R, d.1/18/1950, age 65
Gallagher, Frances, M, d.6/22/1946, age 52
Gallagher, Melissa, Ann, d.1990
Gardner, Clara, b.1873, d.1944, age 71
Garrison, Duane, Bruce, b.7/20/1934, d.2/8/1996, age 61
Gaspard, David, William Sr., b.1934, d.11/-/1990, age 56
Gaspard, Jessie, Eva, b.1/24/1937, d.6/7/1996, age 59
Gaspard, David, William Jr., b.6/16/1962, d.7/20/1991, age 29
Gaub, Josephine, d.3//1988
Gaub, Samuel, V, b.1901, d.2/24/1968, age 67
Gaub, Della, b.1907, d.1987, age 80
Geerhart, Francis (Mrs.), b.1924, d.1992, age 69
Geertz, __daughter, age 6
George, Jennie I., Wallace, b.12/18/1902, d.11/4/1993, age 90
Gerard, Bessie Hannah (Mahoney), b.1/18/1928, Snoqualmie WA, d.4/18/2003, w/o Jack
Gere, Anna, Lucille, b.1/7/1910, d.6/2/1999, age 89
Gere, Ole, C, b.10/5/1916, d.9/13/1995, age 77
Getschman, Ray, Francis, b.1938, d.1947, age 9
Getschman, Carey, d.12/18/1985
Gilbert, Catherine, d.1/14/1952, age 76
Gilbert, Walter, S, d.12/11/1954, age 79
Gildersleeve, Larry, Albert, d.5/11/1970, age 25
Giles, Harry, d.6/10/191960, age 42
Giles, Aileen, M, d.11/14/1968, age 47
Giles, Lu_Vern, Edward, d.2/11/1994
Giles, Margaret, Norita, b.1924, d.1985
Giles, Russell, A, d.1982
Giles, Mildred, Mary, b.3/9/1927, d.12/4/1998, age 71
Gilespie, Charlie, b.1867, d.1942, age 75
Gliva, Frank, b.1909, d.1988, age 79
Gochnour, Harvey, Elmer, d.4/13/1959, age 78
Gochnour, Dorothy, d.1/17/1961, age 75
Gohlke, Vivian, R, b.8/11/1927, d.6/2/1997, age 70
Goldsmith, Henry, c, d.1946, age 82
Goldsmith, Alma, Rachel, d.1950, age 73
Goldsmith, Frank, d.8/16/1948, age 60
Gonnason, Ruth, d.1982
Gonnason, Victor, Nicholas, b.2/6/1991, d.12/12/1966, age 60
Gonser, Murray, b.1899, d.1954, age 55
Good, Samuel, d.1926, age 89
Gordon, Olive, d.1901
Graham, Lucille, b.11/12/1925, d.2/29/1972, age 47
Grandholm, Jack, d.9/26/1930
Grant, Albert, L, d.5/4/1960, age 74
Green, Esther, Irene, d.2/1/1956, age 80
Groth, Annie, Matilda, d.8/16/1963, age 83
Groth, Carl, Guston, d.1940, age 60
Grueike, Agnes, Brown, d.7/9/1976
Gruenig, Alfred, d.7/18/1952, age 62
Gruenig, George, d.12/23/1928, age 47
Gruenig, Alfred, Sr., b.1857, d.1932, age 74
Gruenig, Louise, b.1858, d.1944, age 85
Guarino, Michael, Mathew, b.5/9/1913, d.8/23/1988, age 75
Gunderson, Samantha, Rose, b.5/11/1998, d.5/11/1998, age 0
Gunderson, Vivian, Francesca, b.2/28/1912, d.11/9/1990, age 78
Gunderson, Janet, Coleen, b.3/19/1934, d.9/27/1987, age 53
Gunderson, Lois, Maxine, b.1/18/1931, d.10/3/1989, age 58
Gunderson, Gary, Lee, b.10/31/1945, d.1/3/1996, age 50
Gustafson, Lars, b.1888, d.1934, age 46
Haakenson, Harold, Melvin, b.1/6/1915, d.2/21/2001, age 86
Hackey, Joe, A, b.1894, d.1939, age 45
Hackford, George, b.1954, d.12/15/1970, age 16
Haley, Daniel, J, d.5/22/1947, age 81
Haley, Hannah, d.10/10/1947, age 85
Hall, Richard, d.4/9/1948, age 20
Hall, Clarence, d.1938, age 19
Hall, John, C, d.5/29/1967, age 82
Hall, Sarah, J, d.8/16/1971, age 84
Hall, Gerald, William, d.1991, age 58
Hallowell, Helen, M, b.12/25/1918, d.6/3/1967, age 48
Hallowell, Harold, Lawrence, b.4/4/1916, d.11/18/1991, age 83
Hallstrom, _boy, d.8/3/1960
Hallstrom, Donald, Erik, b.8/3/1960, d.8/3/60, age 0
Hallstrom, Kenneth, Bruce (Dean?), d.5/7/1994, age 23
Halverson, Melvin, d.1988
Hamerly, Fred, d.9/15/1945, age 80
Hamerly, Julia, d.11/15/1945, age 74
Hamerly, Ruby, b.1/5/1926, d.7/7/1990, age 64
Hamerly, Russell, J, b.1900, d.1998, age 98
Hamerly, Elaine, d.1935, age 6
Hamilton, Edna, Mable, b.6/12/1910, d.8/15/1998, age 88
Hamilton, Henry, b.8/26/1889, d.5/8/1972, age 83
Hammer, Amalia, d.2/7/1959, age 82
Hammer, Fred, d.1940, age 65
Hammer, Herman, F, d.7/18/1970, age 68
Hancher, Amy, d.1894, age 1
Hancher, Pearl, d.1894, age 3
Hancher, Erma, d.1894, age 5
Hancher, Allie, d.1894, age 27
Haney, Catherine, D, b.1866, d.1935, age 69
Haney, Harry, b.1869, d.1944, age 75
Haney, Gertrude, Alice, b.4/25/1895, d.2/2/1990, age 94
Hansen, Loren, d.1938, age 10
Hanson, Edith, b.1884, d.1907, age 23
Hanson, Lithuannia, d.12/9/1932, age 78
Hanson, Charles, d.1946, age 76
Hanson, Hilda, d.1915, age 73
Hanson, Victor, d.1935, age 68
Hanson, Luann, B, b.1878, d.1953, age 75
Hanson, Bonnie, V, b.2/22/1904, d.2/8/1994, age 89
Hanson, Albert, G, b.8/8/1903, d.3/21/1997, age 93
Hanson, Windell, d.10/16/1954, age 40
Hanson, Joyce, Marilyn, b.1954, d.9//1988, age 34
Harden, William, Arthur, d.3/15/1961, age 22
Harding, Donald, d.8/7/1961, age 46
Harding, Edna, E, b.5/18/1887, d.3/6/1967, age 79
Harding, Harold, Francis, d.11/26/1956, age 68
Harding, Margaret, Evelyn, d.1990, age 79
Harding, Robert, b.Jun 1948, d.31 Dec 1999
Harfst, William, F, d.12/14/1945, age 74
Harms, Grace, d.1981
Harms, David, b.1884, d.1951, age 67
Harp, James, Henry, b.1864, d.1939, age 75
Harp, Florence, age 1
Harrington, Helen, Deanna, b.8/1/1953, d.5/16/1996, age 42
Harris, Ruth, E, b.12/12/1912, d.8/22/1988
Hartstrom, Cleota, Honora (Mahoney), b.11/2/08, d.12/5/87, age 79
Harvey, Jasper, age 64
Harvey, Eva, d.6/5/1907, age 35
Hatch, Ethel, Thomas, d.8/11/1962
Hauenstein, Mildred, d.9/1/30, age 8
Hauenstein, Morris, S, b.7/15/1886, d.2/5/1972, age 85
Hauenstein, Mathilda, d.9/10/1975
Haw, Francis, Xavier, d.3//1990, age 91
Haw, Addie, E, d.9/22/1971, age 64
Hawley, Elizabeth, b.1885, d.1963, age 78
Hawley, George, b.1873, d.1958, age 85
Hayes, Beverly, J, b.6/3/1935, d.12/19/1993, age 58
Hayes, Charles, B, b.3/8/1894, d.2/13/1965, age 70
Hayes, James, b.1887, d.1904, age 17
Haynes, Mary, Louise, d.12/7/1933, age 74
Haynes, Henry, H, d.1/27/1930, age 70
Hazelhurst, Emma, d.4/25/1950, age 81
Hazelhurst, Fred, M, b.1905, d.1931, age 64
Hazelhurst, Fred, N, b.1905, d.1905, age 1
Headland, John, J, b.3/11/1910, d.10/18/1975, age 65
Hearing, Alice, Marie, d.3//1991, age 93
Hearing, Fred, d.1980
Heath, Myrtle, d.1912, age 20
Heath, Bert, b.1870, d.1934, age 64
Heaven, Parthena, d.12/8/1955, age 28
Hegge, Ellen, b.1887, d.1917, age 30
Heller, Lena, J, b.2/2/1893, d.3/8/1974, age 81
Heller, Albert, F, d.5/25/1964, age 61
Hendren, John, Robert, b.3/24/1953, d.10/10/1992, age 39
Hendrickson, Velma, Adelaid, b.1/15/1914, d.8/17/1994, age 80
Hennessey, Rita, Darlene Hearing, b.3/30/1922, d.9/12/2000, age 78
Henry, Elza, Marion, b.1859, d.1935, age 76
Herman, May, Marie, b.5/21/1903, d.11/16/1994, age 91
Herman, Clyde, b.11/27/1927, d.11/27/1927, age 0
Herndon, Andrew, b.1920, d.1947, age 27
Herndon, Frank, P, d.8/27/1964, age 75
Herndon, Lula, Maria, b.10/24/1895, d.2/18/1988, age 92
Herndon, Fredie, b.1886, d.1901, age 15
Herndon, Ed, J, b.1847, d.1929, age 82
Herndon, Minerva, b.1850, d.1933, age 83
Herndon, Marie, Elizabeth, b.6/4/1923, d.1/6/1991, age 67
Hess, John, A, b.1893, d.1/22/1957, age 64
Hezel, Thelma, D, d.9/26/1968, age 59
Hickman, Thomas, J, b.1/10/1887, d.12/27/1972, age 85
Hickman, Wilma, b.5/9/1897, d.6/16/1974, age 77
Hiday, Sidney, H, d.8/25/1961, age 72
Higbee, Ellen, d.2/1/1929, age 74
Higbee, Jeff, d.5/29/1928
Higbee, Jeff, Jr., b.1884, d.1906, age 22
Higbee, Elmer, b.1892, d.1936, age 44
Hinote, Joseph, Marshal, b.8/7/1906, d.6/22/1995, age 89
Hoag, Myrtle, Olive, b.10/10/1893, d.2/5/1977, age 83
Hoag, Floyd, b.1881, d.1956, age 75
Hoag, George, b.1887, d.1958, age 71
Hoag, Arthur, b.1886, d.1960, age 74
Hoag, Mertie, b.1875, d.1954, age 79
Hoag, Lillie, b.1857, d.1946, age 89
Hoag, Walter, b.1889, d.1943, age 54
Hoag, Alba, b.1891, d.1930, age 39
Hodges, Dora, Leona, b.4/12/1899, d.3/22/1993, age 93
Hoff, Paul, Kenneth, b.12/23/1911, d.8/8/2000, age 88
Hoff, Margaret, Elizabeth, b.1/1/1916, d.6/15/1999, age 83
Hoffman, Mary, Jo, b.1915, d.1977, age 62
Hoffman, Carlton, b.1909, d.1977, age 68
Hogonson, Carrie, d.1952, age 80
Hogonson, Otto, d.1931, age 70
Holstine, Erman, A, d.12/23/1952, age 69
Holstine, Mina, d.1/5/1959, age 77
Hooper, Nettie, d.1961, age 82
Hough, Minnie, d.10/5/1955, age 83
Hough, Samuel, d.4/25/1944, age 72
Hough, Rodney, b.4/28/1909, d.11/5/1964, age 55
Hough, Nellie, d.1931, age 50
Howe, James, age 3
Howe, Paul, Raymond, b.10/28/1905, d.6/16/1988, age 82
Howe, Willard, d.3/9/1960, age 60
Howe, Millard, A, d.9/11/1965, age 70
Howe, Bernice, S, b.9/18/1888, d.10/30/1982, age 94
Howe, Arthur, V, b.3/14/1887, d.6/1/1968, age 81
Howell, Nelson, age 85
Howell, Josephine, age 79
Howell, Frank, M, b.8/29/1884, d.9/14/1960, age 76
Howren, Theodore, d.8/9/1969, age 66
Howren, William, McKinley, b.9/29/1899, d.12/6/1973, age 74
Howren, James, Monroe, d.3/18/1966, age 91
Howren, Nora, d.9/6/1945, age 70
Howren, Eugene, d.1934, age 29
Hubbard, Caroline, d.1/12/1937, age 64
Hubbard, Jason, d.12/29/1927, age 74
Hudgins, Tiffany, M, b.1985, d.1986, age 1
Huffman, James, Arthur, b.1941, d.2000
Huffman, Belva, G, b.1887, d.1922, age 35
Huffman, Lulu, d.1896, age 22
Huffman, Eliza, b.1845, d.1894, age 49
Huffman, Edna, d.1890, age 6
Huffman, Harry, d.1890, age 14
Hughes, Renee, Marie, b.3/23/1964, d.11/9/1993, age 29
Hume, Sarah, Caroline, d.1/3/1939, age 93
Hume, William, F, d.1/7/1946, age 81
Hume, James, Lewis, d.1947, age 76
Hume, Sabird, d.6/28/1957, age 76
Hume, Silas, d.1/27/1949, age 63
Hume, Belle, G, d.6/25/1955, age 76
Hume, Frank, S, d.3/14/1964, age 86
Hurley, Ruth, Ann, b.6/17/1896, d.1/19/1968, age 71
Hurley, John, M, b.4/14/1896, d.9/5/1966, age 70
Irelan, Lorna, Doone, b.1916, d.5/10/1963, age 47
Jackson, Ida, d.1975
Jackson, Philo, R, b.1872, d.1/14/1963, age 91
Jackson, Nellie, K, d.5/31/1955, age 74
Jackson, Melissa, Ann, d.6/16/1970
Jackson, Margaret, Edna, b.9/8/1986, d.6/13/1977, age 90
Jackson, Elmus, b.1887, d.1955, age 68
Jackson, Blanche, Alice, b.4/28/1899, d.2/7/1991, age 91
Jackson, Fred, W, b.3/13/1894, d.2/10/1976, age 81
James, Kenneth, S, b.1914, d.1988
Jamison, Charles, F, age 66
Janike, Elizabeth, d.1909, age 77
Janike, John, G, d.1919, age 92
Jensen, Christian, b.1938, d.1986, age 48
Johansen, Lars, d.1/9/1959, age 80
Johansen, Inga, age 57
Johns, Nancy, June, b.6/20/1942, d.5/28/1991, age 48
Johnson, Lenora, d.1917, age 1
Johnson, Lloyd, b.1884, d.1936, age 52
Johnson, Lena, A, d.8/28/1970, age 83
Johnson, Andrea, M, d.1981, age 3
Johnson, A, A, d.8/15/1945, age 82
Johnson, Mary, Amanda, d.1939, age 71
Johnson, Benjamin, F, b.8/4/1883, d.10/12/1960, age 77
Johnson, Mildred, E, b.8/26/1886, d.6/12/1966, age 80
Johnson, Margaret, d.1/28/1962, age 34
Johnson, W, R, d.11/28/1962, age 79
Johnson, Herbert, Randalph, d.2/25/1966, age 66
Johnson, Lewis, d.1942, age 76
Johnson, Samuel, d.3/10/1950, age 63
Johnson, Alfred, W, d.3/18/1963, age 34
Johnson, Albert, O, d.8/5/1957
Johnson, Anna, M, b.1/11/1906, d.2/7/1965, age 59
Johnson, Theodore, d.7/12/1958
Johnson, Loraine, d.10/29/1957, age 39
Johnson, Walter, C, b.9/22/1919, d.8/23/1994, age 74
Johnson, Kathleen, Laura, b.3/18/1962, d.2/23/1993, age 40
Johnson, Audrey, Lorraine, b.9/4/1918, d.4/19/1998, age 79
Johnson, Harold, Eugene, b.12/9/1905, d.1/4/1992, age 86
Johnson, Esbjorn, d.3/29/1961
Johnson, James, Orin, b.7/22/1920, d.1/7/1994, age 73
Johnson, Polley, b.1871, d.1953, age 82
Johnson, Edwin, J___(Peter), b.1880, d.2/19/1949, age 69
Johnson, Carl, Albin, b.10/2/1901, d.10/6/1988, age 87
Johnston, Harry, Francis, b.1897, d.1942, age 45
Johnston, Gertrude, d.1952, age 62
Johnston, Warren, Clare, b.2/5/1929, d.6/14/1992, age 63
Jones, Seymore, C, d.1/19/1953, age 86
Jones, Barbara, b.3/12/1957, d.5/4/1972, age 15
Jones, Elmer, Harold, d.2/21/1977, age 74
Jones, Dorothy, Van Ness, b.4/27/1905, d.4/25/2001, age 95
Jones, Calvin, Brett, b.1957, d.1983, age 26
Joyner, Glennis, K, b.7/17/1897, d.3/7/1977, age 79
Joyner, Benjamin, L, d.9/10/1968, age 73
Juchmes, Shawn, L, d.1971
Kahler, J, F, d.1954, age 70
Kahler, Matilda, d.11/19/1937, age 54
Kauffman, Howard, d.1924, age 14
Kauffman, Annie, Mary, b.5/8/1891, d.2/2/1978, age 86
Kauffman, James, d.1/24/1952, age 65
Kauffman, Paul, Keith, b.1919, d.1990, age 71
Keeler, Albin, d.12/29/1969, age 61
Kegley, Julia, S, d.10/8/1947, age 82
Kegley, Stephen, A, d.1908, age 47
Kelley, J, E, d.1920
Kelley, Dora, L, b.1907, d.7/23/1998, age 91
Kelley, Leo, Ludwig, b.9/2/1913, d.6/20/1994, age 80
Kelley, Anna, Josephine, b.1846, d.1927, age 81
Kelley, J, E, d.1971
Kelley, George, W, b.1842, d.1929, age 86
Kelley, George, Foster, b.4/30/1867, d.8/2/1953, age 86
Kelley, Alice, May, b.8/9/1873, d.9/8/1951, age 78
Kelley, John, E, d.1/30/1960, age 48
Kennedy, , d.11/20/1929
Kennedy, Joseph, John, b.1890, d.3/30/1970, age 80
Kenney, Roy, V, d.5/29/1962, age 42
Kenny, _, age 0
Kenyon, Don, Markus, b.10/1/1195, d.1/21/2000, age 84
Kenyon, Barbara, b.1918, d.1957, age 39
Kepford, , d.1906
Kepford, David, b.1872, d.1922, age 50
Kepford, Charles, M, d.10/8/1952, age 70
Kepford, Charlotte, Elaine, d.1990
Kepford, Daisy, d.4/26/73
Kihn, Elizabeth, d.1900, age 60
Kihn, Edward, d.1897, age 58
Kihn, Reinhart, d.1936, age 63
Kihn, Clara, d.1954, age 78
Kimball, Augustus, C, d.1888, age 60
Kimball, Edward, d.1880, age 17
King, Justice, L, d.4/21/1962, age 81
King, Louisa, d.1902, age 68
King, Wilder, d.1898, age 64
King, Rufus, L, d.1909, age 66
King, Florence, d.1908, age 49
King, Walter, L, d.1896, age 13
King, Vernon, L, b.1928, d.4/18/1967, age 39
King, Maurice, J, d.4/27/1962, age 61
King, Fred, M, b.9/17/1891, d.6/22/1972, age 80
King, Fred, V, d.1939, age 67
King, Marie, D, b.1906, d.1982, age 76
King, Sheila, M, b.12/9/1943, d.1/7/2001, age 57
King, Margaret, b.1909, d.9/1924/1985, age 76
Kinsey, Harry, Randle, b.1/10/1914, d.3/23/1967, age 53
Kinsley, Leonard, A, d.2/23/191963, age 49
Kinsley, Ena, P, b.1/9/1914, d.1/15/1969, age 55
Kinsley, Leonard, L, b.9/1/1944, d.2/26/1968, age 23
Kirchenmann, Edgar, b.3/5/1919, d.12/24/1973, age 54
Kirchenmann, Evelyn, b.5/20/1924, d.1/15/1994, age 69
Kirkpatrick, William, Joseph, d.1933, age 81
Klatt, Carl, b.1883, d.1940, age 57
Klein, Harlan, Joseph, b.7/11/1912, d.12/24/1993, age 81
Kleweno, Shane, Derrick, d.10/27/1970
Kling, George, B, d.6/3/1953, age 67
Kling, Lydia, L, b.9/23/1884, d.2/22/1964, age 79
Kling, John, B, d.9/17/1949, age 30
Klordahl, Gail, d.1943
Klovdahl, Donald, b.9/1/1909, d.2/23/1994, age 84
Knight, Delores, (Sack), d.1996
Knouf, Wesley, James, b.4/20/1958, d.12/17/2000, age 42
Knowles, Mary, K, b.1892, d.1966, age 74
Knowles, Charles, Edward, b.1891, d.1968, age 77
Knowles, Beulah, b.1895, d.1952, age 57
Kress, E, A, d.7/16/1955
Kress, Laura, C, d.9/3/1968, age 90
Krogh, Peter, M, d.6/25/1949, age 89
Krogh, Edna, d.12/1/1945, age 79
Krogh, Marguerite, May, b.5/13/05, d.3/20/93, age 87
Krogh, Orley, Forrest, b.1118/1897, d.2/18/1977, age 79
Krogh, Edith, Thompson, d.2/24/1958, age 50
Kropi, Alberta, Louise, b.5/14/1915, d.5/25/1994, age 79
Kropi, Victor, Martin, b.7/2/1901, d.3/14/1994, age 92
Kruse, Harriet, O, b.7/26/1918, d.7/28/1998, age 80
Kuikman, Simon, Rondest, d.6/6/1972, age 80
Kuikman, Bertha, d.1954
Kulis, Dave, S, b.1886, d.1942, age 56
Kumka, Joseph, I, d.1989, age 73
Kvam, Thomas, b.1893, d.12/31/1971
Lakshas, Hans, b.1884, d.1944, age 60
Lakshas, Fred, J, d.1987, age 77
Lakshas, William, d.5/20/1930, age 16
Lakshas, Edward, d.2/6/1932, age 28
Lakshas, Pauline, d.12/30/1948, age 64
Lakshas, George, d.8/27/1960, age 80
Lakshas, Elsie, age 4
Lakshas, , d.10/31/1929
Lakshas, George, d.1934, age 88
Lakshas, Elsie, d.1920, age 73
Lamb, Alice, d.12/3/1969, age 90
Lamb, Earl, Elmus, b.5/6/1914, d.5/1/1992, age 77
Lamb, Isabel, Gertrude, b.8/21/1915, d.11/29/1992, age 77
LaMonte, Frank, d.4/6/1926
Lane, Elvira, H, b.11/8/1924, d.1/2/1966, age 41
LaPine, Ida, b.1850, d.1930, age 80
Latberger, August, (Gus), b.9/20/1896, d.3/1/1995, age 98
Latham, William, Horace, b.7/31/1913, d.11/19/1994, age 81
Latham, Dorothy, Marie, b.3/2/1918, d.11/9/1994, age 76
Lawrence, Margery, Maxine, b.8/8/1908, d.3/19/1997, age 88
Lawrey, Hugh, d.1935, age 72
Lawrey, Rosa, Agnes, age 30
Le, Lai, Thanh, b.2/06/1969, d.8/24/1992, age 23
Leach, Virginia, M, b.8/20/1920, d.7/3/1966, age 45
Leach, Gum, b.1878, d.1937, age 59
Leach, Janice, age 0
Leach, Minnie, b.1878, d.1952, age 74
Leach, Clarence, M, b.1908, d.1/20/1969, age 61
Lee, Nelmer, Carl, b.1/30/1897, d.11/26/1992, age 95
Lee, Ida, K, d.8/5/1961, age 65
Lee, J, M, b.1012/1838, d.3/11/1911, age 73
Leonard, Maybelle, R, d.7/31/1971, age 73
Leonard, Victor, O, b.1214/1891, d.11/29/1972, age 81
Lewis, R, D, d.1904, age 61
Lewis, Elizabeth, b.1842, d.1920, age 78
Lewis, Clara, Elizabeth, b.3/25/1908, d.11/28/2000, age 92
Lewis, David, T, d.1939, age 64
Lewis, Zella, Marie, b.10/27/1911, d.1/13/1996, age 84
Lewis, Clara, Howell, d.2001, age 87
Libby, Claude, Sylvester, b.3/28/1899, d.3/23/1988, age 87
Lierley, Edgar, d.9/30/1949
Lierley, William, d.3/4/1961, age 89
Lierley, Charles, Raymond, d.8/11/1975, age 56
Likes, Nellie, d.1904, age 34
Lindquist, John, P, d.1929, age 79
Lindsey, Malinda, Palmer, d.1925
Linne, Olaf, b.6/20/1880, d.3/9/1972, age 91
Little, Elizabeth, M, b.2/12/1902, d.9/26/1992, age 90
Little, Clara, Alma, b.12/9/1882, d.1/19/1976, age 93
Little, Rufus, L, b.3/4/1877, d.5/27/1968, age 91
Little, Idella, Hope, b.9/27/1907, d.4/23/1989, age 81
Little, Chester, E, d.11/30/1959, age 45
Lockhart, Chuck, d.6/21/1971, age 6
Loeffler, John, Edmund, b.8/11/1904, d.5/19/1989
Logan, Sarah, Ellen, age 68
Logan, William, Oscar, age 83
Loggie, Joseph, Wayne, d.2/16/1954, age 29
Longnecker, Amelia, b.6/14/1918, d.6/2/1993, age 74
Longnecker, Max, Dwight, b.3/1/1921, d.6/15/1972, age 51
Longnecker, Mildred, Fortune, b.11/4/1899, d.12/31/1992, age 93
Louis, Lloyd, Milton, d.8/24/1970, age 42
Lovegreen, Helma, d.1954, age 91
Lovegreen, Hildugard, d.1898, age 6
Lovegreen, Lillie, Ann, d.12/10/1898
Lovelace, Arthur, E, d.9/20/1968, age 84
Lovelace, Rose, d.10/6/1945, age 74
Lowe, Cecil, Vernon, d.9/22/1984
Lowery, Jesse, E, d.5/7/1965, age 73
Lowrey, Margaret, b.1864, d.1949, age 85
Lowrey, Robert, b.1859, d.1946, age 87
Lund, Robert, O, d.6/31/1968
Lutz, Walter, A, b.1879, d.1956, age 77
Lyford, Ernest, d.11/25/1946, age 61
Lyford, Adin, d.1898

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