Hogans Corner (Ocean City)
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Pioneer Cemetery

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Hogan's Corner, Grays Harbor County, Washington

N47 3.370' W124 9.753'

The cemetery is located 7/10ths of a mile North of Hogan's Corner on SR 109. It is on the property belonging to Western Horizon Resorts. The burial ground was discovered when the land was purchased in 1979. The Resort has done a fine job of restoring and maintaining the cemetery.

There are only seven tombstones remaining, but it is said that there are 14 crewman, their captain (William Irvine)and a bar pilot (Charles Johnson)also buried there. They lost their lives when their ship ran aground in a storm, January 12 1888. The ships's name was "The Albercon" from Maryport England. It is quite possible that there are other unknown burials.

Recorded by Bob Stallman September 18, 2001.


CHENOIS, Maggie, b.11 Sep 1866, d.21 Feb 1923
HALASKIN, Tom, b.1822, d.Apr 1902
JOHNS, Annie, d.17 Nov 1895, age 20yrs
JOHNS, Sullivan, d.9 Apr 1914, age 23yrs
JOHNS, Toney, d.Sep 1903
JOHNS, Wilson, d.5 Nov 1917, 19yrs
WAIN, Robert, b.1855, d.1930