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Hi; My name is Bob Stallman, I have put this web site together, with the cemeteries that I have recorded over the past several years. I live in the state of Washington, so you will see that I have recorded more in this state. We visit relatives in South Dakota often and have recorded four cemeteries in that state. October of 1999 I traveled to New York State and was fortunate to find and record the cemetery were many of my ancestors are buried, the Stallman's and the Dell's.  The year of 2003 we traveled to Alaska; while there I was fortunate to obtain the burial records from the city of Seward.  I hope that maybe you will see some of your ancestors on these pages. If there are any corrections or additions to any of these cemeteries you may e-mail me. Please give the name of the cemetery in the subject line. Thank you for stopping at my Web Site.

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