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Knife Blade First Aid

Knife Sharpening Service

In San Jose

Save Time and Money !

Tired of replacing your dull knives ? 

We can bring them back to life !

Whether you own top brand or inexpensive knives, we can make them razor sharp and they will stay sharp longer and for less cost than other sharpening services.

Shop and compare.

Knife grinderKnife Grinder by Francisco Goya

Stop replacing your knives!.
In most cases we can make them sharper than new. If you can't come to us, we can come to you.
Check out our services.
The customer is King!
We are a skilled professional precision knife sharpening service you can depend on. We believe excellent customer service does make the difference. And you will save time and money.
Check  out our low prices.
Customer Ruth says:
What a fantastic service because I don't drive anymore. I was very satisfied when you picked up and delivered my knives in a couple of hours in time for me to prepare dinner. And they are really sharp. Thank you very much!