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Welcome to the home of Gum-Wrapper Art
featuring wrap artist Tom  

All art available on this site is:

  • Based on original designs by the artist
  • Made by hand
  • Made entirely from recycled materials
  • Constructed using only foil gum wrappers
  • No glues or other connectors are employed in the creation of these sculptures
  • Materials are used whole - they are not cut or torn in any way

These creations are what I call "wrapper-origummy".  They are mainly composed of wrappers off of Wrigley's gum sticks.  Some have incorporated the larger foil wrapper off of the big pack (15 stick) which is thicker and has more foil content.  I put this site up for people to enjoy.  I have fun making them and they aren't extremely diffucult to make.  If you like them, fine.  If not, that's fine too.  If you'd like to just look - be my guest.  If you'd like to learn how to make some of these, search for gum wrapper at  If you'd like to purchase some, that would be great.  All pieces shown are $5.00 plus shipping (about $5 as well). Shipping costs can be reduced for mulitple orders.  I accept payment through Paypal  Again, welcome to my site.  Feel free to browse around and ask questions if you like (email).  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do making them.  These are now award winning designs!

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