As one studies ones Bible, one can mark different passages and/or
scripture in a way to help remember what the scripture means to
you and/or what it refers to. Somestimes the act of marking
the scripture can help one remember it or help learn about it.

These  symbols an color codes can be used when one studies ones Bible.
Each is to mark different scripture as it relates to what the
symbol or color code represents. One can keep a list
of these symbols and color codes at the front of ones Bible
(on a small sheet of paper [size depending on the size
of the Bible]).



I created these symbols and color codes to help me study my Bible.
They can be used freely (without a fee or charge) by anyone
who wishes to use them to study her or his Bible. I hope
you do not charge anyone for their use either.

A simple study guide form (can be altered to ones need). This form
could be a regular sheet of lined paper with a section (drawn or
printed on a computer printer) with a section for the scripture being
studied, the date of the reading/studying, a section for a possible
'title' or what the scripture topic is, and a section where one records
ones thoughts on the scripture being read/studied.

Another way to read and study the Bible is the Daily Bread.
In the Daily Bread, one reads scripture and a lesson.

There is online Bible scripture too.
One is called Bible Gateway

It is amazing what one can find using Google or Bing.

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