This will be a showing of some of my artwork. I use oil paints and canvans (either
stretched or board). I had completed most of these during a community education
oil painting class but the class is no more. I want to get back into it on my own.

If any one wants to purchase a painting, just e-mail me.
I have not really sold any paintings before (unless one
consideres a trade of sugar-free cookies for a painting of sunflowers
as 'selling one'. :) ).

Please note, I am better painter than photographer. :)


This is a red red rose or crimson rose. The painting is better in real life that this photo shows.
The above has been sold. Other than selling one for a bag of sugar-free cookies, this is the first I
sold for money. I am hoping the trend continues so I can get back to doing more painting.


This is a white and red rose. It came out quite nice.


This is a yellow and red rose. I had fun doing this one.

This is a work in progress.

created 04-14-2010
updated 01-30-2012
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